Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogger Problem-- anyone?

Does anyone know why I'm suddenly not getting my comments to my email? I've always had it set up in my blogger settings to notify me through email and the last couple of weeks it hasn't been happening. I've gone in to make sure and re-update. To no avail. HELP!

Heaven forbid I miss one of my three comments. Those things are gold. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mila Grace- 2 years and 2 months.


Oh my sweet Mila. November came and went and while I watched and treasured every minute of every day with wonderful and precious things you do and say… I neglected to write them down in your official You’ve Turned 2 post. So now I have to try and catch up. The only bummer to being a bit behind is that I’m pretty sure, that had I written this in November… I would have been ONLY full of gush and praise. You are delightful. But it’s January. You’re 2 and 2 months, my dear… and you have definitely entered the _________ twos.

Here are some snippets on YOU.

Favorite Foods: MILK--- Sophia never drank it, so I wasn’t prepared to slow you down and now you’re a bit of a milkaholic. I’ve just started to wonder if you’re really eating anything throughout the day (besides car snacks) or if you just push it around your plate a little, smear some on your face for good measure, and then ask for more milk when I’m too busy to remember to say no. You’re a smart one--- waiting for the right frazzled-mommy moment to pounce. Or maybe it’s just that I’m a frazzled-mommy far too often. Who knows anymore? We started the nasty habit of letting you go down with milk a while back and have FAILED to kick it, so you have my permission to blame me for any ongoing teeth problems when you’re older. But I think you’ll be fine since you drink it in a few minutes and then sing and talk your way to dreamland. You also love fully decked out grown-up sandwiches with all the fixings when I’m eating one and can down about as much as I can. I just push the jalapenos aside as we go. You love the usuals of course—nuggets, mac and cheese, and pizza. Whole wheat pesto pasta is a healthy-ish one you’ll still down, along with cooked broccoli, berries, and clementines (by the half-dozen or so, but who couldn’t?).

Favorite Movies: I just asked you and you said, TARZAN. No…. Sleeping Beauty. TARZAN. Tow White! (snow white, of course.) You LOVE movies. You do NOT, however, like tv shows. You must have the same nauseous nostalgia that I have to noggin from my first trimester with you or something. I can’t blame you--- but you and Sophia have very different television choices, and that’s a little annoying. (But I’m on your side, I’d rather hear the classic Disney movies in my house over Dora’s voice ANY day.) You learn plenty without Dora’s help. Tarzan really is one you ask for most days--- you like the original and the zoogor one. And that’s what we call it… “the zoogor one.” I love watching you in the rear view mirror as you try desperately to catch the words to Phil Collin’s song and avidly throw in every third or so (JOURNEY…. Nad …d. .ddd …d.d.d.. TAKING …. nadadadada….THINGS WILL COME TO YOU IN TIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEE! (gotta know the song.) Sleeping Beauty, however? You know every word and have been singing that song since before you were REALLY talking. Seriously. I wish I’d written it down, but I’m pretty sure that some of your first words were a perfectly in-tune “I KNOW YOU”… that’s all you did for a while--- now it’s the whole thing—but “that gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam” is more like “a leam in your EYES is so a millie a me.” It’s all rather precious.

Favorite Words: All of them. You are SO vocal and you CONSTANTLY amaze me. I can’t think of anything you can’t tell me. A couple of months ago, you still did a lot of the sentence fillers like “I nananddaana Sawyer’s house.” But now you fill up those sentences like you’re a regular little person. “Mom can you rolla my window so I can see the birdies”….. “ no--- too hot--- the sun is in my eyes—rolla back UP.” That was a little conversation from this morning. I’m afraid for you to get older--- I don’t ever want to stop hearing THIS voice, out of your little body, saying these things, right now--- “I’m shaking my booty mommy”… “I missed you SOOO much mommy”, “I’m getting married in the temple mommy” (after putting your blanket over your head like a veil)…. I could listen to you forever.

