Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Sneak Peek

So needless to say, Lacy and Joe have DARLING kids, and I was excited to torment some new precious faces with this camera of mine. The flight was bearable (would have been much more so if I'd never had that blasted bottle of water-- full bladder+window seat+sleeping baby=MISERY) but besides that, the FIRST flight was good. The second one, a tad more exhausting... may have had something to do with the out-of-shape-new-mom-sprint through the airport since my first flight arrived a few minutes before my next was leaving, after being delayed an hour, and I entered the plane (after they opened the door for me and everything) sweaty and winded. Cute. Mila had a full diaper from the end of the first flight and I couldn't get up to change it until we were off the ground and "the seat belt sign was off" ... yada yada..... so she was angry. It didn't help that we were seated next to a MAN (makes the whole constantly-nursing-in-desperation thing a little more awkward) with a dog at his feet (a man with a dog and no kids screams "possible baby-hater who thinks his pet is like a child, only better".. you know the type), so I was extra nervous. Turns out he was pretty nice. But still.

So we made it. And I'm only constantly-counting-down-the-minutes-until-I-have-to-do-it-again, a little bit.
(And Michelle, you should move here. It's BEautiful. And you would love my sister, she's WONDERFUL. And Sarah Smylie, where are you? Are you really only a few miles away? If so, wasn't today's weather like heaven-on-earth??? And Miss Julie Yardley, I got a new Nikon D40 for Christmas, which also explains why I appear to be trying to scare people away from my blog with an abnormal and uhealthy amount of pictures.... usually of the same two faces. And Sophia and Ross... I miss you like crazy.)


Lindsay & Weston said...

You amaze me. I'm flying alone next week to Phoenix and I'm already nervous about it & it's only a one hour flight. I'll just think of you the whole time flying across the country! Glad you made it.

And as always, great pics.

Missy said...

So glad you are still blogging. I love the photos and Lacy's kids are just adorable. Millie has grown up so much! I think the last time you had pictures was your trip there last summer and she was just mini. Tell Lacy hi!

Glad the flight went well. Now, I'm sure you were really happy to only have 1 baby instead of a baby and toddler by yourself;)

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hooray for gainesville! happy to see you are there safe and can enjoy that special sister of yours and her family too!

Sarie said...

Lillie, I love you, you're hilarious! I'm in Lakeland, I think I'm about 2 hours from Gainesville.. Yes, it's been so nice this weekend. Your sister's kids are so cute. If your sister is missing the west coast, tell her to talk to me! I miss the west a lot.. it's SO different in Florida.

Julie Yardley said...

fabulous. thank you. keep the pictures coming. thats what blogging is for!

Rebecca said...

OH yeah, babies and planes. Only done it once. Am terrified.