Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Confessions of a pillow-holic. And some other house stuff...

This is my living room.
I have a pillow problem. I change pillows like every month. I have a few different pillow graveyards. I tire of them quickly and yet I have a hard time getting rid of them-- thinking I might cycle back through them like I do old t-shirts.

These pillows still have the tags on because I'm not sure they work. I sort of think they're BEAUTIFUL and love their watercolor effect. But then I wonder if I've got too many colors going on. Or too many florals? Or if they're too grandma?

Or these stripes? opinions?
The Dining Room.
Looks the same as the last time I took a photo... but it was in the folder so I posted it.

A wall near my front door.
I don't know about this pillow either. The tag is also still on it... like several other pillows in my house. I usually have one in a corner of the settee.... but happened to take the photo when I was trying out this one...??? Also, I want to paint the "b". white? pink? not sure. And the walls... don't get me started on the walls. I really want a new neutral-- much lighter, much cooler-- but that takes much time and much energy and much moolah.

The Family Room
These are my new pillows for my sectional! I had my friend, Brooke's wonderful mom make them for me out of a tablecloth from Anthropologie that I found. I wondered if they were too bright and wild at first. But I I'm loving them now. I'm still working on a third pillow. You can guess how that might go.

Still working on filling these book shelves. I can't decide how full they have to be to look pretty and clean but not just sparse and unfinished. Pretty sure they're still the latter.

Two of my favorite items in the house.

Their room to come.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ross got me a wheat grinder for Mother's Day... 2010

So it took me a whole year to use it. But there really was something amazing about grinding my own wheat to make bread. I felt oh so domestic. And I could just taste the extra vitamins in our bread. I think they cancel out the carbs. Or something like that.

Now I'll just need a little practice in rising so it doesn't fall like this every time. Are you embarrassed for me that I photographed it anyway?

Got back in town from a quick over-nighter to Newport last night with the kids. We got a room at the Hyatt on Priceline for super cheap and it just felt so good to get out of town. We kept looking at each other, shaking our heads, wondering why we don't do it more often.

The girls were in heaven... "all of us, as a family, in ONE room! I won't even be scared!" Mila must have said that a million times. Finn didn't sleep great, but I'm not sure if that was the hotel, or the fact that he's rolling over in his crib now and waking himself up. I'm hoping he learns to get cozy on his belly soon.

Of course I'll have to post a few photos soon. Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

He survived it!

And still got home in time to give me the gun show. :) I'm a lucky lady.

It sounds WILD... 10 miles, most of which was extremely uphill or downhill, electrical currents, inclined, greased monkey-bars, lots of water, some claustrophobic spaces and lots more. He got a bunch of footage on his waterproof head-cam. I just might have to post some here eventually for record's sake.

It's too bad he was behind a guy in a thong for most of the race. It's a little distracting. And super gross.

Friday, May 27, 2011

We're glad it's Friday

Here's what's up.

-Ross runs in the Tough Mudder tomorrow in... Big Bear I think? He was jogging around the house last night with a head cam attached to his head to see if he should try and tape it. I should have taped that.

- It's a holiday weekend! No school or work on Monday. HOO to the ray. We're going to the beach. It's about time.

- It was 96 today but felt great to me. I keep thinking maybe I've adjusted and this summer won't cook my insides.

- I need a serious tan. Does anyone swear by a certain self-tanner? I should have clarified. I need a serious fake-tan. I think the real sun is real-ly aging me.
- Goin' on a date tonight. whoo whoo. We skipped last week so I'm in the mooood.
- I just got these sheets for my girls' beds today--- I think I love them.

- I think I want to make this cake by the pioneer genius this weekend. YUMmy.

Happy long weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look who just "graduated"

From her first year of (possibly) three years (if they really move the kinder cut-off date up to September) of PRE school? :)

Did you follow that?

And yet-- still a big deal. So sweet. She's got the most amazing teacher, a friend of mine, who does this from her home, and all of her 9 classmates are her best friends from church. It's been such a great experience and it was so fun to see them all together for the last day before a few of the kids head off to kindergarten.

She was so happy and proud to have Ross and I both there just to celebrate her and everything she's learned. I think it's tricky with your second to have as many of those moments.

She's been flipping through her preschool binder all day since. "I love this book I made, mommy-- it makes me feel like I want to keep looking at it again and again."

Her cute class.
She was extra sweet and obedient all day. Like she wanted to live up to this big-girl Mila from school. Each of the kids was given a box of candy that described them. Mila got sugar babies and after having a few, kept saying "I love my treats mom, they make me feel like I want to keep eating MORE of them!"

I just love the way they learn to express themselves. So literal. Or something.

Her candy read: "Everyone's sugar- Thanks for being so darn loveable!"

We agree.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brown Rice Salad

We call it Brown Rice Salad? But there's no greens... so it's more like a burrito bowl? Only the pork is BBQ, which makes it... well I don't know, we just like to call it a salad so we feel better. Fine, put greens if you like.

It's some sort of adaption from some "salad" Lizzie had forever ago at some health food store. It's one of those things where you pretty much pile on anything that sounds good. Like a salad. Maybe that's why we call it a salad. A recipe? I'll try:

1 Pork tenderloin
Brown Rice (we use one pouch of TJ's frozen)
2 cups or so of frozen sweet corn
1 onion, chopped
2 cups ketchup
2 cups brown sugar
2 tbs liquid smoke
1 avocado
2 tomatoes
diced fresh jalapenos

Anyway, here's what I do.

