Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some more picture updates...

Ross's dad just started a new job... in the DESERT! He has to train for six months before he knows where he'll be long-term, so he just came by himself and got an apartment near his job. But we've gotten to see him a lot more---- and it's SO fun. It just feels good to be near family.

oops... a left-over from Easter. I wanted to be part of the fun. And Finn's sweet expression kills me.Tummy-time...Family tummy time.... otherwise known as Ab Ripper X. This was Saturday, and I'm still sore. And I took a break to take a picture.

Yes I wish they were reading to him or something... something I could be more proud of. But sharing Pippi Longstocking on Netflix was still pretty cute.

Although he might not agree.

"Help Me." (in tiny Finn voice.)

Get used to it mister.
It's going to be a long road ahead with these big sisters.

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Brandon or Michelle said...

"help me." classic. :)