Thursday, April 26, 2007

A new little Lowry!

Lacy had her baby!!!! I don't think anyone checks my blog that doesn't know who Lacy is... but she's my sister- two years older. She served a mission and studied abroad, but otherwise we were usually together. We both married financial advisers, our weddings were one month apart and our first-borns were two. Unfortunately for me, she lives across the country, so I can't just run over and see my new beautiful baby niece... but I'm imagining I'm there... it's all I can think about. My sister, the Amazon woman who chased down Bolivian thieves on her mission, endured her second all natural birth this morning to a 9 lb 14 oz Camilla Jane. All natural, like not even an IV. They won't even let you do that where I live. I talked to her twice today and she sounds amazing... like any normal day, I think she feels spoiled to not have to get up moments after the natural (horrific) birth and drive hours to a bigger hospital for baby surgery (that's what happened with Joseph). They're so happy. Joe wrote a little on his blog too, and I'm sure they'll be pictures tomorrow. She really is one tough woman.


Missy said...

Aaaah!!! I am SO excited for her. This is the best news of the day! Congrats to Lacy, Joe and Joseph. I can't wait to see pictures of adorable Camilla.

All natural birth to an almost 10 lb baby? I'm speechless.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

me too, well said missy. zane was 5lbs, 8ounces or something...crazy tuff, fabulous lacy.

and don't worry and lacy share genes..that makes you crazy tuff and fabulous too (that's crazy tuff, not crazy and tuff :) )

Lowdogg said...

Thanks Lillie. I am putting pictures up that should be there in the next hour.
She's a cutie. And so's Camilla.

Laci and the Girls said...

Yeah for Lacy!!! What a woman....way too much OUCH for me :) Can't wait to see pics. MY mom is proud for sure, and I'll hear all about it....she did it 7 times naturally and I get scolded every time for not going natural.

Sarah said...

congrats lacy!!! wow, mother of two, this is amazing. and ditto to missy's comment - how on EARTH she didn't have any pain killer? i can't even survive a headache without advil. pansy me.

a new niece lil, congrats to you too! i hope you get to hold your new little family member soon. i'm sure she's dying to meet her aunt.