Favorite Animal: Hand’s down--- doggies. You always loved them, it was one of your first words, then I bought you the cute, soft Ikea dog and you two were inseparable. So much so that it caused some serious problems when I had to throw him in the wash after a bad night involving some foul smelling explosion. You would scream for for him even after I told you he had poopoo on him. “I want my poopy doggy!” So I got you another one. They say you should get dogs in twos anyway so they have a buddy right? Well you quickly realized you had two and demanded to sleep with both of them. This didn’t help with the occasional poopy doggy problem. Now they were both exposed. Luckily the midnight explosion was a phase and it hasn’t been much of a problem lately. Even still, we went to Ikea this past weekend and since you couldn’t go in the kid’s zone with Sophia, I decided to temper your fit with a GIANT doggie. Same dog—new and improved size. You love your giant doggie… and of course, you now sleep with all three. There’s barely room for you in there and that’s just how you like it. Oh and before every nap, we peek out the blinds to see if the neighbor’s REAL three doggies (we call them big, medium, and little tiny) are taking their nap. It’s like your cue that it’s alright to go to sleep. You love dogs.

Favorite Parent: No really--- it’s a real category--- and right now, it’s me. :) Soon enough, you'll figure out that daddy is way more fun. So I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I don’t think Sophia was quite as much of a mama’s girl. You love me and snuggle me and kiss me and call for me “mommy I NEEEEEEED you” all the time. Every time we’re apart for a little while (kid’s club at the gym, nursery at church etc… you run to me and say with those pouty lips “I missed you SOO much mommy, I missed you SO much.” I melt.

Favorite Friend: Sawyer. He lives right behind us which is SO nice and he’s all gentlemen. You’ve got great taste. He lets you have most of what you want and understands when you’re moody or even violent. What a guy. There’s a good chance he’ll be smaller than you as you grow up--- but that’s going to be the case with most boys thanks to your giant parents. Sorry. You’ll learn to appreciate it…. In college if not before.

Favorite DEMANDS:
Fruit snacks! Movie! Chocolate milk! Bath! Princesses! These requests are always made with serious passion.

And just a few areas where you’re trying your best to test me: *church--- oh boy. Thank goodness you’re great at going in to nursery, but I never knew that hour and 10 minutes of Sacrament meeting could feel so long. It’s at 1 o’clock this year. In the afternoon. It’s like they decided they had to test the faith of young couples and what better way than seeing if they’d still come to church toting around monstrous, un-napped toddlers. You’re noisy and wild from the moment we step foot in the chapel. And I constantly have people commenting to me after the meeting… “wow--- glad I’m past that stage” “wow, thanks for making me feel better--- I thought mine were bad.” You’re lucky you’re cute. Because you’re loud and proud, miss Mila. *Also- you stink at sharing. But you’re getting better… it’s hard to be two and share your red car. *You usually want whatever your sister has, at the moment she has it. This proposes a problem if there’s only one. Especially the Ariel princess with the fin that can’t stand, not the one in the dress, or the one with the fin that DOES stand. No no. You know what you want. And if you want it--- it’s yours. Duh.

THANK YOU for taking good long naps and sleeping consistently solid 11-12 hour nights for most of your life so far. I have been blessed.
–Thank you for not figuring out how to climb out of your crib after you climbed out of your playpen. I was scared.
-Thank you for having such a wildly funny sense of humor at 2 and making silly faces and annoying but funny noises just to make me or daddy or Sophia laugh.
-Thank you for dancing with the cutest little round-bodied rhythm I’ve ever seen.
-Thank you for giving me the snuggles to push through any sleep-deprived day, and the lippy smooch of a skilled kisser.
-Thank you for promising you’ll keep those kisses for family only ‘till your 20.
-Thank you for loving your sister so much that you throw a gnarly FIT every time we drop her at Kate’s to play after school. My heart aches when you beg for her. Luckily it’s nothing a little left-over Halloween candy can’t fix.
-Thank you---THANK YOU for making this family as complete as it could possibly be right now. We are so thankful that Heavenly Father sent you our way. You are exquisite…..


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

yellow and blue make serene (see what I did there?... )

It's a little ironic to me that now that I've posted this, my color choice looks pea-soup green instead of yellow (why do we say pea-green usually... peas are dark green ??). Oops. Looks like I need all the help I can get from the pros.

p.s. not my pics--- wish I had that cute little pillow though.
p.p.s. new maternity shoot on my photo blog. PHEW-- it was a really tough one for me, we were rained in besides like ONE shot and it was already a dark day to begin with.
p.p.p.s. will overusing and being oh so clever with the p's in my ps keep me young? no? just annoying?

