Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Project

I've been loving this idea I saw on pinterest. (Here's another.) And while mine won't be nearly as dramatic with much smaller frames. I just brought home these two new collages I printed at Costco as 20x30's. Hopefully they'll be cute and I'll take a picture of the real thing tomorrow on the wall. If they're not cute... then I'll just pretend it never happened like my walls and my cabinets. (The painter is coming back tomorrow, I think, to see if there's anything we can do btw.)

I know... this is a whole lot of us. I did a combination of bw and color obviously... some quality photos and some iphone photos. Some even with the instagram filter. I couldn't decide which way I wanted to go, so I just did a little of everything.

Friday, January 27, 2012

If a tree fell in the forest and no one instagrammed it, did it really fall?

Proof that we've done stuff the last few weeks.

- Hanging in our jammies 'till 2 on saturdays.
- A before of my kitchen (still haven't blogged the official after because the white is looking blue-- don't get me started-- I give up. I just give. up)
-A lunch date with Mila and Finn
-A movie date, just Mila and me
-A trip to the oasis with dad
- Ross turning 34
-The girls asleep in our bed when we come up at midnight... their new thing.
-The Diva Dash! A fun little 5k with some obstacles and RAIN! in San Diego I did last weekend with a bunch of girlfriends. So fun. Made a weekend of it.
- Rain back home and Sophia enjoying it-- or-- eating it?
-Finn after bath--
-And his little nursing feet-- I feel like it's gonna end soon. So sad.
- Mila after saying "my hands are tired of moving."

And that makes me feel all caught up.

(ps. I usually do these collages in photoshop where you have lots more control and can make it a little cuter. But I was in a hurry and so did this one in picasa and just remembered how quick and easy it is to make a collage there. I've had a few collage questions, there's your easiest option!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did I mention he turned 34?

He's so mature.

Are you dying for a list of 34 things I love about this boy? What?-- it's been done too many times you say?
Too bad.

1. He listens to me complain about home projects for far longer than should be allowed.

2. He makes waffles and pancakes from scratch when I'm not there to do it.

3. He comes home tired from work-- but never too tired to suck all the last bits of energy out of the kids before bed-time. He's a jungle gym.

4. He always does bed time. Except on his birthday.

5. He makes rules like "let's kiss for 10 seconds every night when I get home" when he notices that we're forgetting about each other because our kids are much cooler than we are. And much more demanding.

6. He helps me put the sheets on the bed at midnight when I've inevitably forgotten about them until then, even though he's perfectly happy to sleep on the mattress cover.

7. He always packs the car.

8. And he always cleans out the car after a trip.

9. He always offers to let me have his food if I don't like what I've ordered. (I wouldn't make him trade with gross food... but it's nice to get the offer.)

10. He gets a really great ooh la la face when I've actually done my hair. It makes me feel great all night.

11. He'll never finish off a treat he thinks I might enjoy. There's always some for me.

12. He carries all the heavy bags on trips, happily--- views it as a work out.

13. He's so quick to apologize.

14. He's patient with me and with the kids.

15. He loves his family... the one he came from and ours of course.

16. I'm pretty sure he lets me make him an icecream sundae most nights just so I don't feel alone in my splurging.

17. He works his tail off so I can stay home and be a mama.

18. He respects all that THAT means.

19. He finds the good music and puts it on my ipod so I don't have to figure it out.

20. He DVR's all the shows so I still don't have to know where any channels are.

21. He wakes up at the crack of dawn to work out so he can still come home at a decent hour.

22. He laughs at my jokes and looks proud when I'm funny.

23. Any time we fight, he tells me, "I always knew that with you, it'd never be boring". Good thing? I guess that could depend on tone of voice and what we're fighting about.... but I'm gonna keep thinking it is.

24. He takes the girls to Costco most Saturdays to give me some quiet time.

25. He always makes the dreaded calls to the cable company, or Apple when we have a computer or tv issue even though I'm the one complaining about it. But he knows I'd rather bury myself in quick sand than sit on the phone for 2 hours with some guy from India that makes me start with making sure the computer is plugged in. can't handle it.

26. He appreciates food.

27. He watched the new Jane Eyre with me and didn't say anything rude.

28. Probably because he secretly actually really loves chick flicks. But usually not period pieces. So it still deserves it's own number.

29. He stuffs his closet full with his exercise ball and inversion table because he knows I can't stand for them to be anywhere else in the house.

