Thursday, May 03, 2007

Four Years

Today is our anniversary. I love anniversaries. I love reminiscing with Ross on so many wonderful dating and wedding day moments, and in the process, every year I seem to discover a new favorite memory of his that I've nearly forgotten. I think someday I'll write it all down-- can't bear the thought of forgetting a single moment involved in falling in love with this man.

Last year, on our three year anniversary, I made this video for Ross. It starts with dating and goes through Sophia's birth. So it's missing a year, and it's 14 minutes, far too long to watch... but I'm posting it anyway because it's my anniversary. I won't be quizzing on it or anything, no pressure to watch- although the weight fluctuations and bad hair stages make it rather interesting. (Warning: full frontal pregnant belly shot- the morning of her birth... belly size: huge; shock value: high.)

A few things we've done over the past four years:

-Learned to cook and eat; food is even better together
-Lived in one apartment in Provo where our mattress (thanks Christy) was on our living room floor so we could watch "Friends" re-runs at midnight.
-Worked our first real jobs out of college- me as a Marketing Executive for Marriott Vacation Club, Ross for Merrill Lynch. His stuck of course.
-Lived in our second apartment in Palm Desert and loved it, went swimming every night
-Bought our first house when the market was goooooooood.
-Did way too many home projects on our first house- laid the floor, baseboards, mouldings, painted walls, cabinets, furniture- learned tons. Hopefully we won't have to do it all again.
-Got pregnant
-Went to Europe (my first time)- Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Florence, Rome.
-Had mold problem in new home and moved into hotel for three weeks RIGHT before Sophia's birth.
-Had Sophia. :)
-Took plenty of trips to San Diego of course, Newport, Florida, San Francisco, Arizona, Utah, and Hawaii.
-Livin the good life- me, home with Sophia, Ross building a true business. We just might be in this "oasis" for a while.

How wonderful to know so surely that the last four years have been beyond the best of my life. That our lives aligned just long enough for us to fall in love and thanks to that, we have this beautiful little girl. How wonderful that I get to know that we'll be together for the rest of the years and beyond. I thought Eternity was kind of a terrifying concept until I knew I'd be spending it with Ross... now I just feel like the luckiest girl alive. Happy Anniversary bebe-- I love you.


Sarah said...

On my second busiest day of the year, I just sat mesmerized for all 14 minutes. And am teary. Lil, I'm so SO happy for you and Ross - to have found each other, to have your beautiful baby girl, and to glow like you do when you're together. You're a perfect match. A miracle. and GORGEOUS together.

Have more to say, and will later, but am running to catch a flight. Happy Anniversary Biesingers!!!

Lindsay & Weston said...

I too, just watched your video. It is so obvious in EACH picture how happy you are together. You can see it in your smiles! You've inspired me to take more pictures of Wes and I....I'm not very good at that & I love that you have so many pictures of you and Ross over the years....

Happy Anniversary Lillie & Ross!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

okay so my favorite wedding one is 2:51..although I'm sure I've missed another that's just as fabulous..they really all are lillie... how are we ever supposed to think that you have bad hair days or bad weight days (I'm sorry but I saw NOT fluxuation, just baby) or bad anything days? you glow. that's it exactly. you glow.

and I love that once sophia came, she stole the spotlight. :) why wouldn't she, after all?

what a wonderful present for ross that you guys can enjoy forever. very cool.

You are so special! feeling so blessed to have an inspiring friend like you. (although, I'm glad that you eat moose tracks as well.) :)

Lowdogg said...

Congrats. 4 years has sure flown by.

Denae said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Lillie, that was the sweetest video. You guys really are so great together and with your beautiful baby you guys are such a cute family.

The Boz said...

ok, so I'm feeling such a mixture of emotions after watching your video. 1st- so happy for you two 2nd- extremely jealous 3rd- hopeful that my Prince Charming will eventually be realized and worth every moment of waiting! you look absolutely beautiful and i'm convinced that you never have an "ugly" day! Glad to hear that all is well. And Sophia is DARLING! And btw, it has been WAY too long!

Rebecca said...

You've packed a lot into those four years. Happy Anniversary, it all looks SOOOO fabulous.

Laci and the Girls said...

So beautiful Lillie! So fun to watch. Our TEN year anniv is this month! Can't wait :)

Missy said...

I just watched the video in full length. LOVED it. And love your tiny family of three. You're just perfect for each other. I hope you had a great anniversary.

Genny said...

That was so beautiful! I watched the whole thing. Can I just say, you look *STUNNING* as a brunette! Wow! (Not that you don't look fab all the time, but--you know! I've never seen you dark!)
So happy for you. Happy Anniversary!

Becky Freestone said...

that is the sweetest video. how did you know how to do that? that is such a great gift that you will be able to save forever. so cute!!

angie said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved this movie- you guys are a really cute family- congrats on the little one to be!