Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Real Live Layered Cake

My mom can do just about anything in the kitchen. But by the time I was old enough to be learning in the kitchen... she was BUSY--- with 6 kids and a full time job, and realized that we didn't appreciate things like layered cakes... so cakes were out of 9x13's. And our favorite was covered in chocolate chips that firmed up instead of frosting. We kept it simple. So I still remember when Lizzie taught me that a cake pan in her vocabulary, was a round pan, and what I used, was a brownie pan. I got myself a couple of them and have used them a handful of times in the past few years.

But the apple doesn't fall too far, and usually, I'm not sure it's worth the effort, especially since I don't really love cake. I mean with all of the cookie-ish things out there filled with butter and vanilla and maybe sprinkled with salt? mmm mmm.

Ross however, LOVES this coconut cake that our good friend Brooke bakes for a local restaurant. And I couldn't just throw it in a "brownie" pan after he'd seen her lovely layered version so many times. And it WAS his birthday. (whoo whoo!)

So I took a picture.
And gave it a whole post.
Because I'm that proud.
And that makes it a little more worth dirtying two pans and a cake stand.


Ashley said...

Thank you for letting me in on your collage secret!!

I made my first one. It's messy, but hopefully the more I play in Picasa the better I'll get!

I gave you a shout out too!

Rebecca Smylie said...

Oh Lillie. I'm so proud of you. I think real live layered cakes are wonderful and under-appreciated. We had a chocolate one today. And with a cake stand like that? You ought to make more...

Your house is beautiful. If I ever live in a house I own (not likely), I'm paying for you to come visit and think over paint colors with me.