Saturday, May 21, 2011

4 1/2 months

We had Finn's 4 month appointment the other day, and since I'd missed his 3rd, I was anxious to get the update on his numbers.

Weight: 18 lb 6 oz 92%
Height 27 inches 94%
Head 17.5 inches 90%

I was not surprised to see that he was large... my aching right bicep and shoulder (and everyone who sees him) have told me that. But I was happy to see that he was well proportioned. :)

What else....

- He will roll from his belly to his back but still not from back to belly. But look at his numbers and give him a break, he's got a lot negotiate.
- He smiles and giggles. Especially if one of the girls wiggles his tummy.
- He talks and coos and moves his lips a lot when he watches me sing. Like he's trying to catch the words a moment behind like Sophia does at church.

- He's a good sport for the girls and enjoys a good fake birthday party like the next baby.
- He has a deep little boy voice. We're wondering if he'll reach the Frisch depths. My dad and brothers have VERY deep voices and I think all of my kids might have inherited a bit of that. It reminds me of my dad which makes me happy.
- He blows spit bubbles. Who knew spit bubbles could make a woman so proud?
- He still doesn't always take great naps, however. He wakes up at the 45 minute mark a lot. Which I strongly believe is not a real nap and I can tell he's not rested, but sometimes it's not worth it to keep running upstairs so we bring him down to the swing where he is perfectly happy. We have certainly gotten our money out of our swing. And the free one from my sister, but that wouldn't take much, would it?

- He has sweet breast-milk poop... but really stinky toots. what?
- He still sleeps wonderfully swaddled in the best homemade blanket ever and wakes up from naps fully wrapped still. After a long night's sleep, his arms have busted out and he's only wrapped from the armpits down.... but I don't think he does that 'till morning, so it still works it's magic- which means...
- He sleeps all night. Well he goes down at like 6:30 or 7. I still wake him for like 10 minutes just to feed him before I go to bed at like 11. And then he wakes up around 7, happy and ready to snuggle with me in bed for breakfast.
- This makes it really easy to go out on dates, just me and Ross. I can feed him at like 5:30 and take off. Have my babysitter put him down an hour later, and then top him off before I jump in bed late that night. I felt some guilt at first for leaving him, but I feel much less knowing he's snuggled in his bed and not in and out of sleep all night buckled in a car seat. It's good for all.

- He has the most perfect, big, bald baby head I've ever seen
- and tiny nose
- and the happiest, sweetest disposition. He is generally only grumpy when he's ready to eat or sleep and I haven't gotten around to it yet. Both can be remedied within minutes.
- He doesn't add stress or anxiety like babies sometimes can. But he genuinely makes me feel more calm and content and PEACEFUL every day. He's like my smiley, chubby little stress ball. (Not to be confused with ball-of-stress). I can snuggle and kiss and sniff and squeeze him to my heart's delight when I need a lift. I know he's just letting me save my strength for when he's three or so..... but I'm looooooving it.


Hannah said...

I love reading the updates on your sweet boy-- Since he and my Greta are only 3 days apart (I think... close at least) it is interesting to see where they're at. He is beautiful and so big compared to my tiny little peanut! (she's only 50% for height and 20% for weight). I want to pinch he amazing cheeks! He's darling

TnD said...

Reminder to self: Must write cute monthly updates of Baby D. He is definitely missing out. Post-haste.

Michele said...

Found your blog the other day. I have seen your nursery photos floating around the web for a while but I finally saw it yesterday with a link to you! I love it, it's so perfect! So, the funny thing is that I think I know your husbands family. Is he from Walnut Creek, in the Bay Area? Ask him if he knows any Hunts. Anyway, love your posts, you have darling kids, take gorgeous pictures and are a great writer. Now I can read without feeling like a stalker : )

Coordination Queen said...

I think there is something about that 3rd baby. Sweet, content, and just so dang enjoyable! He is darling! I'm glad to know that there are babies on the other end of the spectrum... :)

Brandon or Michelle said...

seriously, you are incredible. this journey of "the third" seems beautiful inside and out for leads me to think, "well, if i can have it as good/easy as lillie has had it, maybe a 3rd is doable someday." but then I realize that it's only good/easy because you have MADE it that way. you are an amazing inspiration to me, and 4000 others (those nursery photos...). thank you for being you.

(oh yeah, and happy 4 1/2 months, finn.)

Gladys said...

He is beautiful Lillie! I hope we get to meet your little man one day- :)