Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The latest

So it was a busy week/weekend. The weekend consisted of a drive to and from San Diego in one day for a friend's wedding in the SD temple. It was beautiful and so worth the drive. Especially because we got an all-day sitter with Shad and Lizzie and made the drive with them, toddler free! We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at CPK afterwards, with very little food thrown, worn, or spit out. Food actually tastes so much better without those sorts of distractions. Go figure. Then we drove by the beach and the cove, just to feel a little of the ocean air, but didn't have time to get out... had to start back for the reception back home. It was a relaxing drive, what with the lack of pirate’s booty soaring through the air, Little Einsteins in the background, and constant fetching of the sippy cup and binky... not to mention of course the sweet sound of repeat tantrums. But we missed her to death, seeing as we had to leave at 7:30 in the morning and didn't get back from the local reception until 11 pm. It was a long day. And picking her up from the crib at Lizzie's house to bring her home was the best part of it. (It might have helped that she was half asleep which means SO cuddly and sweet.)

The other pictures are just cute ones of Sophia and her new flip flops, a fun day at the pool... and breakfast with my sweet friends for my birthday last Wednesday. That night Ross took me to Haleiwa Joes for a yummy dinner and gave me some thoughtful gifts. He's really good at the gift thing... and he stocks up of course so he'll have some left for Mother's Day as well. I got a couple of cute tops, a white skirt from Anthropology! (He knows I love it but will never pay the money, so he just picked me out a skirt... guts huh), a couple of CD's and a grill pan. That was between the two holidays. So now it's Tuesday, two days after Mother's Day, 6 after my birthday, and 12 after our Anniversary... and I'm feeling 'em. The post-holiday blues. My month is over. Sigh.


Lindsay & Weston said...

Your day with Lizzie and Shad sounds so wonderful! Glad you guys had a good time without the kiddos...even if you missed them dearly. :)

You have three big holidays all in a week, WOW! Good job Ross with thoughtful gifts!

Lindsay & Weston said...

And by the way....you look great. You have the pregnancy glow!

Seraphina Mancuso said...

Hey Lillie,
Remember me from years ago? I was looking at Joe's blog at the pictures of Millie and stumbled across your blog! You and your family are beautiful! Congrats on baby #2. I feel like Lacy where I miss California and my family but I've gotten used to Florida. Keep in touch! Seraphina Mancuso

Missy said...

Yea! New post and with pictures. You look beautiful. I can't even tell you are pregnant and what a whirlwind of a day you had. Are you feeling better from the nausea? Hope so.

Happy May to you. Post pictures of you+skirt.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

BEAUTIFUL shots at the SD temple...is it always sunny there?

I love that white shirt(s?) you're busting out with. so summer, so fresh..I too haven't seen any signs of babynesses...sigh, some can just hide it better I think.

I'm so so proud of you for leaving sophia, even just if all it did was make you love her more when you saw her again. I think we could all follow suit once in awhile, for our kids' sake(s)!

You're beautiful :) loved all the pics.

Denae said...

very cute pictures and I'm so glad you had a nice month with all of those celebrations!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

I really meant skirts. dang that inability to edit.

Sarah said...

You look amazing Lil, and the temple pic of you and Ross reminds me of your wedding day. Who is the cute blonde couple that you went down for? And congrats on your 1-day break from your pretty girl which surely wasn't easy to take. Good for Ross for the bday/Mother's day/anniversary gifts and well-wishes to you on all counts. Anthro - what man dares to shop there alone? Kudos Ross, very thoughtful.

Miss you and am gearing up for June/July/Aug/Whever you can come!