Monday, January 25, 2010

At thebeach,remembering the mountains

Not really at the beach. Just my mom's. This weekend was my grandmother's funeral, so (my sister) Lacy's in town from Florida and I came down with the girls to PLAY. Every one's in bed and I've realized that I need to clear off my memory cards for a shoot tomorrow... and in order to empty my memory cards onto my computer, I need to clear off some hard drive space first. Sheesh. SO annoying. We need a new computer. So in cleaning up my hard drive, I found these snowman pictures I never posted--- and I thought they deserved some face time. All that hard work in the cold with the carrot, and the twizzlers.... not in vain, Ross... not in vain...

Ok so I started this last night--- before Sophia peed the bed upstairs and I was forced to retire at a more appropriate time than I planned. Now it's morning, and Lacy's gone. :( On her way back to FL.

I love that girl.

I love my sister time--- and my mommy time...

they're like gold.

We saw Young Victoria last night with my mom. And short of my sister Melisa's company, it was a perfect estrogen-filled night for me--- the soul warming kind. The kind that fills your cantine for any drought in the near future and cleans out any emotional buildup that NON-girl time can bring.


After already having been teary during the movie, wrapped up in the love and the period, (I love those movies), missing my husband because Prince Albert was so nice like him :), (are you barfing yet at the way I talk about Ross lately, just wait 'till I'm pregnant again if you're the kind that thinks you have to be negative to be real, he seems to remember me being very much that way during pregnancy) then of course emotionally manipulated by the music during the credits.... (now gasp for some air after that horrible run-on sentence......... and... continue it)

my mom tripped down the stairs in the dark on the way out of the theatre and took a full tumble. While she only laughed hysterically about it, I burst my emotional bubble and cried nonsensically as I tried to see through my blurry, puddly eyes to pick up her scattered purse contents. Don't even know why it made me cry. Maybe because she just lost her mom which forces me to realize that SOME terrible day, that happens to most of us. So she looks just a little less invincible to me. And mom, maybe it's because you're getting old enough to miss the step when their lit like an airplane landing zone. Come on! ;) jk

This is one of those posts I'm afraid to even re-read because I'm not really sure what it's about. So maybe I won't.

Off to take some newborn photos this morning, then heading back home to the grind.

(The grind, of course being preschool carpool, photo-editing, and body pump...)

Life is good.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Caught red handed--- SHARING.

Oh the miracles of music.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have you had time to miss them?

This photo's a little sexy (or something) for my blog, but it had the best resolution I found.

Wanna see some more of our favorite supernatural teenie-bopper lovers set to a LOVELY song?

Got directed to this video on youtube that was put together to Lindsay Aline's song, Eye Contact. Turns out Ross grew up with Lindsay in Walnut Creek (or I guess more, her brother since she's like 10 years younger)-- but I was really impressed with her beautiful voice and wanted to support her new career! :)

I usually find myself pulled in by a song the second time around without realizing it... but this was one of those that put me in the clouds the first time-- telling the story of fresh love-- that fluttery, precious, nervousness you feel in the beginning-- really sweet.

She reminds me of Evanescence a little... that kind of voice-- really pretty and feminine but strong... check it out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ok, maybe blissful's an overstatement. But in my defense, I put the text on my photo BEFORE Mila started screaming bloody murder after Ross accidentally "super-manned" her face into my foot.

And perhaps the bliss is mostly mine,--- but I'm gradually forcing my love of the rain on my girls. Pretty sure they'll see it my way after who-knows-how-many-years in this very UN-RAINY land we call home.

I love the rain. How it smells and sounds and makes things dark and then makes them seem SO much brighter after it's gone. How it leaves the whole world more clean and sparkly then it found us. (Except for our cars of course.) It's like a long lost friend, a special occasion dress (no--- that's not it at all-- I HATE special occasion dresses), the chocolate, chocolate-chip bundt cake my mom ONLY made for Birthdays that we got to eat on the fun transparent, glass, rectangle plates with the separate sections---- something rare and precious.

You catch my drift.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, were every weekend a long one...

Ross had Monday off, and -- wow-- to have one more Saturday AFTER Sunday would really make the world a better place wouldn't it? One Saturday for chores, and one for fun. That's what we need.

