Monday, April 30, 2007

Kelly Kapowski Part 2

A few months ago, I posted a picture of Sophia waking up from a nap with one of her arms out the neck hole. I thought it was one of the cutest things I've seen, and it happened again. That's all. It happened again and I deemed it blogworthy...again. It's just so funny to me that she finds a way to maneuver her shirt like this in her sleep... and of course, how can it not remind you a little of Kelly Kapowski and her off-the-shoulder t-shirts? Different, I know... but similar.

It's been uncomfortably hot for a good week now, high 90's to low 100's. The good news is Lizzie's pool has hit the 80's and today's the first (of many I hope) where we'll probably spend the majority of the day over there-- in and out of the water. It's 9:20, and we're off.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Millie Jane

So I stole just one, but Joe posted a few more pictures of Millie on his blog! She's beautiful, and puffy, and pink, and new- check her out. And if you didn't read my last post... yes, Lacy had her baby!

Now on to mine. Sophia has slept pretty well since the day she was born. She's gone through a few bumps here and there, but for the past several months she has been on a regular schedule, two naps before, now one 10 or 11 o'clock nap, 6:30-7:00 bed time. Both at which she reaches for her crib and wants nothing to do with us. Not a peep, unless perhaps some poop.

Well all of a sudden, about a week ago (and no, she's not sick) she refuses both. Screams for both. It's AWFUL! I haven't had to let her "cry it out" for so long... and when we did, it was for like 5 minutes. Last night, I let her go... 20! Gasp. She seems to do better with Ross, so I don't know if it's all a part of this new Daddy's girl thing she's got going on. He was at Basketball lastnight so sure enough, it was awful. Her naps are the same. And I've given in to timing the gym so that she falls asleep in the car on the way home and then I can just transfer her. But then I wonder if I'm creating a HORRIBLE habit, where she'll only go down for a nap if I drive her around the block. That's exactly what I've always tried to avoid-- dependency on something to fall asleep. Now I wonder if it's all going to go down the drain because I can't handle hearing her cry it out twice a day. Ugh. I can't believe how much stress I feel when her sleep is off... it's that butter-finger feeling, like the control is just slipping through your fingers. "But this is the one thing she does SO WELL!" And you keep thinking "what did I do to screw it up?!" I'm thinking I must take it for granted a bit when it's going just fine.

As I finished that paragraph I realized she stopped crying. Actually not nearly as bad today, only a few minutes. Maybe I complained like a crazy, over-stressed mom a bit early. Hmmm. Cross your fingers for me.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A new little Lowry!

Lacy had her baby!!!! I don't think anyone checks my blog that doesn't know who Lacy is... but she's my sister- two years older. She served a mission and studied abroad, but otherwise we were usually together. We both married financial advisers, our weddings were one month apart and our first-borns were two. Unfortunately for me, she lives across the country, so I can't just run over and see my new beautiful baby niece... but I'm imagining I'm there... it's all I can think about. My sister, the Amazon woman who chased down Bolivian thieves on her mission, endured her second all natural birth this morning to a 9 lb 14 oz Camilla Jane. All natural, like not even an IV. They won't even let you do that where I live. I talked to her twice today and she sounds amazing... like any normal day, I think she feels spoiled to not have to get up moments after the natural (horrific) birth and drive hours to a bigger hospital for baby surgery (that's what happened with Joseph). They're so happy. Joe wrote a little on his blog too, and I'm sure they'll be pictures tomorrow. She really is one tough woman.

Monday, April 23, 2007


My friend Marnie gave us a kiddie pool a couple of weeks ago and this was our first go at it. Sophia LOVED it and rung around the rosie many a time. She loved falling down in the water and gasping when it reached her chest... (the hose water was a teenie bit cold.) It was the perfect afternoon activity for our sunny days... and gave me some peace of mind for the upcoming summer heat. Thanks Marnie!

This weekend was a busy one... Ross had a flag football game on Saturday morning that Sophia and I watched.... and by watched I mean went down the slide at the adjacent park about a hundred times during the football game. "Weeeeeee!". After the game, we went for bagels with good friends John and Marnie, (added that in because it makes me sound like a leisurly out-and-about morning mom, that doesn't speed home in time for naptime... which I'm not.) Later, I went to a bridal shower, child free. (!!!!!) And that night, Ross' boss had a barbecue at his house for a bunch of the Merrill families. Besided the fact that it was based around a pool so either Ross or I had to attempt to eat a burger with one hand while balancing Sophia on the rock she demanded standing on right next to the pool with the other, it was fun. Pools make me very nervous. When can you teach these little ones to swim? Any pointers, mommies?

(This is a picture of the park by Ross' football game... didn't get a great one of her, but I love park pictures, something to do with all of the colorful equipment--and she just looks like such a big kid running around a playground in tennis shoes and jeans... so I threw it in.)

