Thursday, August 28, 2008

See ya!

We're gettin' the hoo-ra OUT of here. OUT of the heat, out of the cricket infested desert life that we lead right now....(I'm being serenaded by choirs of the lovely LARGE creatures as I write) and onto sandier pastures... (the sand that's accompanied by miles of blue ocean, not to be mistaken by the sand in my backyard that is miles AWAY from any kind of water barring that in our pipes.)

I know, it can be deceiving, seeing as we do have a small, waterless beach for a backyard. But I assure you, it feels nothing like Southern California's heavenly coastal climate out here.

We get to spend days in both Del Mar and Newport Beach with these cute cute girls... Mia and Kail, a couple of Sophia's closest friends. We're all very excited. :)

And I just feel like I should mention, because I doubt I'll be blogging while we're there, that my darling (sometimes), sweet (particularly upon waking up), energetic (.... no qualifiers there), smart little girl is turning THREE on Tuesday! I've yet to plan any kind of birthday party. So since her birthday happens while we're gone, it's going to have to be a bit belated... and I just wanted to at least mention it before it's passed. Three?! How do I have an almost-three-year-old?! They really are like whole little people then... it's nuts.

Happy almost-birthday sweet girl!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reasons Why I Haven't Blogged in what is, for ME, a long time...

A friend asked me to take some pictures of her Scrabble Pendants for Etsy. Of course, since I still haven't figured out most of the features on my camera and realized in this process that I don't exactly have the proper lens for shooting something so small, I've spent far too much time having fun taking and editing photos of these cute little gems. That, mixed with a computer that is SOOOO on the outs and moving slower than ever has eaten up my cyber-time. (Ross just ordered a new one and it's light blue with a subtle pattern... I'm SOO excited!)

Oh and check out Stef and Mark's pendants at Another friend of mine, Shea, also sells some really cute ones at

Somehow, these little ones just keep eating away at my time.

This was Mila's first plum. She devoured the whole thing, I had to do two quick maneuvers to take the skin away and rip the pit out, but she never let go, not 'till it was ALL gone.

I can't believe I'm not doing a post on JUST her haircut, but a few splatters will do. I wasn't sure if I liked it the first couple of days. Thought maybe she was just going to be a long-haired girl, but I LOVE it now. Now I just keep wondering if it would be even cuter if it were shorter.! And yes, she's painting her toe nails with her watercolors in this picture.

Grandpa and Mary Beth came for dinner on Sunday and it was heavenly.... yes because they are great company (entirely truthful, not to be discounted by my upcoming "but") but... also :) because Mary Beth is a born baby/toddler- lover and lightened my mama-load immensely. Sigh. Thank you Mary Beth.

Sophia would drag her to the couch to snuggle under the blanket and watch Beauty and the Beast with her. This is her showing great concern for Papa when he got lost in the woods.

I wanted a picture together, first one, not centered like I'd thought...

Second one, still not centered, and exposing one very red-handed nose-picker. I didn't know until I looked back at the picture. Made me laugh. Figured I'd share.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nothing has to do with anything else... just a few pictures and words...

I just keep telling her, "if you've got it baby girl, flaunt it."

In case you haven't seen enough of my dining room, ;) Lizzie and Shad are moving and were getting rid of their table. They decided the smartest way for them to do it was donate it and get the write off, but it didn't particularly matter which table, of our two, they donated. So we traded first. I loved ours. It was a hand-me-down from Byron and Kim, a once white oval PB table and chairs that she had painted black. But it only seated six at most, while this one is a big square that seats eight, has six chairs and a bench, and fits our dining room better. I'm loving it.

And this morning is a big morning. I'm 99 percent sure that I am indeed going to keep my appointment with Kim and go get Sophia's hair cut, like really cut, like bobbed. :0 I'm super nervous, just because I don't want to regret it and I'm loving her pony tail lately. But I'm only loving the pony tail lately. When it's down it's a constant stringy battle between her will and my hairbrush. And I'm so tired of it. I'm really hoping a bob will do us some good. Wish us luck.
Oh yes, and it is official. Well officially her first level of crawl, but she's crawling. She's still pretty content to stick around a home base for a while, but when she really wants something, with one hand in front of the other, one knee reaching forward, and the other leg sort of dragging behind, with lots of stopping and sitting up for a moment in between, she can get there. It's super cute. I got it in video, but don't know where the chord is to get it here. Maybe lata---
Oh and.... anyone feel like a carrot?
I've discovered (I think you told me Kodi) that she actually EATS them when their big and huge and fun. The little ones are so old news. This is gross looking and unpeeled but she wouldn't let me at it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Until next year...