-Cook some of that really lean white pork. Tenderloin I think? I get it from Costco... 5-7 hours or so in the crock pot. Adding in the BBQ sauce for the last hour or so after shredding your meat.
- Make the BBQ sauce which is 2 cups ketchup, 2 cups brown sugar, and 2tbs liquid smoke. Stir it up. (I always wonder if it really needs that much sugar, if you experiment, let me know if it's still yummy with less chance of diabetes.)
- Like I said above, when the meat is tender and shreds super easy with a fork, shred it. Then dump sauce in and cook for another hour or more.
or less--- probably doesn't matter much. :)
- Cook brown rice (or snip off the corner of Trader Joes precooked frozen brown rice and microwave it for 3 minutes like I do, or their new blend of brown, red, and barley. Yum.)
-Saute your minced onions in some olive oil until their translucent, and then add in a bunch of frozen sweet corn and saute? steam? I don't know, I stir, put the lid on, take it off.... whatever, 'till it's warm. Salt and pepper a little.
- Top rice with corn, shredded BBQ pork, tomatoes, chunks of cheese (the chunks are important to Ross, he doesn't think grated is the same), avocado, cilantro, jalapeno.... and really, anything else that sounds yummy to you.

And start a dinner group. We also got to eat salmon tacos and Sesame noodles with broccoli and chicken this week. yuuuum.

Oh wow-- Scotty Mcreerie just won American Idol out of the corner of my eye. He's cute, I'm a fan, and really happy for him. But I sort of stopped caring who won after Casey went home. I'm just glad he was there tonight---- best part of the show by far.

Monday, May 23, 2011

*update* HE ROLLED OVER! And so he deserves another whole post of pictures...

Yesterday. The official, back to belly roll.... we were all very excited. He was proud. A little extra junk in the trunk can't hold him back.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

4 1/2 months

We had Finn's 4 month appointment the other day, and since I'd missed his 3rd, I was anxious to get the update on his numbers.

Weight: 18 lb 6 oz 92%
Height 27 inches 94%
Head 17.5 inches 90%

I was not surprised to see that he was large... my aching right bicep and shoulder (and everyone who sees him) have told me that. But I was happy to see that he was well proportioned. :)

What else....

- He will roll from his belly to his back but still not from back to belly. But look at his numbers and give him a break, he's got a lot negotiate.
- He smiles and giggles. Especially if one of the girls wiggles his tummy.
- He talks and coos and moves his lips a lot when he watches me sing. Like he's trying to catch the words a moment behind like Sophia does at church.

- He's a good sport for the girls and enjoys a good fake birthday party like the next baby.
- He has a deep little boy voice. We're wondering if he'll reach the Frisch depths. My dad and brothers have VERY deep voices and I think all of my kids might have inherited a bit of that. It reminds me of my dad which makes me happy.
- He blows spit bubbles. Who knew spit bubbles could make a woman so proud?
- He still doesn't always take great naps, however. He wakes up at the 45 minute mark a lot. Which I strongly believe is not a real nap and I can tell he's not rested, but sometimes it's not worth it to keep running upstairs so we bring him down to the swing where he is perfectly happy. We have certainly gotten our money out of our swing. And the free one from my sister, but that wouldn't take much, would it?

- He has sweet breast-milk poop... but really stinky toots. what?
- He still sleeps wonderfully swaddled in the best homemade blanket ever and wakes up from naps fully wrapped still. After a long night's sleep, his arms have busted out and he's only wrapped from the armpits down.... but I don't think he does that 'till morning, so it still works it's magic- which means...
- He sleeps all night. Well he goes down at like 6:30 or 7. I still wake him for like 10 minutes just to feed him before I go to bed at like 11. And then he wakes up around 7, happy and ready to snuggle with me in bed for breakfast.
- This makes it really easy to go out on dates, just me and Ross. I can feed him at like 5:30 and take off. Have my babysitter put him down an hour later, and then top him off before I jump in bed late that night. I felt some guilt at first for leaving him, but I feel much less knowing he's snuggled in his bed and not in and out of sleep all night buckled in a car seat. It's good for all.

- He has the most perfect, big, bald baby head I've ever seen
- and tiny nose
- and the happiest, sweetest disposition. He is generally only grumpy when he's ready to eat or sleep and I haven't gotten around to it yet. Both can be remedied within minutes.
- He doesn't add stress or anxiety like babies sometimes can. But he genuinely makes me feel more calm and content and PEACEFUL every day. He's like my smiley, chubby little stress ball. (Not to be confused with ball-of-stress). I can snuggle and kiss and sniff and squeeze him to my heart's delight when I need a lift. I know he's just letting me save my strength for when he's three or so..... but I'm looooooving it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


We were all about it back in high school sports. I remember sitting in my car visualizing myself blocking in volleyball or hurdling with no stutter steps. I really believe that visualizing something helps you to eventually realize it.

I want to leap through a green field wearing a flowy dress and Giselle's body. I thought it might help me if I actually posted the visual somewhere I could see it again and again. Maybe up my chances.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some more picture updates...

Ross's dad just started a new job... in the DESERT! He has to train for six months before he knows where he'll be long-term, so he just came by himself and got an apartment near his job. But we've gotten to see him a lot more---- and it's SO fun. It just feels good to be near family.

oops... a left-over from Easter. I wanted to be part of the fun. And Finn's sweet expression kills me.Tummy-time...Family tummy time.... otherwise known as Ab Ripper X. This was Saturday, and I'm still sore. And I took a break to take a picture.

Yes I wish they were reading to him or something... something I could be more proud of. But sharing Pippi Longstocking on Netflix was still pretty cute.

Although he might not agree.

"Help Me." (in tiny Finn voice.)

Get used to it mister.
It's going to be a long road ahead with these big sisters.