Monday, January 04, 2010

For my records... the actual Christmas card revealed:

Front: (oops... you could barely read our names, note for next time.)

Oh and I just posted some photos I took of my sister-in-law up in Utah over on the other blog. She's lovely. Check her out.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

i loved, loved, loved your card. How did you print it? I loved the texture!

HMB said...

Ummmm we will definitely be seeing you this year!!! My sissy is due at the end of the month and wants pics of her baby Emilie ;) My family loved all those photos you took...they were beautifully done. The Bravence family thanks you from the bottom our hearts for archiving our precious moment!

Loved the unveiling of your Xmas card! Such an adorable little familia!

The Yardley's said...

love milas blue tights! such a great card. by the way... i dont think i have you added to my private blog... i could be wrong. whats your email address? email me

that is... if you want to read my blog! ;)

Watts Family said...

So cute, Lillie! I missed you while you were in Utah. Sad... you will just have to make another trip up this way, right, please?? Next time you have to let me know!

The chair is an old one that we received from Brad's grandma after she passed. I actually have two of them. They used to be this nasty brownish orange velvet, so I had them recovered. I love them because they mean something to both Brad and I.

Lillie, you have a darling family and I miss seeing you guys. I will chat with you soon so watch for my call!

chanel said...

I loved your card. You guys are the cutest family!

Lauren said...

You have such a gorgeous little family. Seriously. Love your hair, too! If you're ever in AZ, let us know. We'd love to see you guys!

moliver said...

Oh my Gosh! Those pictures totally belong in some magazine or something. Way too cute!