Thursday, January 07, 2010


- I wanted to post something pretty to look at but had nothin' new. So here are some pictures that I've saved off of random design blogs etc... that make me happy. And inspired. I've wanted to do hooks for Sophia's tutus forever, but haven't gotten around to it. And check out the top right. TOTALLY want those stockings/socks on my mantel next year. So cute. Too bad every single killer home picture has hardwood floors. It's hopeless for us out here in tile-ville.

- I'm starting working on my second blurb book. Yikes. Not a fun project... it could be easy if you don't care that all of your photos are made into thumbnails and their not lined up with your text and you don't care for fonts and you're not filling the maximum 460 pages or so. But none of that applies to me. So it's a pain. Has anyone tried the new and more expensive, thicker paper? Is it worth the money?

- Finally cleaned up Christmas--- I'm not sure what feels better, when you first put it up, or when you take it done. I can breeeeeeeeathe.

- Been eating really clean since Monday, and working out extra hard (was seriously feeling the effects (affects or effects? always struggle with that one) of Christmas eating). Then I got on the scale today to find I've gained 3 pounds. I think I may have shoved a few goldfish in my mouth in the car after that to get back.... at.... oh I don't know I was mad.

- SARAH HAD HER BABY! My dearest friend from College-- a little girl named Julia-- I just hate that she's across country and that I don't know when I'll meet her in person.

- I desperately want to learn how to use the video on my camera... oooh.... which reminds me that I need to blog my goals. Only because that's the only way I might make myself "write" my goals in any form. Dangit--- that's what I should be killing my computer time on right now. Not this nonsense.

- I'm missing hearing Sophia say "this is the best Christmas EVER," which she said a couple of times a day for the last 2 weeks. Luckily she still says, with the same dramatic Disney intonation, "you're the best mom EVER". She's such a doll right now.

- That's all I got. Sheesh-- I just yawned, myself. Activity Day Girls are coming over in 40 minutes, perhaps I should shower for the day.

what is wrong with me?


Jeanette said...

I seriously, NEVER, as in never ever, rearrange. I think it's because I'm just getting used to having the same walls for more than a few months. Or maybe I'm just really boring...that really could be it.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

My first thought when looking at those photos was . . . "i sooo want hard wood instead of my tile." :)

I love that style . . . maybe one day I'll actually have a house that looks like that.

Lowdogg said...

Your body reflexively holds onto weight during the first week or two of increased activity. It's the body's way of adjusting to what it thinks is a change in the environment.

That'll change soon. Don't lose faith.

J. Watts said...

Hi Lillie,
You don't know me, but I love following your blog. I thought I'd emerge from the blogosphere to give you my opinion on blurb (I just finished my fifth book; my third from Blurb).

First of all, when it comes to overall quality, Blurb does not even come close to comparing to MyPublisher. The problem with MyPublisher is that they limit your page count to 100 pages (I know!) and their pretty expensive. The additional cost seems worth it to me, however, in that their paper is incredible and their images are exceptionally clear. I've done many, many books (for myself and others) through MyPublisher and have never been disappointed. They even have great coupons and deals (like free books).

But, as I said, needing more space (even more than Blurb's 440 pages), I had to turn to Blurb. In my opinion, their paper is crappy, and their images, once printed, look like color copies. Now, keep in mind that I shoot a Canon 5D. This camera is AMAZING, and yet I am continually disappointed in the quality of my printed photographs through Blurb. I've complained to Blurb several times about this problem (even going so far as to show them the difference between their product and MyPublisher's), but nothing seems to improve.

For my last little project (only 49 pages), I did use the better paper, and I can say that I did see a *slight* improvement. I'm still not thrilled, however.

If there is another option out there that allows you a large number of pages (like, maybe, 600 or so) with great paper quality and excellent printed images, I would be thrilled to know. Even if I have to pay beyond reasonable for it.

Thanks for your delightful blog. I hope that you don't mind my intrusion into your cyberworld. Hopefully my experience with this is useful to you.

brooke said...

I thought it was only 2 need to stop weighing yourself for a few days to feel better about it all. Be grateful its not 8 in one month.