Sunday was the usual, a mia-maid lesson for church to prepare the morning of (horrible problem of mine... I know that's not called magnifying), Ross had to attend another ward for the Stake YM presidency, and then we both got to speak at a youth fireside that night. The topic was mission prep. The days leading up were a little stressful (which is how it goes for me). The outcome was great. Glad for the opportunity... and glad it's over.

Now it's monday and here we go... another week. Sigh. Life's good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New baby cousins!

It's been a big month for the Biesinger extended family. Ross' brother, Ben and his wife Marie had their first baby boy, Kanoa on March 8th. Then his sister, Brooke and her husband Taylor had their second boy, Beau on Monday morning. Beautiful babies... both of them. Two new cousins for Sophia! Congratulations guys!

I don't know why I go through times when I think every meal time for Sophia is blogworthy... and then times when I can't think of a single thing worth writing. Life's busy though. I'm getting ready for a friend's baby shower (really just doing the invitations right now) and Ross and I have to speak for a Bishop's/Youth Fireside on Sunday. I was supposed to be in DC as of yesterday... which is kind of depressing now, but things just didn't align and we decided it would be best to postpone... Sarah, Rebecca, Christy (anyone I may have seen out there) I'm missing you NOW. Please still be available in June or July!

How about a cute picture of Sophia... just because.

Usually breakfast ends up all over her jammie top and she ends up... well, topless for a bit of the morning.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Twice the fun

So this weekend was my nephew, Heath's weekend. Melisa and Mike had a work party in Palm Springs and so brought their 4 year old over for a "slumber party"! He got here late Friday afternoon and stayed with us two nights. Ross came home from work bearing balloons (normal and water), and a kit to blow bubbles... he's gotten pretty good at this whole dad/uncle bit and really likes to have official "activities" available lest the dreaded boredom sets in. The balloons have somewhat backfired as ever since she saw Ross blow one up, all Sophia wants is to see us blow up each and EVERY balloon. She doesn't care about it once it's done, just wants to see you make that funny, aching for oxygen, bright red face. That's been fun.

The water balloons were a hit with Heath... Ross stood at the hose filling them up, and as quickly as he could tie it off, Heath would hurl it into the brick wall and wait patiently for the next. The bubbles, I thought might bore Heath, but while Sophia sat engulfed and enchanted by them, Heath chased them down for popping. They were a cute team.

While Heath rode his razor scooter, Ross took Sophia skate boarding...

This short video will be particularly appreciated by family since this is a well known song at Nana and Papa's house... written by Papa Kirk. He trained his grandkids to sing it whenever they come to his house... it usually says "Happy happy happy, we're going to Papa's house, we're going to wash his jeep and be happy happy happy." I didn't quite catch the beginning of Heath's, but was very proud of his quick adjustment for washing Uncle Ross' car.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shades and chalk = happy day

So when we got back from San Diego... Sophia had an Easter package waiting in the mail. I LOVE packages. And I love how when you're a mom you benefit from packages to yourself AND those addressed to your little one. When she was younger, I think I got a little more joy out of opening a new dress or book than she did, but this time, I think she was just as excited as I was. She ran around the backyard sporting the new glasses, switching out the colors. And then explored her artistic side for hours (ok minutes- she's 19 months, but a lot of minutes) on the patio. Thank you Nana and Grandpa B!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The weekend...a few days late

So Ross had Good Friday off (banking holiday... perks of working for Merrill) so we headed down to San Diego early Friday even though the grandkids' sleep-over didn't start until Nana and Papa got home from work. We took our time on the drive and stopped at Balboa Park on the way, one of Ross's very favorite San Diego attractions. We perused the botanical garden, a museum, and then spent most of the time letting Sophia explore the timeless architecture. She loved it, the pillars, the stairs, the archways... she ran around in pure joy. (I posted the only picture where she let Ross grab her hand for a moment- don't be deceived by the angelically calm little girl walking hand in hand with her Daddy... Tasmanian devil all the way.) While we walked around, Ross told me that the day we visited Balboa Park while were dating in the spring of 2002, was the day he knew he wanted to marry me. Smile.

Friday night was the sleep-over, Colton, Chloe, Heath and Soren slept in a tent in the backyard with Papa (Nana snuck out after midnight...can you believe she even tried???!.) What kind of grandparents attempt sleeping out doors in a tent with 4 little ones? Only the best grandparents ever! Then of course they hosted the Easter barbecue the next day... ribs and steak (thanks to Ian-YUM-- adjacent picture of him and Teresita) and an Easter egg hunt for the adults and the kids (this gave the kids a chance to hide some too.) Sophia wanted to be right in there with her cousins and had to climb the hill with the best of them. She seriously looked like a little soldier climbing up that hill in a rapid army crawl in her oversized boy sweatshirt (forgot it was possible for weather to be cold.)

Finally... Easter Sunday. The best I could snap before she peeled out of that cardigan for some cheese and crackers inside. Little girls on Easter Sunday... I'm so excited to have one for a while. (A little girl that is.)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Mel!