So thanks to DVR, we just finished up SYTYCD. I know it's been a few weeks or something, but Michael and Nastia have had us all tied up.

So really? Joshua? He's great of course. But really?

Although, I could watch that contemporary dance (where he's killed at war and Katie reads it in a letter) over and over. But mostly because I LOVED Katie. I think she moved with pure grace. So sad she didn't take it.

So here in the Biesinger home we're putting away our dancing shoes and moving our coffee table back into place... until next year.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tagged- or something like it...

My friend Heidi Tagged me-- it's her homemade tag to honor good friends. On her blog she prefaced it with how her need for friends has changed over the years and I found myself nodding in agreement as I read it. I had to reitterate on my blog.

I've always loved my friends, but when I married Ross, I felt like he was all I needed. It was all so exciting and wonderful and we moved away so I didn't know many people anyway and as I got to know people, I squeezed them in when I could but didn't quite know how. Then I had kids and it just got harder and harder to fit anyone in besides this little family... and yet, I've felt more aware in the last year or so than ever, of just how important good friends are. And how wonderful and comforting it is to have so many different people with different strengths to love and be loved by--- dear friends to inspire, listen, cheer on, understand, push, serve, comfort and more. Ross still does ALL of these things for me at different times. But I'm sure a better wife when I don't expect him to be ALL things at once. There are so many wonderful people that we get to share our lives with. I'm just so grateful for good friends-- for all the people that strengthen me and teach me, and make my life a little sweeter.

I like this Tag. It's different. It's about YOU.

How this works...IF you want to play, choose 10 (or as many) people in your life who make you better for the following reasons. Send it to the 10 people who you chose. Than have them send it to 10 inspiring friends. Or forget all that and just read my compliments will ya? If I thought people wouldn't boycott my blog if I typed too much, I'd add a category for everyone I love-- But that could go on for a while.

Faith Promoting

Lisa. Your testimony is laced throughout your blog. A goal of mine I haven't met. Thank you for being an example to me and to so many.

Everyday Martha Stewart

Lizzie. For the 5 years I've known you, I've called you Martha for this very reason. And you've never disappointed. I've still never known someone who knows that flax can be substituted for egg, sews her own curtains which turn out CUTER than PB, who actually USES their wheat grinder on a nearly daily basis, makes homemade bread (whole wheat of course), not even in a bread maker, not just for Sundays, but INSTEAD of buying store bought, makes pancakes with Kamut instead of white flour, but bakes the most deliciously rich and buttery desserts WITH white flour just how they should be, all the while no.... not wearing an apron and a scrunchy like the modern-day pioneer that you are, but beach tousled wavy hair and True Religion Jeans. You are the modern, hip, super-home-maker. I've learned so much from you.

Kind to our Earth

Michelle and Brandon. I find myself thinking, what would the Ross' think? (Their last name is Ross, not my husband... in case anyone was confused) when I'm debating if something is worth purchasing. I am a homemaker who loves cute houses and cute things. So it never hurts to have one more voice of reason in my head helping me limit my contribution to a consumption epidemic.

Julie-- How do you have time, what with the two children, and recording EFY songs with that gorgeous voice, to spend more time and energy teaching people to recycle and take care of the Earth? Thank you.

Ability to Always Make you Laugh (Even when you should be crying)

Sarie- (Sarah) Your stories about your girls should be published for purchase. Not just for your family. I should edit the title of this one since your blog really does make me laugh hardily out loud AND cry. What a talented writer, mother, photographer, wife, sister- you are.

Fills the World with Great Art

Allie. Oh how I've missed your frequent posts since you've come down with.. ahem... another baby in your belly. I dream of the days when you feel well, find SOME free time, and have TWO gorgeous girls to share colorful, larger than life pictures of regularly. Your photos, your home projects, and anything you share visually that you've already touched and turned to gold appease my appetite for color and make my life better some how.

Amazing Parents

Mine mine mine. And Ross'. We are SO blessed. Seriously so blessed. ;) It all makes more sense now that I have children of my own, just how our parents are able to give and give and give and never ask in return. How they can make us feel like a million bucks when we come visit even though we bring our tornado through their homes and peaceful lives.

But an amazing blogger parent? Christin. An adopted four year old son, a set of 3 year old twin girls ,and a set of 7 month old twin girls. Five kids under the age of 4. And you make it look so easy... or at least... so wonderful. I can feel how grateful you are for your crazy life! Such a great mama.

Full of Patience & Kindness
Kodi- you keep trying to tell me that you're not as perfect as you seem. But you can assure me all you want that you're capable of getting angry at your girls, that you're not ALWAYS concerned with others' happiness before your own, that you aren't consistently knee-deep in some form of service... I just won't believe you. You really are one of the kindest girls I know.

