Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look who just "graduated"

From her first year of (possibly) three years (if they really move the kinder cut-off date up to September) of PRE school? :)

Did you follow that?

And yet-- still a big deal. So sweet. She's got the most amazing teacher, a friend of mine, who does this from her home, and all of her 9 classmates are her best friends from church. It's been such a great experience and it was so fun to see them all together for the last day before a few of the kids head off to kindergarten.

She was so happy and proud to have Ross and I both there just to celebrate her and everything she's learned. I think it's tricky with your second to have as many of those moments.

She's been flipping through her preschool binder all day since. "I love this book I made, mommy-- it makes me feel like I want to keep looking at it again and again."

Her cute class.
She was extra sweet and obedient all day. Like she wanted to live up to this big-girl Mila from school. Each of the kids was given a box of candy that described them. Mila got sugar babies and after having a few, kept saying "I love my treats mom, they make me feel like I want to keep eating MORE of them!"

I just love the way they learn to express themselves. So literal. Or something.

Her candy read: "Everyone's sugar- Thanks for being so darn loveable!"

We agree.

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aapuzzanchera said...

Congrats Mila!!!