Today is my oldest sister Melisa's 34th birthday! She's eight year's older than me so this one of me as a baby, and Lacy and her, is the best I could find of us as little girls. It reminds me of why we didn't know each other that well growing up... eight years is a big gap, when you're 10 and 18. But now I'm slowly catching up, and getting to know my sweet sister as an adult has been one of the best things about growing up. She's loyal, and genuine, almost incapable of being pretentious. And she's an amazing wife and mother. She's firm in her ideas and opinions and isn't easily swayed by people or circumstances-- to me, that's totally a big-sister quality, boasting that confidence I hope to have some day. She seems to think wisely about everything she says, never putting her foot in her mouth-- That probably sounds like a funny thing to notice or admire, but when you suffer from foot-in-mouth as often as I do, you notice. She's smooth and elegant, an artist and interior designer by nature.

I remember when I was in High School, she moved back in for a summer before she met her husband and all three of us girls lived in the "garage room". Three beds took up the whole room and it should have been a nightmare, but I was honored to share such close quarters with her. I LOVED watching her do yoga in the backyard (and trying to mimic her) and get ready for work in her slinky skirts and heels each morning. She had SUPER short platinum hair back then, and of course...I loved her hair. I think it's just innate... thinking your big sister is the coolest, loving everything she does, and wears, and says. I don't think I'm quite as crazy as I sound.?? And my respect for her makes me that much more excited for Sophia to be that big sister some day.

Big sisters are the best.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chattering and DC!

Can't think of much to write about lately. Having another one of those weeks where my mind is occupied by non-blogworthy complaints (just feeling yucky- if that eases your all-consuming curiosity). And seeing as I've resolved to complain less, this leaves me with little left to say. So I'll let Sophia do the talking.

This isn't the BEST illustrator of her adorable vocabulary, but I cannot seem to capture it on camera as she stops all performances when I point the little machine at her. So here is at least a glimpse (a strangely over-exposed one since she's sitting in front of the window) of Sophia practicing her own language. She does have some words--- but when she really gets going, it's mostly just her very own language.

Conference weekend really was great. Lizzie, Shad, and their TWO kids came over for a session on Saturday and both on Sunday as their TV is "broken." Quotation marks accompany broken because their very nice brand new plasma TV is out of commission due to their 2 year old's addiction to it. He rarely even actually watched it, but wanted it on all day and was furious when Lizzie would turn it off, and would wake in the middle of the night and demand to go downstairs and watch Clifford-- so it "broke." And they are sticking to it. Wow-- I really hope some day I am that consistent of a mom. Everyone always says how important consistency is and sometimes... it just doesn't seem worth it to say no, have her throw a tantrum, put her in time out, and hear her scream for a minute that feels like 100...when I can just clean up the fake plant grass myself... yeah, I'm not consistent... especially when people aren't looking. gasp. :0

Oh how did I almost forget?! I bought my ticket so it is official... I'm going to DC to see Sarah!!!!! April 18-23, a Wednesday to a Monday. I can't believe I really did it. As much as I wish I was, I'm not the most adventurous girl in a room, and leaving Sophia and Ross sounds a little/lot (depending on the day) scary. But I figured I had to take advantage of one of my best friends ever living in one of the coolest cities ever... able to show me around and know just what to pack into a couple of days in DC and a couple in NYC! We'll do museums, food, shows, maybe a bike-ride, food, shopping, tourist sights for my sake, food, hopefully see some WONDERFULLY familiar faces from BYU (Rebecca? Christy?), and probably some really great restaurants. :) Is it true they're banning Trans fats from NYC? Anyone? Then I could not gossip and not eat Trans fats and feel incredibly on track all while visiting the wonderfully historic east. I'm oh so excited. Less than TWO weeks away Sarah!!! Holy Moly.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

General Conference

Favorite Talk: Elder Holland's on Saturday morning. Pretty sure he was talking to me. I always wanted to be that girl that people thought "never had an unkind or negative thing to say." Can't really say that I am. I have a tendency to complain about aches and pains a lot, I figure if I have a seizure or something unexplainable, I want Ross to be able to tell the doctor what symptoms I was complaining about :). Is that crazy? I 'm also really open, so it's unnatural for me to keep thoughts in about myself, Ross, or even other people. I've realized that I have justified negativity with honesty. I figure, if I'm feeling it or thinking it, I may as well say it- that's honesty. Hah. I believe I am mistaken. Poor Ross right? He is the opposite. "What's the point of saying it out loud if it doesn't do anyone any good?"

So I have a new resolution. Become that girl with nothing bad to say. I believe that the less I complain, nag, or gossip (gasp) out loud, the less I will actually think those things. Wish me luck.

P.S. Don't get the wrong idea; I'm not a horrible gossip or anything... I could just benefit from some restraint in "communication" sometimes. (Joe- you can quit laughing and shaking your head.)