Always has a Glass Half Full
Roxeanne- Since I see you in person too, I don't think it's just on the blog. I think you are genuinely one of those people that just sees the beauty in challenges-- or maybe you don't even see them as challenges. You just make it all look so easy.

Spreader of Sunshine
Marnie- I only wish you were still in the desert spreading it to me every day. When are you going to become a regular updater. There's a lot of people that could use a good daily dose of your warmth. I miss you!

Makes Everyone Feel Great

Sarah- There's a reason you have like 20 very best friends. No one can stand to be away from you once they know you because you make us all feel like a million bucks. What an honor it was to wear a broach Mrs. Mickelson. :)

Alysa- I only barely know you-- and you, in all your expert-mom, prim. pres, woman with everything together-ness make me feel like the bomb.

True Friends

Lacy and Joe- (But I know your blog isn't really this type Joe, so I won't blame you if you don't actually play). What could be more true than family? I think I could live in the same house with you guys. Your like that to me. It's ok if you don't feel the same. I know I would hog a lot of Lacy and eat a lot of the treats.

Makes you a better person.

Ross- you don't really have a blog to play- but really, who else do I have to answer to every day that notices if I'm improving in all the ways I say I want to-- reaps the benefits if I do and suffers if I don't? You make me better just because you're so darn good and I want to be worthy of you--- and because you know just how to inspire and encourage me. Thank goodness for marriage. I'd probably be at a very un-bettering, complacent place in my life where I'm always right... if it weren't for you. :)

"To be a friend means encourage strengths in others and accepting their weaknesses; in other words, accepting them for who they are." Catherine Pulsifer

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today we partied like rock stars... or more specifically, Fancy Nancy.

Hallie's birthday party. And not one of these includes Hallie. My battery died about seven pictures in (I spared you at least two random, very pink, not particularly interesting photos. That's better than I often do. I have a hard time being selective, "less is more.... less is more", I regularly repeat this mantra in my head as my fingers win and continue to upload...) So maybe it's a good thing my battery died. But I was devastated. All these adorable little 2-4 year old girls, tons of colorful treats, and lots of fabulous accessories like tutus, sunglasses, crowns, candy necklaces, hot-chocolate-milk-mustaches, painted fingernails... I was devastated. I just kept imaging the photos in my head.

So a typical "coming home" from such an event... Sophia fell asleep in the car, in her tutu, and her hot-chocolate covered t-shirt (forgot, what with all the delicious poofy whipped cream on top that the hot choc. was even IN the cup, tipped it right over...), her hair matted to her head from the heat of the day, her face smeared with marshmallow cream sandwich, and a sticky candy necklace wedged nicely under her chin. And yup, I just scooped her out of the car and laid her gently down in her nice clean sheets. I did manage a pair of nail clippers and snipped off the necklace so she wouldn't be too tempted in some sleepy delirium to throw back a lifesaver and choke. That would be ironic.

So my little walking birthday-party just awoke, and I can hear the high-fructose corn-syrup hangover from here. (She does NOT wake up happy these days.) Better run.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mostly Pictures.

Forever ago, but never documented... photo/frame project on dining wall... And a better view of the Ikea curtains.... not exactly a formal dining. But it still serves its purpose.... as the room with a table that never gets used. Wouldn't trade it though .... space for kids to run and ride bikes on the tile when it's a hundred and something degrees of death outside... a must. Always a few changes in this room, can't seem to decide... but the three pictures of Sophia at the beach, compliments of Aunt Marie are a recent addition.

You know how it is when they're little... you just want to make sure each and every possible expression gets captured. Sometimes the sour ones are the cutest.Check out those thighs... Still no real decor in the toy room, but we use it! Not as much as I wish we did of course, but when they're both in there playing together... well there are just some things that the camera cannot resist. ....

and it doesn't hurt that the toys are colorful and the walls are green-- that kind of makes me want to grab the camera too- but mostly it's these darling girls and their sweet friendship. :)
Sophia really does make me so proud as a big sister. This is on a night where she skipped her nap and by this evening, was so beyond ill-behaved and so much closer to possessed it scared me. The fits and lack of all rationale were out of this world. So right now I'll force myself to think of how she is with Mila. It's pretty remarkable. She is always in the mood to make her sister smile. Pretty much ALWAYS responds when I ask her to make her laugh by dancing or singing or tickling or making silly faces... She bring her toys, checks on her and entertains her until I can get her out of bed, and stretches as far as she can out of her carseast to try to offer her a snack. Almost-three-year-olds can really try you-- but big sisters rock.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Seriously So Blessed Dot Blogspot Dot Com

Anybody read this blog? It's a spoof on the whole mommy-blog trend... read the sidebar if you check it out. I'm sort of not sure what to think of it. It's hilarious. So I'm reading and laughing, but kind of insulted... like I want to think I'm not in the category being teased but I totally am. I like CPK. I like Anthropologie. I even noticed while reading it that I eliminate the "I" before statements making them grammatically, a command. (i.e. "Love these girls"). No spider-eyes, definitely no mock-mother, no business/dental/law or medical school, no perfume in lunch bags (sick). Lots and lots of "no"s.