Saturday we went for a bike-ride and checked out a new school near-by. The weather was dreamy-- and being outside like that made me almost feel like I was "home" in San Diego. So I know we're only a week or two in--- but so far, the bikes--- GOOOOOD investment. Check back in May when the triple digit heat sneaks up on us...

Guess we needed to see the whole family in aviators-- Look close at this one of Mila--- it doubles as a family portrait. We're ALL in there.

This one just makes me laugh. Ross was on his phone back there in the distance and I can almost hear Mila here "come in, come in agent daddy-- the eagle has landed and she is refusing to share her sippie..." is it just me?

Change of topic: Meet the sock rollers that MIGHT revolutionize Sundays for us, if I can figure out how to get them in early enough to actually make a lasting curl.

She won't let me get within ten feet of her with something hot- but was thrilled when she saw her lovely curl(s) from these very soft, very NON-hot socks. I put the "s" in parenthesis as I'm not sure more than one curl lasted all the way to church. So like I said, MIGHT revolutionize Sundays-- we'll see what a little hair-spray can do next week. Oh the joys of fine hair.

Ahh--- Tuesday, back to the grind. Got my teeth cleaned today at the dentist and while I SWEAR I floss religiously each day, my wincing and bleeding led the hygienist to believe otherwise. So now I'm wondering what floss I'm supposed to use to give me gums of steel that won't bleed when scraped and stabbed repeatedly with a metal hook. Seriously.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The luckiest.

Today, this boy, my best friend of all time--- turns 32. So here you have it.

32 reasons I got LUCKY:
1. He still saves me the last bite.
2. He likes chick flicks
3. But he's MANLY. For reals.
4. He tells me I'm beautiful (with really good influction and tone.)
5. He knows... or has learned-- how much influction and tone matter to me.
6. He supports me in this photography thing so much--- If you were all scratching your heads as
to why I hadn't figured out that I stink yet, it'd be because of him. His fault-- my personal cheerleader.
7.He has hair on his chest.
8. He cries when he bares his testimony.
9. Or gives a talk in church.
10. Or witnesses a milestone with the girls.
11. Or when they catch the bad-guy in "The Mentalist."
12. He's rather tender.
13. He lives with JOY. My mother-in-law put it this way the last time we were at her house and
it hasn't left me. This is why he makes my life so happy. He makes himself happy--- he OOZES happiness.
14. He pretends he doesn't notice when I've added some holiday (holiday being used freely... as it can happen at any point in the year) pounds.
15. He believes in working hard, to play hard. And maybe the second part wins out JUST often enough.
16. He's a straight arrow. A rule follower--
17. and yet doesn't/couldn't/wouldn't judge a soul.
18..Which means more times than I'd like to admit, he's reminding me softly (as I'm caught gossiping) that I don't know the whole story and it's none of my biz-nass.
19. He'll stay on the couch by my side until I'm ready to close the lap-top and go to bed, even if he's been asleep for hours.
20. He always checks the windows, doors, and alarm at night. Even AFTER those hours asleep on the couch and even in his zombee state.
21. In our first house, we had a middle-of-the-night earthquake, and he had me swooped up and into the doorway before I had fully awaken. True story.
22. Last night we had another earthquake and he bolted up and put his arm over me. Apparently he's aware of the extra holiday pounds afterall.
23. He would rather be a father whose daughters KNOW him (and because of that, know themselves) than the most rich and powerful man in the world.
24. He's loyal--- to me and anyone he's ever known.
25. He's still got a jaw that makes me look a little longer than I should at this point. I think he's ho--ot. (that's "hot" not "hoot.")
26. Although, he is a hoot-- he just gets funnier with age.
27. His eyes are like the ocean, and for this reason, I'm glad he's got inSANELY strong genes. Because my daughters' are the same. And that just might be the reason I love photography so much.
28. He's got the perfect amount of nerd in him.
29. He's a dreamer, and yet easily pleased. So he'll always be thinking ahead and moving us forward... but will enjoy every phase along the way.
30. His chest is strong and broad, and seeing our newborn girls snuggled up on him might be a favorite image of all time.
31. He loves our Savior.
32. He chose me-- and makes me feel like nothing could have deterred him from that. He chose me even after I was an awful little 21-year old and he shouldn't have. He's all of these wonderful things and he makes me feel like he was always meant to choose me.
Like, I said. I got lucky.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Grandma, Betty.

