Friday, December 31, 2010

Finn Ross Biesinger

Born 12/29/10 at 8:18 am
9 lb 11 oz
20.5 inches long

We're home and we're happy. Can you tell?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wish us luck

It feels like I've been awaiting this day for SO much longer than 9 months. or whatever it is... but it's here. It's tomorrow. At 7:30 am. I'm full of nerves and excitement and jitters and terror (when I think too much about the actual surgery.) But so far I don't feel any nerves really for having a new baby. I know it will be hard. I know it's always hard and I can only imagine my head will spin with three... but I don't feel scared for that- not yet. Just so ready to meet him and snuggle with Ross and my two anxious girls and stare at his tiny fingers and tiny toes. In just a little over eight hours.

We'd better get to bed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We didn't do Christmas cards this year. It was sort of painful for me to skip it--- but I figured, I was in no hurry to be in a photo (for obvious and large reasons), and baby boy wouldn't be able to show his face yet... so what a perfect excuse to delay the card in this CRAZY stressful time and do a baby announcement in a month or two instead?

We're off tomorrow morning for San Diego through Christmas, then back just in time for the c-section on the 29th. Holy moly.

I'm sorry you can't taste the almond rocha, but this is as good as it gets. Merry Christmas! love the Biesingers.

And another photo post...

over there... this one's special. Dear friends.... the Lamms!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Squeezing in a couple of photo posts before we LEAVE!

I loved this cute family... mostly her eyes and his tie... how cute are these kids?

I sent off my last disc two days ago and it feels amazing. I know I'll miss it... but I'm ready for a break in pictures. I was feeling a bit slow and UN-agile toward the end there. It was getting embarrassing.

More of this lovely family over here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Both of my girls are at school

I've got two hours, I should:

Go to body pump
run to BB and beyond to find the right white quilts for the girls' room
do laundry so we have underwear
bake the cookies for mutual tonight
wash my hair? who has time for that anyway--- is all I want to know.
make some beds
return the 4 different bedspreads from target that I tried on the girls' beds
pick up the explosion of things that end up scattered about my floors by 9am
but it's just so hard to bend over.
I'm constantly remembering the Friend's episode where Rachel drops something "oops" trying to look sexy.
And it doesn't work.

oh no-- it doesn't work.

exchange Sophia's GAP skinnies to some that fit so she has more than ONE pair of jeans for SD
finish online Christmas shopping... Kirk, what do you want!?
unload my dishwasher so I don't feel behind all day
make treats for our neighbors
make treats for the teachers
make treats for myself
plan songs for caroling at mutual tonight

But all I want to do is complain about it on my blog- and curl up on the couch. I'm tired.

And I'm scheduled for exactly two weeks from today... but what if--- I mean what IF I go into labor in San Diego like ON Christmas day? I'm getting nervous.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


She makes silly faces for the camera these days. I'll take it.

I sleep with our windows open, the ceiling fan on, and a fan by my bed blowing right at me. So when I wake up in the morning, whatever arm is exposed to the air is nice and cold. Sophia climbs in my bed, spoons me, and rubs that arm until it's warm.

She tells me dozens of times a day that I'm the best mommy in the world.

She tells me I look beautiful if I so much as pull my pony out. The standards are low these days.

She tells me not to pick anything up off of the floor because it will hurt my back... she'll do the floor, I just do the counters. (this is when she's in a good mood of course.)

A few times a week, she'll start this sulk that I think is going to be super annoying, but I ask her why she's sad and she tells me... I wish that family's house didn't have to burn down. (A family from school lost their home in a fire and needs help-- so we've had some conversations about it.)

She is my little peacemaker-- empathetic, compassionate, christ-like. I think this baby is just going to let her shine all the more. So grateful she came as my first.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Western Baby Shower at Brooke's house!

So yummy-- so fun... good loot. Thankyou Brooke and Lizzie! And everyone else who gave me cute boy stuff. :) I'm feeling much more prepared... like maybe he won't end up wearing his sister's hand-me-downs.

The fabric arrived!

