Sunday, March 30, 2008

The House

It's ENTIRELY painted. And I cannot WAIT to post some pictures of the house with color, but yesterday was so crazy-busy my camera never emerged from it's safe spot.

The day started with Mary Beth, my dad's girlfriend, coming over to help and watch kiddies while Ross and I went back and forth between the house with loads of stuff, checking on the painters. Ends up they were missing 3 colors that couldn't be matched.... WHAT?! So I ran around figuring that out while Ross continued to move garage junk and other non-boxed items, and Mary Beth held down the fort while sneakily packing and cleaning my ENTIRE kitchen! Then after work (oh did I mention my dad and Marybeth moved out here!?) my dad strolls on by with his Sci-fit truck, which is pretty much like a little U-Haul with some work-out equipment in it that he'd taken out so we had our own little moving truck. So with Mimi, Grandpa, and Grandpa's crazy big truck, we managed to have an incredibly productive pre-move move. We took the last huge load over at about 6, saw the final paint job- LOVED it, and then went to dinner at Coco's (it was close--- I never knew Coco's could taste so good... it's amazing what family and comfort food at the same time can do for you.) Crazy, busy, tiring, fun, fun day.

It's all feeling very real now. We'll be sleeping there Tuesday night. !!! Pictures soon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Biesinger... you are the proud new owners..

We CLOSED! Today technically. On the new house. And no we actually do NOT have a renter yet and for some reason are not TERRIFIED like we should be of two mortgages, because we've gotten a lot of response and, foolishly or not, I feel confident that we will fill it. Soon. Cross your fingers for us.

But the house is ours, I'm just awaiting the official phone call that says come and get your keys. I've picked my colors (with Kodi's help), and besides that little hurdle of packing up my house, I'm totally ready to go.
Here's some pictures I finally got to take the other day.
Entry/ Living room- taken from front door. The doorway on your left is the dining room (which also connects to the kitchen), the one to the right of the stairs goes to the family room/ kitchen area. The first opening at the top of the stairs is the master.

Family Room- taken from the kitchen-- (prewired for surround sound in case you forgot- and are a boy and care) with a ridiculously small mantel for the too big tile of the fireplace. I can't BELIEVE they won't fix that for us but we're on our own. Anyone know how much mantels are? Or if I'm spelling mantel right?
The Kitchen-- taken from the family room. The doorway on your left with Ross's tiny head popping through (what?.. didn't notice that 'till I just posted it) is the one to the dining room. That weird niche on the left before the dining doorway is a wine cabinet in the model. I'm really hoping we could get some sort of short computer armoire that might not look ridiculous. Kind of weird that they put that there huh? But a computer in the kitchen is sort of mandatory.

And THIS is the master bath that might not look like much in the photo, but it's one of the most EXCITING things to me. Seperate closets. All my own cabinet and drawer space. A bathtub! We haven't had one of those... ever, in our bathroom. So exciting.

Monday, March 24, 2008

and.... some more

Don't the pictures just say it all?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Sneak Peek

So needless to say, Lacy and Joe have DARLING kids, and I was excited to torment some new precious faces with this camera of mine. The flight was bearable (would have been much more so if I'd never had that blasted bottle of water-- full bladder+window seat+sleeping baby=MISERY) but besides that, the FIRST flight was good. The second one, a tad more exhausting... may have had something to do with the out-of-shape-new-mom-sprint through the airport since my first flight arrived a few minutes before my next was leaving, after being delayed an hour, and I entered the plane (after they opened the door for me and everything) sweaty and winded. Cute. Mila had a full diaper from the end of the first flight and I couldn't get up to change it until we were off the ground and "the seat belt sign was off" ... yada yada..... so she was angry. It didn't help that we were seated next to a MAN (makes the whole constantly-nursing-in-desperation thing a little more awkward) with a dog at his feet (a man with a dog and no kids screams "possible baby-hater who thinks his pet is like a child, only better".. you know the type), so I was extra nervous. Turns out he was pretty nice. But still.

So we made it. And I'm only constantly-counting-down-the-minutes-until-I-have-to-do-it-again, a little bit.
(And Michelle, you should move here. It's BEautiful. And you would love my sister, she's WONDERFUL. And Sarah Smylie, where are you? Are you really only a few miles away? If so, wasn't today's weather like heaven-on-earth??? And Miss Julie Yardley, I got a new Nikon D40 for Christmas, which also explains why I appear to be trying to scare people away from my blog with an abnormal and uhealthy amount of pictures.... usually of the same two faces. And Sophia and Ross... I miss you like crazy.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Because heaven forbid you don't know my every move...

Two random posts in one day? Well I forgot to tell you something...

I'm off to Florida tomorrow morning!!!!! Just Mila and me. Sophia will be in good hands between Lizzie, Kodi, and Ross, and I get back just in time to join my sweet husband and daughter for Easter dinner with Kodi and her family and her yummy cooking.

I'm going to Gainsville to see Lacy, Joe, my precious niece and nephew, and their new house for the first time. It sounded too hard and expensive to fly with Mila AND Sophia... but I am, of course, having second thoughts like I always do. She's been asleep for a couple of hours and I already miss her.... But I'm sure I'll be grateful when I have but one screaming child and only half a plane of scornful glances.


I did like FOUR sun salutations yesterday at the gym just to get a little warmed up before I did some legs and cardio and my shoulders are jelly. Jelly in pain. THAT's how out of shape I am. Did I mention, like four? I was racking my brain for what could have done this to me. Never would have thought. The joys of post-pregnancy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

An Easter Egg Hunt

The park, good friends, a hint of sunlight lingering at 6:45 pm, and candy. Lots and lots and lots of candy. Do you think she looks happy?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tutu Party

So last Friday, we gathered lots of little girls together to get some photos of these adorable tutus and hair clips that my friend Lindsay makes. I'm posting far too many. But it's late and I was in the mood and it's easier to post a bunch than use any discretion...

(how about the face on darling Abby at the top???)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Almost 4 months*

*Ok so in about a week-- but I wanted to post her gorgeous eyes in this orange flower and needed an excuse. So how about a "things I more-than-love about my almost-4-month-old" post?

-The fact that yes, she's still sleeping like a dream, from about 7-7+ (I'm sorry again... not bragging... just so grateful) and then after being up for an hour, back down for a 3-4 hour nap. Makes it hard to go anywhere since by the time we're ready to leave, we're nearing Sophia's nap... so sometimes we have to let it go. But I am so grateful for my chunky sleepy baby.

- Her big gummy grin and wide, dark, blue eyes.... I wonder if all of my kids will get Ross' ocean-colored eyes. How wonderful.

-Her lucsious pink lips.
-The smell and warmth of her neck when I squish my face between her shoulder and her cheek. I could hang out there all day.

-Her squishiest cheeks I've EVER kissed, and I love love love to smush my lips in them and stare at her little expression so up close.