My sweet Grandma, my mom's mom, Betty Skinner, passed away on Wednesday, January 13th, at the age of 82 in her home. She'd been sick for so long, suffering colon cancer and all of the complications that came along with that. So everyone who loves her, knows it's better that she's moved on and can find peace and rest. But still, naturally, a lot of hearts are aching. My prayers are mostly for my Grandpa right now who stays behind. They had been married for over 63 years and have remained so kind and tender toward each other. They've always been an example to me of two faithful, committed people bound in an eternal marriage that they treasured and nurtured and kept strong, together. They did it right, and set an amazing example to their 8 children and 30-something grand kids.

Just moments before I took this one, my Grandma's sister, Valda, next to her, had shown me some old photos of the two of them on the beach in Hawaii in their bikinis. I gawked while my grandma giggled at the past. I wish I could have scanned them in for the blog. They were both gorgeous of course. My grandma was once crowned a Rose Parade princess. (Queen?? ) Beautiful girl... it's no wonder where her six daughters get it. After she married my grandpa, she raised eight children, six girls, and two boys in the islands. They lived in Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga, as she supported him in his work for the LDS church colleges out there.
It seems like she lived several life-times to me. I guess she deserves a break. :) What an incredible woman.

Big- Girls- Don't- Cry.

Remember (for any of you who read words and don't just look at pictures (I'm guilty of it too (is there a grammatically correct way to put parenthesis inside parenthesis inside parenthesis?))) how I have that crying problem? (Now you have to go back and read the sentence without the parenthesis to make sense of that sentence huh? Too bad.) Well, this morning I cried during my Body Combat class. Just a little. No one would ever notice. Especially since my face had already reached at least a level 10 of redness and sweatiness.

Why did I cry? Not really sure.

Guess it could have been the music (I can see your Halo Halo Halo...." it's very catchy and surprisingly, emotionally manipulative-- or do I just think that because I associate it with that killer dance on SYTYCD before they put two seasons back to back and I got sick of it?)

Or it could have been the simulative butt-kicking that makes me think of situations where I would actually have to kick some one's butt... and those usually involve defending/ avenging my kids (crying again just typing that... so maybe the case is closed. You see I have a problem.)

Or it could have been the obvious. I was being MURDERED. I've been trying to mix up my work-out routine by doing more classes. I didn't used to be a class- girl. But I've realized that they have got some rad classes now, that work me SO much more than I can work myself. So maybe I was just crying because every muscle in my body burned like it was racing with vampire venom.

Or it could have been the realization that the image of the silly girl in the mirror whose tank was too tight for the lighting (my ego prefers my dark yoga class), and whose upper-cuts just looked like a crazy elbow-wiggle by the end, was indeed, me. I swear I feel like a kickboxing guru... a regular Billy Banks... a Million Dollar Baby. I feel like I'm moving JUST like the compact, high energy, DARLING little Asian girl who teaches the class, and then I catch a glimpse of my VERY non-Billy, non- Hillary, non-compact, non-little-Asian body in that blasted mirror. But I'm not that vain. I wouldn't cry over that--- would I?

It was probably that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friends and Family

Gonna figure out this 5D once and for all...

Anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of their camera with me? Don't worry... not BY me... WITH me. Bluelily is doing a 2 hour workshop about your Nikon or Canon SLR in the Scottsdale area at the end of this month, Jan 30th. I've decided it's time I take an actual class to bang out some stuff I haven't taken the time to read in my manual. I think she only has like one spot left... but might do a Friday night class if there's more who want to go. I've signed up, but just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone wants to join me! Check it out on her blog.

Oops-- I just checked her blog and that one spot is filled, but if she got 5 more or so, she'd do a Friday night workshop.... again, to all of my local friends with new cameras... a good way to figure out the camera once and for all and get to pick the brain a little of a killer photographer. Oh yeah and it's pretty affordable at $165.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For us, Santa came on Biesinger-standard-time... just a couple of weeks late...