But I like Twilight, I like my husband, I like my babes, I even like So You Think You Can Dance. I am a partaker in the tart-yogurt phenom. I probably share too much-- always wish I were more of a private person. So I'm trying to read it and think, I know I have a sense of humor... it's funny, she's clever, it's all pretty spot on (exaggerated, but close enough that it's super funny.) I should just laugh right?

But I've always been a little insecure about some of my blogging tendencies. Wish I didn't care what people thought, but I do. Don't want people thinking I'm so self absorbed I expect you to want every detail of my life and even more pictures. And yet I do want to write that much and post that many photos. So I'd better just have a good enough sense of humor that this witty blog won't give me a complex.

But it's sort of giving me a complex.

Even as I write this I'm thinking, how many things have I done in this post that TAMN has already spoofed?

Here's one light, funny post, in case you're too lazy to hit the link but ARE curious. What do you think?

I Just Keep Crying, and Crying and Crying!
So I've been sobbing my brains out for half an hour, alternately calling JJTW and my mom and just sobbing. But here's the thing everybody, it's not a sad cry, it's a HAPPY cry!! Because I am going to Powell (pronounced Pal, but I'm surprised you din't know that) this weekend!! I am seriously so blessed to be able to go!! SO excited! But, I am sort of sad that my abs aren't quite as toned as I wanted them to be before this trip. I don't get how I'm still not skinnier because I go to Golds and walk around looking at people, AND I run around the neighborhood scantily clad in the early morning and evening, AND I go on absurd crash diets. Last week, for example, I only had diet coke (way bad, I know, but I'm off it now), cabbage, and fat-free, sugar-free ice cream, and lost 2 lbs! What else is it going to take, people!?? Maybe I should get addicted to yoga like Madonna, but keep my values, UNlike Madonna. Pros: I can say I do yoga, and wear yoga pants! Cons: might have to see girls with hairy legs, which makes my heart hurt because they obviously don't understand femininity and their role in the plan, and even just imagining living without that makes me sad for them. No wonder they don't have husbands!! Sad! And when I get sad I meltdown. Which is why I need to focus on my Powell happiness. SUMMER and SUNSHINE and TANS and JJWT!! And my cute new swimsuit! It's a bikini, but a totally modest one, because I know who I am and how important that is! And we'll be on a way fun boat! And tons of cute pictures! And my hot new sunglasses! And fun tunes on my cute new pink ipod! Also, I hate materialism. It makes me cry.
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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Part 2... or 3? I don't know. Sum Mo.

So from Utah, Mila and I flew to San Diego on Friday morning to meet up with Lacy (child-free Lacy!) and then were met by Ross and Sophia late Saturday night. This gave me time with my mom and Lacy Friday night (we missed you Mel) while Kirk watched Mila slumber. And then another fun wedding-filled Saturday. This one was for one of Lacy's best childhood friends, Monica and her new husband Andy. Such a beautiful couple. Beautiful Catholic wedding in an old Catholic church in Old Town.

I could only imagine how gorgeous the bride would look when I saw the dresses the bridesmaids got to wear. The proud father of the bride. They just always seem especially adorable on wedding days. I wish I had a photo of Sarah's... he was SO that.
Yes I wore the same dress... that's a little embarrassing. But not really.... it would be more so if I bought two I guess.
There are few things cuter than a flower girl. I'm dying since I had SO many cute photos of my girls, Adelaide, and Avery with Sarah in their little dresses... and LOST them with the others. Lacy and some High school friends.

Monica + Andy.

Back at the ranch...

This one's Dane, Ian and Teresita's new one. We went to visit them and Lacy got to see their house for the first time, and I can't resist a gummy baby smile.

I don't have the energy for the gush she deserves. But I'm just not the same for days after being with Lacy. It's just such a shame to live SO far apart. She is a ball of happiness to me, makes me feel like a million bucks.

Must admit, Monday and Tuesday were full of the major mom-at-home, in-hot-miserable-weather, with-teething baby, without-mom-and-sisters BLUES. Yesterday and today have had clouds. This morning it rained. So things. Are looking. Up. :)