Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have you had time to miss them?

This photo's a little sexy (or something) for my blog, but it had the best resolution I found.

Wanna see some more of our favorite supernatural teenie-bopper lovers set to a LOVELY song?

Got directed to this video on youtube that was put together to Lindsay Aline's song, Eye Contact. Turns out Ross grew up with Lindsay in Walnut Creek (or I guess more, her brother since she's like 10 years younger)-- but I was really impressed with her beautiful voice and wanted to support her new career! :)

I usually find myself pulled in by a song the second time around without realizing it... but this was one of those that put me in the clouds the first time-- telling the story of fresh love-- that fluttery, precious, nervousness you feel in the beginning-- really sweet.

She reminds me of Evanescence a little... that kind of voice-- really pretty and feminine but strong... check it out.


sara said...

What a beautiful song! (And that photograph is pretty outstanding as well - love Twilight!)

pinkriss said...

not commenting about twilight or the post really...just wanted to say that i found your blog through My Brunette Reality and love all of the photography! you are very talented!