Thursday, May 31, 2007

Phase 3- "The Romantic Getaway"

So after Ross rejoined us in San Diego, we enjoyed one day of play as a family and checked out a brand new mall out in Eastlake right by my house. It's a gorgeous outdoor mall like the Riverwoods in Provo and as we're driving through, what do my eyes spy... but Anthropologie? In Chula Vista??? I didn't think we had one anywhere in San Diego (I found out later that we had for a while I just didn't know it) but in Chula Vista? This is where, growing up, the local shopping consisted of stores like Sears and Clothestime. Only the best. There were good malls a short freeway drive away, but not in town. Crazy how things change when you're gone for a few years. So anyway, I got some yummy soap and some cute bathroom cupboard knobs for my guest bathroom (we painted those white after the kitchen and the whole bathroom has looked too white.) So that was a good day.

Friday night we left Sophia with my parents and started our romantic weekend away by picking up frosted flakes, pop tarts (blaming the pregnancy, not usually that careless), and a movie and heading to my dad's "granny flat" in Coronado. He was in Mexico for the weekend so it worked out well. It was tiny and adorable, (the above picture is the only one we have in the house), and four blocks from the beach and from Orange Ave. Perfect.

The rest of the weekend consisted of:

-Sleeping in
-Walking around Coronado, exploring, and getting a pastry for breakfast (if 11:00 am and after two bowls of frosted flakes can still be called breakfast)

-Lounging at the beach for hours and hours and hours with a book and a bottle of water (ok so of course I sent Ross to get food, but the lack of packed necessities when you're kid-free is incredible. I felt like a teenager again.)
-Shopping downtown followed by a movie ("Next"- so so) in the gaslamp and dinner (that's right, in that order, we had to eat really late some nights if I'd eaten too late of a lunch and was still suffering from heart-burn... the joys of pregnancy.)

-Renting bikes and riding around Coronado (the highlight of the weekend) getting a slow and up-close tour of the gorgeous homes, The Old Ferry Landing, the city from the across the bay, and of course the beach.

-Dinner on the island, not the best food but the best company in one of what I think is the best places on Earth.

-Mostly just really enjoying my handsome husband.

This was Phase 3 of our 4 part vacation (I know I said three, but I lied, a day at the beach as a family on Memorial Day to come. If you're tired of my trip, too bad, I like to drag it out like birthdays and BFL free days.)


Laci and the Girls said...

You look A LOT like lacy in the pic on your bike...a lot! So glad you two had some alone time, sounds dreamy :)

Brandon or Michelle. said...

really, looked PERFECT, except that I want to move into that old cute house. sigh.

what a great idea, renting bikes. you did it right. And I loved all the reality included in the trip details. I call 11am breakfast "2nd breakfast." no worries.

sigh, you don't look a DAY pregnant. week 18 (because even though I just passed the 17 week point, that still means I'm INTO the 18th week, right?) isn't doing me right...BIG belly here I come. jealous of your perfectness. :)

more trip posts, PLEASE! Bring em on. I'm trying to figure out how many utah trip pics I can post before people stop looking make me feel better.

Lindsay & Weston said...

On our last vacation we had bikes and it is by far the best thing in the world. I love bikes and wish I lived in a town where I could actually ride them around during the day without the fear of dying of heat stroke or getting hit by a crazy driver!

Your days with Ross sound absolutely perfect. I'm definitely jealous and I love hearing that other pregnant people are just like me! Constant food at random parts of the day. Speaking of...I still need my bowl of icecream tonight. :)

Lowdogg said...

You went and saw NEXT when you could have seen Pirates or Shrek? For shame! And have you seen Spider-Man 3 yet? I think those pregnancy hormones are taking a toll.
Glad you guys had a good time. Was it so cool that you need jackets on the beach? Wow. I can guarantee you won't need them here in July.

Rebecca said...

Sounds WONDERFUL. Glad you got some away time.

Kym said...

what a fun trip!! Thanks for adding me to your prestigious list of "good reading"!

Sarah said...

The bikes are bliss, aren't they? I loved the thought of you and Ross rolling around Coronado on the cruisers. I bought my first real bike in January and am quite taken. The houses look amazing - the perfect vacation passtime. I'm SO glad you and Ross got some romantic time to just be together... maybe I need to come down and nanny sometime so you can have another weekend:)