Thursday, August 28, 2008

See ya!

We're gettin' the hoo-ra OUT of here. OUT of the heat, out of the cricket infested desert life that we lead right now....(I'm being serenaded by choirs of the lovely LARGE creatures as I write) and onto sandier pastures... (the sand that's accompanied by miles of blue ocean, not to be mistaken by the sand in my backyard that is miles AWAY from any kind of water barring that in our pipes.)

I know, it can be deceiving, seeing as we do have a small, waterless beach for a backyard. But I assure you, it feels nothing like Southern California's heavenly coastal climate out here.

We get to spend days in both Del Mar and Newport Beach with these cute cute girls... Mia and Kail, a couple of Sophia's closest friends. We're all very excited. :)

And I just feel like I should mention, because I doubt I'll be blogging while we're there, that my darling (sometimes), sweet (particularly upon waking up), energetic (.... no qualifiers there), smart little girl is turning THREE on Tuesday! I've yet to plan any kind of birthday party. So since her birthday happens while we're gone, it's going to have to be a bit belated... and I just wanted to at least mention it before it's passed. Three?! How do I have an almost-three-year-old?! They really are like whole little people then... it's nuts.

Happy almost-birthday sweet girl!


Kodi said...

So it looks like you're not packing either! :)

Brandon or Michelle said...

Sigh...seriously, your life sounds so fairytale-ish sometimes. Good friends, great destinations, so fabulous. Have a great time, enjoy the coastal breezes!! Then come back and make us all a tiny bit jealous with gorgeous pictures.

And if you think having a THREE year old is weird, mine will be FOUR a week after that!

Enjoy, peace out! (oh, and thanks for being so nice about my "cozy" new place...sigh. Lacy's house was so lovely. LACY was so lovely. I'll just dream...)

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

So all the rest of us sitting in the desert can be full of envy. Not that that is your motive. I hope you have fun, like it is possible to not have fun with that group. Happy B-day Sophia. I forget she is exactly one year younger than Monterey since they are the same size and play as peers.

April said...

Happy Birthday to Sophia!

Tuesday is a GREAT day to have a birthday (it's my birthday also).

Have fun on your trip.

(Brooke's Seattle friend)

koko bean..... said...

Lillie Sophia is so pretty. I am so jealous I would love to go back to the beach. We just spent a whole week in La Jolla and well lets just say it was SO hard to come back. Enjoy it. By the way your pictures are so good.

Jessica said...

Not to put a damper on your plans but it is very humid here granted we are about 45 min north of where you will be. Hope you get a nice break from the desert heat, we sure are enjoying life in a cooler climate. Good luck with a the 3year old...they are full of all sorts of mind boggeling comments and antics.

Sierra said...

oh my goodness i miss you guys soooo much tell sophia i said happy birthday....i she remembers me :( thats the bad thing is that when i come back none of my little babies are gonna remember me. aww man! oh well i will always remember the fun times i shared with sophia it was great. i wish i could still come babysit 4 you. it was always a blast.
I Love U Guys!!! i will come visit as soon as i can!

Sarie said...

Ooooooh have so much fun! And happy birthday to little Sophia.

Erin Marriott said...

How fun to go spend some time out of the dry heat! I'm loving Sophia's hair by the way. Have a fun trip! I can't believe she's almost 3! Time just flies.

Rebecca Smylie said...

You're out of the heat for a great desitnation and then when you ge's not too ong before the summer stifling will be over and you will have one of the nicer temps. Who ever thought that making it through a season would be considered an accomplishment? Last night it was cool out here and I gave myself a high five. Happy Birthday Sophia-