So the plan is, chevron for front of bumper, white for back, orange for piping and ties, and maybe a trim on the bottom of a flat white bedskirt. I'm having my friend Brooke's mom sew it and I'm SO excited. Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tree Lighting in Old Town

I asked Sophia... "what'd you tell him you want for Christmas?"

"A pillow that's an animal... it doesn't matter what animal... but it's also a pillow.... a pink watch, and a pink teddy bear."

"a barbie".

I've never been as excited to buy them presents. They're so much more committed to their lists.... as weird as they are. A pillow that's an animal? She told me so many times before I discovered it was a real thing... the pillow pet. Apparently they're all the rage. And "a barbie"... as if she doesn't have plenty... but one more? I can't let Santa disappoint!

One more week of normal life and then off to San Diego next weekend where it all starts. I feel all warm and cozy inside just thinking of it. I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

For Sale: Crib and Changing Table

Changing Table--- great condition... $45

This is the ikea HENSVIK crib... in great condition. I've got a mattress to go with it. $70.

We've got Angel View coming to pick up our couch and other donations next week... so if you know anyone who's interested... send 'em quickly!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

UGGs, ikea, and baby names

I got myself an early Christmas present. I know I'm like 3 years behind on this... but meet my first pair of UGG boots. They're much cuter on Mila.

I got them from this discount UGG website out of the UK. Everywhere else they were like $160 and they were only $84 here! I got nervous that maybe they'd never come or something.... but they did! And now I'm wishing I got the tall ones that are --- what like $240?? And only 86 at this place. Just thought I'd let you know in case this is your big UGG year too... you're welcome.

Ross did the last big Ikea trip for me today when he was in SD for work... got the girls beds, got the baby's dresser... some frames.... and the crib arrived on the doorstep while he was gone! This weekend means BIZ-ness. Poor Ross is going to be following stick figure ikea directions all day Saturday. But hopefully my little guy will have a cute room to come home to. In..... exactly three weeks from today!!!!!

Ok, so names--- I always debate getting opinions or not. Even sharing them or not. I really wanted to commit to one early this time. I always thought it'd be nice to get used to the name for months beforehand like others do.... then maybe I'd actually feel comfortable USING it when they're itty bitty. The name is always kind of weird to me. I end up saying "the baby" for months... it feels so formal to assign this whole name to this tiny little nugget for me.

But as usual... we're not decided. But I do think we have it narrowed down to three.

Finn (not short for anything, and no NOT from Glee... that's the only drawback for me.)
Oliver (and I DO like the nickname Ollie... I've heard some think it's girly... Mila thinks it's girly-- I don't.
Hudson- Not really shorten-able.... but nice and manly.

Middle names confuse me all the more... and I just might be over making it SOUND good like you're supposed to do... because I'm pretty sure he'll have a family name. All bets are off...

AHHHH! It feels like it's right here. I'm a little over 36 weeks... have another appointment tomorrow. Feeling very unmotivated to get to the gym these days if the girls don't want to go. So much to do at home and so little hope for my poor growing body anyway. I don't even recognize my legs anymore. I'm probably the most excited to get SOME version of a quad muscle back--- My belly will take forever, I remember that--- but I'm hoping I might recognize my legs in a couple of months???

I just reread that and don't have energy to fix anything--- apparently my brain is feeling incredibly pregnant as well.... can only seem to come up with very. short. sentences.

Go buy your UGGs.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A little more Christmasy every day

I pulled out all of my stuff this year and thought... where did all this red stuff come from? Red is not my favorite color... and it doesn't go with ANYTHING in my home. I could have sworn I had mostly silver and gold.... apparently not.

Christmas decor is tricky for me. We don't get to decorate often enough for me to really figure out what I like... and whenever I buy something I think I'll like it forever.... and then the next year comes, I pull it out of the big bin and I'm like -- huh?

Oh well. It's all Christmasy. And Christmasy makes me HAPPY. Red and all.

Where is December going? It's only the 5th... but Ross and I just went over our calendars together and realized that next weekend is our LAST normal weekend before it all begins. Then off to SD for family Christmas stuff... staying there until the real Christmas stuff, and then back a couple of days before the.... ahem.... BABY. Holy moly.....