My battery died after these three photos--- so I haven't gotten a shot of Ross' bike, or the trailer for the girls.... or the other 100 photos of MY bike that I still want to take because... it's BEAUTIFUL! You must see more. Creamy blue... orange detail... (a basket to come)... I haven't been this excited about a toy since I was a kid. We ride the neighborhood and I'm sure I look like the happiest, cheesiest mom in the world while I eat bugs since I canNOT wipe the grin off of my face. Thanks for the Electra recommendation Missy--- it made the whole decision easier when we went into the bike store and saw them--- I'm in love...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have you given any thought to...

A chance to get a GO-jus photo of yourself. Because let's face it, you're never gonna get it spending all your time on that side of the camera. It's your turn to SHINE mama! ;)

No but really. It's a good excuse to get a great photo of yourself in your husbands hands. For his office or just for your records (you're not always going to be this beautiful:)) ... or whatever. If it's something you've always kind of wished you had, act fast. It just occurred to me to offer this (well occurred to me through Bluelily's inspiration I should say) and I didn't leave us tons of time. :)

If interested, contact me at We'll talk clothes, locations, and other fun stuff. ;)

Friday, January 08, 2010

DIY Play kitchen that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Holy Cow... did anyone see this on Design Sponge? I was wishing that Santa had decided to bring Mila a kitchen for Christmas since she's obsessed with the one in Sophia's class room. But whether he (we) was (were) lazy or cheap, we're not sure, but no kitchen. Now I see this DIY kitchen from an old night stand... and I know I could NEVER figure out how to do it... but oh if I could--
So much room for creativity! Isn't it darling? Maybe some day when I find myself with so much extra time, I need a new hobby. Hah.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


- I wanted to post something pretty to look at but had nothin' new. So here are some pictures that I've saved off of random design blogs etc... that make me happy. And inspired. I've wanted to do hooks for Sophia's tutus forever, but haven't gotten around to it. And check out the top right. TOTALLY want those stockings/socks on my mantel next year. So cute. Too bad every single killer home picture has hardwood floors. It's hopeless for us out here in tile-ville.

- I'm starting working on my second blurb book. Yikes. Not a fun project... it could be easy if you don't care that all of your photos are made into thumbnails and their not lined up with your text and you don't care for fonts and you're not filling the maximum 460 pages or so. But none of that applies to me. So it's a pain. Has anyone tried the new and more expensive, thicker paper? Is it worth the money?

- Finally cleaned up Christmas--- I'm not sure what feels better, when you first put it up, or when you take it done. I can breeeeeeeeathe.

- Been eating really clean since Monday, and working out extra hard (was seriously feeling the effects (affects or effects? always struggle with that one) of Christmas eating). Then I got on the scale today to find I've gained 3 pounds. I think I may have shoved a few goldfish in my mouth in the car after that to get back.... at.... oh I don't know I was mad.

- SARAH HAD HER BABY! My dearest friend from College-- a little girl named Julia-- I just hate that she's across country and that I don't know when I'll meet her in person.

- I desperately want to learn how to use the video on my camera... oooh.... which reminds me that I need to blog my goals. Only because that's the only way I might make myself "write" my goals in any form. Dangit--- that's what I should be killing my computer time on right now. Not this nonsense.

- I'm missing hearing Sophia say "this is the best Christmas EVER," which she said a couple of times a day for the last 2 weeks. Luckily she still says, with the same dramatic Disney intonation, "you're the best mom EVER". She's such a doll right now.

- That's all I got. Sheesh-- I just yawned, myself. Activity Day Girls are coming over in 40 minutes, perhaps I should shower for the day.

what is wrong with me?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It came!

The space is still a work in progress, I've moved over part of a collage... not sure if it will stick... anyone who visits my house knows I play constant musical chairs with everything on my walls...
but my SETTEE! It was on my doorstep when we got home from Utah! I've regretted painting so much blue in my house since I moved in... and yet here I am, after deliberating over the green, orange and white patterned, and black and white patterned....
unable to pass up the velvet tufts in blue. I guess I should just embrace it. I LA LA love blue!

ps. speaking of la la love.... got the poster from etsy, and yellow pillow from Urban. Should I mellow out the collage to whites and browns? Only white? Anything but black? All black? Or just leave it whatever shmever?

