Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pool days

At this very moment, at 2:10 in the afternoon, for no apparant reason, I'm eating directly out of a pint of full fat, Private Selection moose tracks icecream. They were $10 for 10. It is the chaser to a chinese chicken salad from Trader Joes. You might think I'm confessing, as I do that sometimes. But not today. Today I'm simply boasting.
These are of course, pictures of our day at Lizzie's pool. I know most are inside... but they just have so much fun together, I had to throw them in. Tanner is genuinely Sophia's best friend right now. When they get together they just laugh and talk and chase and mimick and hug.... Super cute. The pool was great and I even got a little burnt. Not the goal anymore, I know... I've been noticing the smile lines don't go away these days. Are you allowed to worry about smile lines at 26? Well I believe in sun screen- that's my point. She's awake. Break's over.


missy said...

10 for $10? I totally would have done the same. I can't believe it. That is so cheap for ice cream.

And the pool pictures are priceless. How cute are they? I hope they are BFF always. I want Ave to have a friend like that too.

Denae said...

Those 2 are super cute together! And I'm only 28 and definitely worrying about my laugh lines and my permanent crease between my eyes. Wrinkles are the worst. How nice that you have a best friend with a pool!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

smart smart mommies! (life jackets) and CUTE CUTE dancin' kids (are they dancing along to a song when they have their hands in the air like that?) how great of Tanner to even take interest in younger sophia, and how grownup of her to already interact and be a great buddy. no wonder you like to go over there.

so smart about the sunscreen. sigh. I know we should all be this way...why does my self esteem rise 20 points when I'm tan though? even if it's only from my t-shirt line on my arm down...sigh again. way to be smart.

Genny said...

Don't worry about the smile lines...you'll get worry wrinkles.

Lindsay & Weston said...

I'm so jealous of your days at the pool! That is one of my most favorite things to do. Maybe that will be me next summer? :)

Tanner & Sophia are adorable! How fun!

Rebecca said...

The pictures are rad. We're in such a "what will we do with our life and where will we do it" phase that every time I see a picture of Sophia in a swimsuit, her belly all but convinces me the answer is California.

Not confessing, boasting. Good one. Love it.