Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Smoothie

(Meet Mila's morning hair. Poor girl-- I should invest in a 'bump it'.)

Lizzie made some green smoothies for my girls forever ago... and they loved them. I was thrilled about it, as veggies have seemed to find their way out of their diets these days :/...and I was determined to sneak all sorts of leafy greens in their diet back at home. Sadly, I could never seem to replicate it, and my girls wouldn't go for them at home. Now I'm thinking maybe it's because my ten dollar oster blender that we got for our wedding almost 9 years ago just wasn't getting the job done... and chewing the spinach wasn't really going over well.

Well--- a few months ago, we got the blendtech from Costco (Ross was drawn in every time the vitamix or blendtech did a presentation and finally bit the bullet) and I'm (kind of sad to say because they're so expensive) that it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world to our smoothies! Green smoothies are back and better than ever 'round here. Felt like I should spread the wealth.

Ooh-- and I threw some dates in this one (which is why you see some specks in the glass). It let a few tiny chewy chunks which might sound weird. But I kind of loved. Reminded me of mochi.


Keith and Courtney said...

We have a Vitamix. Love it! It really does make a big difference to have a great blender. When I make smoothies in the summer time I like to make extra and I pour it into popsicle molds. My little man loves them and he doesn't realize that I'm sneaking veggies in all the time!

Ainsley said...

mmm, i've made this smoothie before. what would i do without lizzie's healthy recipes? call me if you need some blog help :). which reminds me of your photo blog i said i'd do the first of Jan... and now we're half through the month. nice.

Jennifer said...

We love Green Smoothies around here too! My roommate at Ricks College used to make them every day(I though she was soooo weird, but when I grew up and had kids I decided to give it a try!) I passed the recipe on to Stephanie Scoville and she's been great to pass it on to so many. (she even made them for refreshments a youth fireside!) Gotta love it.