30. He notices my eyelash growth (or says he does.)

31. He doesn't notice my waist growth (or says he doesn't.)

32. He adores his kids and gives them real, tender, genuine attention and love EVERY day.

33. He loves the Lord.

34. He's mine. (awwwww.....)

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Littles

While Sophia was at school... and we were airing out Finn's awful diaper rash-- I thought-- naked babies sure are cute-- and so, actually pulled out the big camera to document it. The out-of-control cuteness.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A few Changes Around Here

A few new prints from our recent family pictures by Lizzie.

I've taken a picture of this room way too many times. I'm sorry if you've noticed. But it seems to be ever-changing... so I can't help myself.

One of our favorite Dave Matthew's songs. Ross was obsessed with them when we first met so all of their songs remind me of those days. I've always just really loved these lyrics. So I made this in photoshop and printed it as one of Costco's posters so it's nice and thick (since I've got no glass in this old frame.)

I'm still waiting on the hardware before I blog the kitchen... but I also had part of my banister painted white. These ones above are the AFTER. Below is the before. I've been searching for a picture of a white banister with a dark handrail where the wrought iron had been painted white to see if I could do it. I couldn't find that. And was worried that painting the wrought iron could look scary. So I gave up and just painted the base. It still brightens it up a ton for me--- there was just something about that dark wood baseboard that drove me bananas.

Seeing these photos makes me feel like I might finally need to come clean on something. I feel like I've been keeping a huge secret since I've been DREAMING of painting my house for so long and -- ahem--- I did.

But then (duh duh duh).... I didn't love it.

Which is like the worst feeling in the world when you've been saving your pennies for a project. So I lost my desire to blog before and afters. :( So so sad. I continued to pin great paint colors--- I felt like I had a weird addiction and Ross was going to have to pull me away "it's already done! get over it woman!"

You see, I thought I wanted white. But not TOO white. But not gray. For whatever reason, I thought I didn't want gray even though I'd wished I'd done gray 4 years ago. It makes tons of sense. (You'll see that my more recent pins are mostly gray. )

I thought I wanted a creamy white. Just a shade off of white. I went too off. Way too off. Way too creamy. Way too yellow. I chose linen white by Benjamin Moore. It's a huge improvement from what it was (see above.) So it's not like I hate it. It's just still a warm yellowy tone which means I don't walk into my home and get a whole new vibe. I was hoping for a new vibe. I paid for a new vibe.

Live and learn right? I'm beginning to think I'll have to view every project as a huge mistake learning experience for that custom dream home we'll build some day. ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Real Live Layered Cake

My mom can do just about anything in the kitchen. But by the time I was old enough to be learning in the kitchen... she was BUSY--- with 6 kids and a full time job, and realized that we didn't appreciate things like layered cakes... so cakes were out of 9x13's. And our favorite was covered in chocolate chips that firmed up instead of frosting. We kept it simple. So I still remember when Lizzie taught me that a cake pan in her vocabulary, was a round pan, and what I used, was a brownie pan. I got myself a couple of them and have used them a handful of times in the past few years.

But the apple doesn't fall too far, and usually, I'm not sure it's worth the effort, especially since I don't really love cake. I mean with all of the cookie-ish things out there filled with butter and vanilla and maybe sprinkled with salt? mmm mmm.

Ross however, LOVES this coconut cake that our good friend Brooke bakes for a local restaurant. And I couldn't just throw it in a "brownie" pan after he'd seen her lovely layered version so many times. And it WAS his birthday. (whoo whoo!)

So I took a picture.
And gave it a whole post.
Because I'm that proud.
And that makes it a little more worth dirtying two pans and a cake stand.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Mr. Clean

From a recent baby shoot. This sweet little guy's just four months old. Look at his hair.

And here is my sweet Finn. Poor guy. He's been doing a bit of this lately. He's a year--- and still working on a teeny, tiny, subtle mullet in back. On a good day.

Upon finding out we were having a boy, I may have said prayers expressing how grateful I was for no more girl-hair to have to "do" every morning. If you see my girls' hair most days, you probably said those same prayers of gratitude. Sometimes we hide knots under pony-tails. Maybe this is what I get? Sorry Finn. At least you have a deliciously round head.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The last couple of weeks -- recorded, thanks to instagram

Dinner out for Finn and Grandpa B's birthdays, the girls being ... cute, new years eve dinner with friends in Palm Springs, a visit from Mike, Mel and the kids, sick, blistered baby... etc... etc...

Ross is off work tomorrow. Sophia's off school--- and I could not be happier. I wish life were on more of an every other day schedule rather than a measly two day weekend. If I ruled the world....

Happy weekend... hopefully yours isn't over yet either!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My poor diseased babe

We'd had at least a few days after we rid our home of strep-throat. For the second time in a row. So it's not like I'm complaining. And before that, the vomiting had only been off and on for that week stretch over Christmas. It could be so much worse. And that part I say with no sarcasm. It really could be. I keep reminding myself of that.

