Monday, January 22, 2007

One nap?

She's loving books right now which is so relieving since she went through phases where she wanted nothing to do with them. I've realized that those things aren't always worth worrying about... when they don't seem to be picking up the things we're SUPPOSED to be teaching them. They always seem to come around in their own time-- from ALL my experience with my one 16 month old. :)

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I have nothing very exciting to say, but I feel like venting all the same so read at your own risk.

So last year we had 9 am church and I thought it was the worst time possible because Sophia usually took a 9 am nap. All through church she was a little animal and I couldn't even get mad since it wasn't her fault-- I'd trained her to sleep during that time and was now forcing her to stay awake, quiet, and relatively still on like 4 feet of bench? Kind of a lot to ask.

Needless to say we were SOOO excited to change to 11 am church in January-- we had it all mapped out-- she would awake just minutes before, already dressed and ready, and we'd race off with a happy, rested child arriving just in time for the end of the prelude music and to get our own bench on the side where we could lock her in to spend the next hour and 15 quietly munching cheerios and reading velcro Bible stories (breathe.... ) Didn't quite happen that way.

Sure enough, with our luck, the first week of the new year was the first day Sophia decided she might not want to take a morning nap anymore. I believe my little 161/2 month old MIGHT be transitioning to one nap. A little sooner than I wanted, but it works. At least every other day or so.

We tried so hard to plan this Sunday so it would work, putting her down at 6:30 the night before hoping she would wake up early and so still take her 9 am nap--- not a chance. So we wrestled through Sacrament Meeting as usual, offering apologetic glances to all of those around us directly affected by her throwing food, singing loudly during talks instead of music numbers, attempts to climb over the bench, and her full-blown,back-arched, leg- kicking tantrums-- (they end before we can take her out or else I promise we would.)

Once Sacrament Meeting was over, Ross sat with her in Nursery (since she's not old enough to go on her own yet) so I could teach my class. After one last melt down, he took her out of nursery to walk around and she crashed on his shoulder in a moment--- NEVER HAPPENS. Mine is not one of those children you see sleeping in their mother's arms while she's having a lengthy, energetic, female conversation (I'm always amazed by this at church.) She sleeps great in a crib, but the catch is-- no where else. So this was a big deal. A big bummer too, as that 30 minute nap on Daddy's shoulder sufficed her for the rest of the day. :(

Anyway-- last night she slept from 6:30 pm-8:00 am, worn out from the previous day. So I am wondering if this one nap thing could be the key to an 8 am wake time. I just can't believe how nice it is to be up and alert and semi-straightened up BEFORE she wakes up. LOVE it.

Those of you with older kids, when did yours move to one nap? What time of day did you do it?

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? I think I want Reese Witherspoon's hair. Yup bangs. Do you think they're only cute because she's like 85 pounds?...because I'm a hair bigger than that. ;) No but really, I'm getting my hair cut next Saturday and I'm seriously thinking real bangs. AHHHH ... we'll see... I've been known to go in with big dreams and come out with some subtle layers -- the kind that boys would NEVER notice and your girlfriends we'll assure you "now that they look closer they can totally tell."

I guess we'll just see what I'm inspired to do this Saturday.


Sarah said...

Yay! A post! With photo of the baby AND Reese. So sorry about the napping drama. It sounds tiring to not only work out the schedule in the first place, but then revolve 3 lives around it and not have any control if her little body doesn't feel like sleeping that day. It's funny, it's a basically impossible thing to force on someone, you just have to... wait. But look at that little green polo - what could be cuter than that?

I vote that you do Reese's hair - because 1) you ARE pretty much her size, and 2) you are beautiful enough that if they're crooked or too puffy, you're one of few who can pull them off smashingly anyway. Can't wait to see pics of the new hair!!!! Love you, and check your blog at least 5x's a day, so there:)

Lowdogg said...

What does Ross think of the bangs? Does he wisely say nothing. Or does he do like me and unwisely offer his opinion?

BTW. Check out the blog.

Missy said...

I say go for the bangs. You'd look so good with them and like Sarah said...of course you'd find a way to pull them off if not. That's just you.
BTW, I have a shirt that is too tight in the neck. Can you post about how to cut the neckline like how you used to?
Naps. You're lucky. Both of my sister's girls switched to one nap at 12 months. So you got 4 more months than she did. But, I think she said they started sleeping in after they went to one nap too. Anyway, I was talking to her about it since we're only 2 1/2 months away from 12 months and what if Avery switches at a year to one nap too? She said she knows two ways of putting them down. Some people put them down around 11 and they'll sleep until 1:30ish. She always fed lunch and then put them down at around 12:30 and they'd sleep until 2ish. So, I guess it depends. You're probably in the transition phase so that's always hard. I'm sure she'll let you know when she's ready.
Green polo - so cute.

michelleross said...

hey lillie....I can't remember when zane went to one nap, but I remember being mortified as well...but it actually worked BETTER for me. i teach every afternoon, and needed zane to be asleep during that time. so when it was one nap time, I would feed him at noon, play until about 1, and get this, he would sleep (and still does most of the time, I'm crossing my fingers) about 3 if he'd go to sleep about 1:30, he could almost stay in his room happy until 5. (when I'm done teaching) don't lost hope. forsome of us, one nap means a fantastic afternoon of aloneness. (now if only I didn't have those pesky lessons to fill my time.) and a side note..he would still sleep 12 hours at night (when he would sleep of course.) so 8:30pm-8:30am and 1-4pm or so. not bad! plus, all the sudden I could go on errands all morning, instead of being worried about a nap! hope that makes you feel like it won't be the end of the world. good luck. transitions (especially in my house) are always the hardest part.

Genny said...

Lillie! I was just pointed here by Joe...(a semi-long story which I just detailed in an email to you...only the email address I have doesn't work!) I was so happy to find your blog and want to email you...would you send me your email address?

Lindsay & Weston said...

I have to say that I agree with everyone on here! If anyone can pull off the bangs, it's you. You will look great. I am also debating a new hair cut. I might slowly go back to blonde, but we'll see. I agree with you, it all depends on my mood the day I'm sitting in that chair.