Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New baby cousins!

It's been a big month for the Biesinger extended family. Ross' brother, Ben and his wife Marie had their first baby boy, Kanoa on March 8th. Then his sister, Brooke and her husband Taylor had their second boy, Beau on Monday morning. Beautiful babies... both of them. Two new cousins for Sophia! Congratulations guys!

I don't know why I go through times when I think every meal time for Sophia is blogworthy... and then times when I can't think of a single thing worth writing. Life's busy though. I'm getting ready for a friend's baby shower (really just doing the invitations right now) and Ross and I have to speak for a Bishop's/Youth Fireside on Sunday. I was supposed to be in DC as of yesterday... which is kind of depressing now, but things just didn't align and we decided it would be best to postpone... Sarah, Rebecca, Christy (anyone I may have seen out there) I'm missing you NOW. Please still be available in June or July!

How about a cute picture of Sophia... just because.

Usually breakfast ends up all over her jammie top and she ends up... well, topless for a bit of the morning.


Lindsay & Weston said...

I thought about how much fun you were having in DC yesterday! I didn't realize the trip was postponed. It's hard when things don't align. A group of us that were in London together are trying to get together this summer and it's just hard. Hopefully this summer you'll make it out there.

Congrats on the new cousins. They are both adorable little babies & I love the picture of Sophia.

LAUREN said...

Lillie, so sorry that you had to postpone your trip! Yucky. Hopefully you will make it happen this summer! That's so exciting about the new babies! I guess it's now your turn huh? :) Love the pic of Sophia. So cute.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I'm still not over the fact that you won't be here tomorrow night. But I am doing my best to cope. How great is it to have cousins? That's the best-

Anonymous said...

This notice is to inform you that you are being investigated by the Department of Internet Child Welfare for indecent exposure of a minor child.

You will be contacted by authorities forthwith. In the eyes of the DICF, it doesn't matter if she is really cute.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hooray, a new post! you could post about what you made for breakfast everyday,and I would still be excited to hear about your life.

and those zigzag jammies...could we get cuter? thanks for including the picture. (not to mention I loved the BLUE pillow in the background..still jealous of all those gorgeous things you acquired. how nice to surround yourself in beautiful things, daughter included!)

Sarah said...

That's Joe joking about baby Soph,right? I LOVE her striped pajamas and HATE that you're not here.

Sigh, but you will be. There is no hopefully, I know you'll come! You have to! I have so many fun plans for us... and Rebecca and Christy... Let's talk June/July!

Can't believe all of the babies in your family. No way is Brooke mom of 2, and Ben of 1. Wow. Feels like just yesterday we were ALL in my boat. Working on getting in yours...

Miss you

Missy said...

What happened? Why aren't you in DC? I'm so sad for you. I was actually really looking forward to the blog posts and pictures of you guys prancing around the city.

At least you have adorable, huggable topless Sophia. She is unbelievably cute.