Finn got that icky hand-foot-mouth virus- ahem--- hand-foot-mouth-disease. Why they have to put "disease" in the name, I have no idea. Just to make it seem SO much freakier than it already is. And to scare all of your friends extra far away so your kids will not only be sick but sick and bored out of their mind. That's why.

But apparently it's "very common"-- though I've only known one other kid to get it (nephew, Joseph as a baby). He had finally seemed over the throat and ear stuff... had a couple of great days and then awoke from a luscious (and abnormal) 4.5 hour nap with two little pimples (?) by his mouth. He must have had a mild fever I hadn't really noticed. Since it starts with that. But over the next two days his face got a few more pimply things that turned into sores... and his hands became spotted with these blisters. Surprisingly, his hands didn't really seem to bother him that much (though they looked AWFUL). So once we were past the first day when the sores must have started in his mouth and throat (so he wouldn't eat) it wasn't actually that bad. But it looked awful.

Did I mention it looked awful?

And so I took a picture. (doesn't do it justice)

And so I'm blogging about it.

Now Mila has it. Booh. And the worst part might be that her sweet little face has the same sores by her mouth. And I'll catch her picking which worries me they could scar!? And do you know one of my worst aversions is to people picking at scabs and cuticles and things that would hurt--- (not pimples-- love picking pimples-- totally different)--- so even as I typed the word "picking" I lose some feeling in my legs and feel a little light headed.

Also, she said her feet hurt too bad to walk most of yesterday. That was a bummer too.

So sick of being in isolation. I think I've missed church three of the last five sundays or so... due to some rotten sickness or another.

I'm beginning to think I'm doing something wrong. Am I not supposed to be serving their dinners off the bottom of their shoes?

Here's hoping we're on the mend. Crossing fingers...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Smoothie

(Meet Mila's morning hair. Poor girl-- I should invest in a 'bump it'.)

Lizzie made some green smoothies for my girls forever ago... and they loved them. I was thrilled about it, as veggies have seemed to find their way out of their diets these days :/...and I was determined to sneak all sorts of leafy greens in their diet back at home. Sadly, I could never seem to replicate it, and my girls wouldn't go for them at home. Now I'm thinking maybe it's because my ten dollar oster blender that we got for our wedding almost 9 years ago just wasn't getting the job done... and chewing the spinach wasn't really going over well.

Well--- a few months ago, we got the blendtech from Costco (Ross was drawn in every time the vitamix or blendtech did a presentation and finally bit the bullet) and I'm (kind of sad to say because they're so expensive) that it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world to our smoothies! Green smoothies are back and better than ever 'round here. Felt like I should spread the wealth.

Ooh-- and I threw some dates in this one (which is why you see some specks in the glass). It let a few tiny chewy chunks which might sound weird. But I kind of loved. Reminded me of mochi.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My kitchen!

Of course I forgot to take a "before" until after they removed the cabinets.... but you can still get the idea. Don't you dare zoom in and try and see how out-of-control my cupboards are. I very much appreciate the ability to close a door. holy cow. I don't think I've wiped some of these cupboards out since we moved in almost four years ago. eww.

SO-- the next photo you'll see of my kitchen will be WHITE! Hopefully it will have hardware finally too..... unless I take too long to find what I want and take a photo before that part...

They took the doors today, and start painting tomorrow. I think it will take a few days before they can put the doors back on-- maybe next Wednesday? I'm dying.

Anyway--- hope the suspense doesn't kill you.


I've been working on a face lift for my photo blog... opinions? Too plain? Too many lines? Check it out.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas in Orange County

We started up in the loft for some hot chocolate and a little reminder of what it's all about:

Then headed downstairs for the loot!
Luckily--- we managed to enjoy the magical day-- even though Mila and Finn were throwing up off and on for DAYS. including--- THAT day. :( I think this has been our worst winter ever-- with sickness. Booh.
I certainly don't feel like I did a very good job capturing it this year. I just wasn't committed enough to my camera. It's getting harder and harder to do that. I've probably got more from my phone... ooh-- maybe I'll have to post those too. I've just really embraced phone pictures... so much less pressure, time, space, thinking-ahead.... all my style... and especially once I pick up my new iphone 4s with my Christmas gift card!...

I'm still coming out of my post-Christmas blues. At least we're one day closer to next year's Christmas with every day that passes. Hope yours was merry!

Monday, January 09, 2012

My latest lunch obsession

It's kind of like pear and arugula pizza... one of my favorites. But apples instead of pears... and bread instead of crust... and cheddar instead of gorgonzola ...

whatever -- it takes five minutes and it's delicious.