Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogging from Bonita

I'm at my folk's house. Mel and Mike are in Italy which means I've got Heath, and at the last minute, we decided it would be easier for me to do it at a house with less than 100 degree weather, a heated pool, a trampoline, and two energetic grandparents-- than ours. VERY good decision. My mom had offered to watch Sophia over the Memorial Day weekend, so we were planning on coming back next weekend anyway, so we decided I should just stay the whole time. This way I've got help with Heath, I'm in heaven on earth, and I don't have to make the drive twice. Good deal.

The weekend felt nothing like babysitting of course since Nana and Papa were home from work, and Ross was here to peg Heath with balls and rubber rockets all day while he jumped on the tramp (his favorite game.) I had it SO easy. Today's the first day on my own and so far so good. Sophia slept in until 8:30 so I was able to hold her off until Heath's nap time at 1:30 so I've got two sleeping angels right now. And even by my-currently-energyless- self, entertaining at this house is not a problem. It's the little things that make life so so happy here:

-Being able to leave the slider door open for them to come in and out as they please without heating the house with the lovely desert air.
-Hearing birds chirp all morning long (singing birds must share my disdain for the heat- I never hear them at home :( )
-Going for a walk and coming back sans bright red cheeks.
-Eating lunch outside with Heath while watching Sophia jump on the trampoline all by herself grinning and giggling and NOT dripping with sweat.
-Seeing Sophia in a hoodie- it will be months before she wears one again back home.
-Not having to lube the kids up in sun screen for simple backyard play.
-Eating my mom's cooking.
-The lovely humming bird and nest right outside the window.
-No pressure to cook.
-The smell of jasmine in my mom's backyard.
-No pressure to tackle my never-ending pile of laundry back home. (Ross???)
-Knowing the ocean is a short drive away.

The little things that are missing here:

-As of 6:20 this morning- Ross :(
-Pool day with the shallow entry (I've decided it's absolutely key with a pre-swimmer.)
-Great friends to join forces with during the day!
-The gym (a good time for me and Sophia.)
-Turkey/avocado sandwiches from Alcobar (thev've been a pregnancy essential the last couple of months.)
-But mostly Ross.

Some day we'll live where we can leave our slider open year round, hear birds singing in the morning, and have to wait for the dew to dry off of the trampoline. That's the goal at least... somewhere with dew.

I love San Diego.


Lindsay & Weston said...

Your time at "home" sounds wonderful! I love hearing about your days spent with kids at home. It always makes me look forward to being at home with my little guy.

Glad you're having fun in San Diego. I'm sure you'll live in a land of dew someday. :)

Marnie said...

There is nothing more magical than home. Careful, you might get withdrawls like I did. Today is our anniversay, we went to a leasurely lunch at Cheescake Factory to celebrate. I AM MISSING YOU LIKE CRAZY. How many times do I pick up the phone and realize we can't just tackle another dissaster day in the desert together? This is good for me, helps me appreciate our friendship and how much you brighten my every day. I am so happy you have escaped for a short time, but come back. I think my sister might come this weekend. Liz...the one I tried to set up with Ross. FUN huh, she wants to get a tan, that is the goal and purpose of the trip.
LOve you

Anonymous said...

Can I set someone up with Ross?

Just playin'

Rebecca said...

Please, please bless that someday one of the things I miss is the gym. It's possible right? Possible that someday I will like excercising so much that I miss it when I can't? No chance. Sounds like you'll have a great week though. yay!

Missy said...

Yea for San Diego! I love it and love that you are here. Perchance we could meet up?

Love your lists (sad that you aren't with Ross) but happy that you are near a beach!

Denae said...

oh, it sounds so peaceful there! Sometimes it is nice to just get away. I used to all of the time before my kids were in school. Now it is not as easy to do. Have a good week!

Jill said...

The pencil trick is easy, take a threaded needle and put it in the center of a #2 pencil eraser. Hold the pencil by the thread an inch or so above your wrist (have another women do the trick on you)
It will swing in the order of your kids so it will tell you Sophia first. then your new baby, then any others you are suppose to have..
Elbow to middle finger finger for a girl, and across the wrist horizontally for a boy. In between kids the pencil will make small circles. Once you are supposedly done, it will stop moving all together. Try it on women who have had kids and it is fun to see if it says the correct birth order.
PS do not have any jewerly on the wrist.
PPS, I manage a spa in Park City
Have fun and let me know what it says. I have been about 80% accurate with my friends.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

Hey lillie, sounds SO great for you, I wish I could come along, to enjoy you and that bliss.

Where is your mom's house in regards to the beach? in other words, is the posted picture taken from the backyard?

How warm is it? sounds perfect...not too cold, but not at all hot either. such a nice break.

now, if only being in san diego made you closer in vicinity to ME!