Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Eight Years

A couple from the dating and engaged days.... sorry for your eyes Lace--- I must have posted this before, because I think I remember apologizing for that already. :) I have limited old scans at my fingertips!

The big day...
In Paris, our first and only time to Europe... pregnant with Sophia.
A "romantic getaway" to Coronado when I was pregnant with Mila.
Hawaii... not pregnant... phew.
Just one I like of us. :)
And one of my favorites. There's few things I love like my husband's real smile lines.

Notice there are no photos since I got pregnant with Finn or stayed pregnant-looking with Finn. It wasn't a deliberate attempt at deception, promise. Just an indication that I don't get on the other side of the camera much these days. Maybe we'll take one tonight for documentation's sake. Maybe.

Wish I had time to make a video like I did for our fourth anniversary. Or finish the story of how we met that I started on our sixth anniversary. But we didn't have three kids yet, and my hair didn't used to take a whole hour to make date-ready. And I do have myself a hot date with that handsome man above in ONE hour.

It's been eight really wonderful years. Really. I feel grateful every day that I went to take a nap in the library that day.


Nana from San Diego said...

So fun to relive some of your memories with you! Life is sweet!

TnD said...

Congrats Lillie. You are a great couple and oh so cute together.

Abigail said...

Have been enjoying your blog for a while now, and just read your romantic tale from Year Six, which made me smile a lot. Congratulations!

Coordination Queen said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had an awesome hot date. :) I just read your story... Love it!

erin said...

We don't know each other - I mean, I feel like I know you beause I read your blog, but you definitely don't know me...ANYWAY, I just had to tell you that I think you two are adorable. In fact, the whole family is adorable. I hope you had a great date night!