On "The Bachelor"

a. Bachelor- you- the show, WHY did you pick Jake? Did everyone else refuse? I'm in to nice guys-- I married one. But this is not just a nice guy. This is a nice, humorless guy with the silliest laugh and the WORST cheese who agrees to let the show video-tape him doing things like soaping up his tummy in the shower, and takes his shirt off every chance he gets (accept in the clip where he was actually in a pool and should have had it off.... what?) No really, he's very nice. But really?

b. Reid, Where are you?! Decide you were above the Bachelor? We agree. And we're happy for you but sad for us.

c. Hot blonde model that looks like Hillary Duff mixed with Scarlet Johansan--- wow. Who can blame you for relying on your looks. I hope you go home soon so my husband doesn't fall in love with your cheekbones and lips like I am. (Yes, I make Ross watch it with me.) But I don't think you will (go home). I think you'll be the one to have an affair with some hot camera-guy.

d. Jillian, what were you thinking taking Ed to that party with the hot blonde? Thinking you regretted that one.

e. You, with the yellow dress that tore when you tripped and the raspy, sick, voice--- I like you. Were I the bachelor, and therefore a single boy hunting for a wife on a ridiculous but addicting reality show, I'd pick you. Yellow dress, raspy girl, you had me at "I've lost boyfriends to video games"... what is wrong with our world? But really--- I think we'd be friends. But I used to think that about Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston ... and I'm not sure they'd feel the same.

f. You with the tears and the bikini and the dancing on the beach---- the dance theatre and the Ariel etc.... , you're very nice, but I would never pick you if I were the Bachelor. But I think you are perfect for our Jake and I think you'll win. I picked you for him before you gave him a kiss and before he gave you that first rose, and I'm making you my official bet. Disney Princess, I think you'll marry your prince. But since that could be a little boring, I think The Bachelor will distract us with tons of outrageous drama all along the way. And while my eyes will be alternately rolling back in my head in disgust and then down in shame, I will be there every step of the way.

Monday, January 04, 2010

For my records... the actual Christmas card revealed:

Front: (oops... you could barely read our names, note for next time.)

Oh and I just posted some photos I took of my sister-in-law up in Utah over on the other blog. She's lovely. Check her out.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Look at these cheeks and then envy me for getting to smother my face in them every day... and then look at some more pics of our TWO WEEK Utah trip...

A walk across the street to talk to see the horses...

The girls wanted their cousins to meet them later... but it was too cold... too painful, and the horses were smarter than us and hiding some place (warmer, we assumed)... so we bundled them all for a "walk" that went across the street and lasted all of five minutes.

As lovely as that snow is... man that's tough with little ones. It's just so hard to not be able to get out during the day when somebody's grumpy. Our summers are painful, but water is never too far away. It's never a bad thing to grow a little appreciation for home right? But for a two week vacation... what a fun change of scenery. Utah has never looked quite so beautiful to me... I wish I'd booked some shoots to make me explore some of it!

Oh and speaking of shoots... check out a couple of new ones on the photoblog.

Friday, January 01, 2010


Christmas Eve brought us a visit from Santa Clause and his friend Laura. Thanks Laura. :) We snuck a present out to him before he rang the doorbell, so he came in, got settled, then pulled out a present for each kid from his big Santa sack. It was the first time I really saw that look in Sophia's eyes... it was all so real. Why wouldn't it be? Oh I love this mommy thing. I feel like I have the front-row seat all day, every day to the most amazing moments of the most amazing show.

Mila, however, still won't touch the large, bearded man with a ten-footer. So Ross acted as a barrier so we could get a photo. Ahhh... Christmas morning. It was crazy and chaotic and still filled with it's share of fighting (of course my girls wanted the squeeze-the-legs-to-make-the-things-twirl-buzz-lightyear like Kai and Beau. Should have consulted.) But it was still so perfect and I'm pretty sure this is the beginning of many a magical Christmas for my kids. "Vicarious" has a whole new meaning in my life...

Me, I got my watch! I think Ross got 2 pictures of me Christmas morning and I wanted to cry when I saw them. So just trust me when I say I was there. Full of breakfast casserole and banana bread, and there. A little too there.

And on that note... New Year's Resolutions coming up! I might have to blog them this year to add SOME level of commitment. I think last year they were in my blackberry somewhere. Stay tuned. For real--- you'll feel good about yourself when you see how many I have and how I've probably had them (as in I haven't fully accomplished them) for the last 7 years. I mean really, what's the point anymore. But it's January and you got to go with the motivation while you've got it.

Happy New Year.