Thursday, January 04, 2007

We're home!

We're really home! It feels like we've been gone forever! We spent a week in San Diego with my family and then another five days in Utah with Ross'. The real reason we went up there was for his Dad's big surprise 60th birthday party on the 30th. I couldn't say that before in case he read this. I already posted some pictures from San Diego but now I'm home and realized that we didn't take a SINGLE picture in Utah. I'm so sad! It was beautiful and white and Christmasy and we got to play all day every day with Ross' beautiful family. I saw one of my best friends from college, Sarah, who came home from D.C. who I miss to DEATH. She's single and has a way more exciting life than I so I was honored to spend part of my New Year's Eve with her. (Exciting does not mean better, don't worry Sarah--- I love my life. :) I just think it sounds pretty fun to explore our nation's capital on the weekends in cute boots.)

I also got to see one of my childhood friends, Erin Marriott. We were best friends in Elementary school until she moved to Cedar City, Utah.) Now she's in Salt Lake with her husband and daughter, Lillie, (yup same name! :)) and we finally got together. It had been way too long.

So all of this, a little bit of fun in the snow, and not a single picture to prove it. I guess we were just having to much fun to pull out the camera there. So here are some MORE pictures of San Diego that include some of the following events:

-at the Nature Preserve in Chula Vista petting mana rays (sp?) with Lacy, Joe, and Joseph
-finding a rat in the pool (eeeek!!!!)
-Papa with his grandkids
-the toddlers in their baby's 1st christmas hats (even though it was their second)
-Sophia, because she's so dang cute
-Lacy's gorgeous family (look at that little boy, he really is as sweet as he looks)
-making rolls for Christmas with Lacy and my sister-in-law Jeanette
-My little family in Coronado when we went to see the tree on Christmas night.


s.a.s. said...

Lil! I miss you so so much too!! It was heaven to see you and I had the same thought about not taking any photos! We're 'bloggers' now, what were we thinking?! I loved seeing your beautiful, active little girl, seeing your husband and his family, and especially getting a Lillie hug and catching up with YOU. Thank you for making time, as I know it was a family-ful holiday. Glad you made it back safely and I'm crossing my fingers that Ross's work will bring you out here in 2007! Love you very much.

Missy said...

I didn't think you were going to blog forever so imagine my surprise when I get two posts filled with pictures? Love 'em.

It looks like you guys had such a great holiday. Did Sophia like the snow? And could your family get any cuter in the last picture?

I'm a little grossed out at the rat actually being held up for the picture, but it's ok - anything "for the blog!"

Anonymous said...

I said I will put the pictures up. I just haven't yet.

Yours are great and we do miss you guys. It was a lot of fun.

LasVegasGriffeths said...

How was Ross' dad's surprise party? Did they do anything fun or different for the party? The reason I'm asking is because my sister's and I are throwing both of my parent's a surprise 60t birthday party TOMORROW night! It's never too late for fun ideas. :)

Glad you made it back and that you had such a wonderful time! From Sara's email it sounds like you guys could potentially move this year?!? That could be fun. :)