Monday, January 25, 2010

At thebeach,remembering the mountains

Not really at the beach. Just my mom's. This weekend was my grandmother's funeral, so (my sister) Lacy's in town from Florida and I came down with the girls to PLAY. Every one's in bed and I've realized that I need to clear off my memory cards for a shoot tomorrow... and in order to empty my memory cards onto my computer, I need to clear off some hard drive space first. Sheesh. SO annoying. We need a new computer. So in cleaning up my hard drive, I found these snowman pictures I never posted--- and I thought they deserved some face time. All that hard work in the cold with the carrot, and the twizzlers.... not in vain, Ross... not in vain...

Ok so I started this last night--- before Sophia peed the bed upstairs and I was forced to retire at a more appropriate time than I planned. Now it's morning, and Lacy's gone. :( On her way back to FL.

I love that girl.

I love my sister time--- and my mommy time...

they're like gold.

We saw Young Victoria last night with my mom. And short of my sister Melisa's company, it was a perfect estrogen-filled night for me--- the soul warming kind. The kind that fills your cantine for any drought in the near future and cleans out any emotional buildup that NON-girl time can bring.


After already having been teary during the movie, wrapped up in the love and the period, (I love those movies), missing my husband because Prince Albert was so nice like him :), (are you barfing yet at the way I talk about Ross lately, just wait 'till I'm pregnant again if you're the kind that thinks you have to be negative to be real, he seems to remember me being very much that way during pregnancy) then of course emotionally manipulated by the music during the credits.... (now gasp for some air after that horrible run-on sentence......... and... continue it)

my mom tripped down the stairs in the dark on the way out of the theatre and took a full tumble. While she only laughed hysterically about it, I burst my emotional bubble and cried nonsensically as I tried to see through my blurry, puddly eyes to pick up her scattered purse contents. Don't even know why it made me cry. Maybe because she just lost her mom which forces me to realize that SOME terrible day, that happens to most of us. So she looks just a little less invincible to me. And mom, maybe it's because you're getting old enough to miss the step when their lit like an airplane landing zone. Come on! ;) jk

This is one of those posts I'm afraid to even re-read because I'm not really sure what it's about. So maybe I won't.

Off to take some newborn photos this morning, then heading back home to the grind.

(The grind, of course being preschool carpool, photo-editing, and body pump...)

Life is good.


Megan Daly said...

Oh how I miss teaching Body pump at Golds. LOVE that class.

Cute snow man pics.

Brandon or Michelle said...

oh how I wish I could write the comment of your first commenter. AS IF I could teach body pump. maybe body plump.

anyway, I was hoping we get more sneaks of your utah happiness, so hooray!

and I just love love love when you talk about your mom and sisters. makes me want to try and make a more concerted effort with my own (although my 15 year old sister just thinks I'm a sappy mass, but whatever).

and finally, your comments make my DAY! I need to email/talk/communicate with you somehow for other things, but for now those comments are fab. thanks.

Lisa G said...

Looking at mom with reality--is tough!!