Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some More Two-isms

I realized after my last post that I had just missed Sophia officially turning 2 and a half on March 2nd. Maybe it's ironic. Because I think that means it's time to record all of the wonderful things she's doing at this age.

-Her vocabulary is growing like crazy. Lots of words are still hard to understand for someone outside of my marriage, but she's talking a ton nonetheless. The "didee" and "dadaa's" are all gone I think.
-She knows her colors pretty well-- I think she knows them all, but she likes to be funny and answer the wrong color and then laugh and say "nooooooo-- that's not geen" so sometimes it's hard to tell. Funny girl.
-She's been into coloring and painting for what seems like forever, but we JUST graduated from 'color-wonder' to watercolors (thanks to Lizzie-- picture by Lizzie as well), and she's in heaven. She paints all day long. And honestly, she's an artist. She focuses on blues and greens... and does tons of little squigglies, so it takes on this ocean-feel-- actually really pretty! She's her mother's daughter. And her father's daughter. And her Nana's granddaughter..... ok and her Grandpa B.'s granddaughter.... so we have a lot of ocean lovers between our two families. And apparently she's one of them.
- She's super coordinated and really physical. She runs really fast and like an athlete- I love it. And she jumps on the tramp like a big kid, no fear--- she knows how to bounce with the trampoline so her knees don't buckle. She's a pro. And when we jump with her, there's no holding back. She wants us to jump as high as we can and pop her as high as we can. Sometimes I do think Ross thinks she's unbreakable though-- he likes that she's tough.
-Remember when she used to eat veggies? Well now she eats her Trader Joe's vitamins. And I try not to worry that she's going to get scurvy. She'll eat the peas inside the pod of snow peas, an occasional carrot, avocados for sure, tomatoes sometimes... and lick the ranch off of everything else. Veggies are hard. Luckily she still devours pretty much every fruit-- especially berries.
-She's waking up too early, but still going down well for bed and naps. I can't complain.
-Still: sleeping in crib, wearing diapers, and using her binky for sleep (gasp!). She also says "I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl!". funny.
-We try the potty off and on-- but I haven't been ready to commit. We'll see.
-I think my last post says it all, but she's the hardest and the greatest she's ever been. She's so temperamental, so volatile, so dramatic, so emotional, TOO physical, and so strong willed. She's also so cool, so funny, so smart, a social butterfly, so confident, such a leader, so sweet, consistent... so LOVEABLE.


Jenie said...

It was so fun to see you last weekend. Sophia is absolutely darling...Cody got the biggest kick out of her. Apparently they had quite the conversation. :) She's a beautiful little girl but I know what you mean about having your moments. I think we all have them...thanks for sharing yours so we can all read your blog, nod our heads and totally relate to you. It's nice to know others are dealing with it too. Good thing those wonderful moments come along that make it all worth it. Looking forward to seeing you a lot more!

Lindsay & Weston said...

I love these posts....when I get to learn all about Sophia. It's a good thing they are so cute or else their "moments" would be a lot harder to handle.

I will never forget how many veggies Sophia used to eat...glad to know that even Sophia will refuse a vegetable. She's so cute and adorable and I sooo need to see her soon.

Julie Yardley said...

she is so dang cute! also, im jealous of your chairs.