On one hand I can't WAIT for this baby to be OUTSIDE of my body, but then on the other hand I look through our calendar and just feel like there's too much to do and NO TIME! And I'm so nervous that Christmas is going to be over and I'm not even going to remember it because I'm so anxious/nervous/excited about the baby.

But then on one MORE hand (why not?)... I think maybe this will be the most magical Christmas yet.

And maybe the birth of Christ, and the experiences of Mary, will be closer than ever, to home.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Dancing around.... the Christmas tree....

... have a happy holiday. (That is a song right... I didn't just put it to a tune in my head as I went to write the title and convince myself it was coincidently a song.... right?)

Anyway--- We're loving December so far in our house. I think I've baked every night--- or both nights I guess. We've already managed to watch Polar Express a couple of times and we're drinking hot chocolate like it's water.

I LOVE this season.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

TOO many projects

So the new "big girl room" has been consuming my project-thoughts lately. Don't worry--- the baby's room is certainly NOT done. And you'd think that would be my priority... but they just keep fighting for space in my head---- the two projects. And we painted the girl's room a few weeks ago and haven't done anything since. So I'm dying to make it cute so I can feel ok about the color I picked! It's so stressful. Serious stuff.

I went with a 70% lighter version of Ace Hardware's "Children's Laughter". I got it from Caitlyn Wilson's blog because I loved her little girl's room when she posted it months ago. I didn't realize what a purple tint the pink had though... and since we were painting OVER Sophia's purple walls.... I wasn't really hoping for the purple vibe still. But there's no way we're up for one more paint job. So I feel like I need to go with it. So while I was debating pink/turquoise combinations... now I'm thinking it needs more of a green to compliment like Caitlyn's gorgeous room. Who am I kidding? Obviously I should just copy her if I can... she turns things to gold.

So I've been debating and debating painting some ugly old headboards white--- or buying these cute little wrought iron beds from ikea. After adding up the expenses of the box spring, the bed skirts, and the bed frames--- all things I would need to support the old headboards... I think I'm going for the ikea beds. Mostly I'm SO sick of spray painting. Now the question is--- black or white? I thought it would be NO question since I want to paint almost everything in my house white. But I fell in love with how they look in this photo-- and now I'm not so sure.

So here we go again... I'm embarrassed at how much I play with these rooms in photoshop... but if you can't tell--- I have a serious issue making decisions. Like it keeps me up at night... the dumbest things sometimes. And I visualize and visualize and visualize. And with this here handy computer, I can force you to SEE what's in my head get opinions on them??

So--- black or white?
How cute is that little Urban Outfitters rug? It's little... and like 11 dollars. So maybe I'll order two and see if it looks right to have one at the foot of each bed.

And the pillow fabric isn't available 'till January, but I think I'll wait because I LOVE it.

Thanks for listening.

Oh AND--- I had a good doctor's appointment today... which means I got an ultrasound... it's the beginning of the weekly visits. They measured him at 7 pounds--- I think he'll be bigger than my girls... I feel like he's having a hard time fitting in there lately... constantly bulging out both of my sides... four weeks from yesterday!!!!! I can't WAIT to meet him.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swinging Soph

I've gotten so bad at lugging around my camera for the every day stuff. I'm so grateful that Ross cares (as much if not more than me) about documenting life. And that he's got the newer iphone with the better camera. This was one evening in Orange County, I had a shoot and he took the girls to the beach. Wish I was there... how gorgeous is it?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Back from Thanksgiving weekend in San Clemente with Ross' family.... feeling the need to hurry and record some things I'm thankful for before it all passes...

- A husband that does things like sleep half on/half off of a memory foam pad so that I can make sure my side is covered by the funny-shaped piece that we have (while out of town).

- Two girls before this boy. I don't know the dynamics of it all yet. But I know I wouldn't have it any other way... and that they are both SO excited to take care of this little boy and I have all the faith in the world that they'll be the best sisters there ever were.

- This hand-me-down pair of juicy sweats from my sister, Melisa (she bought while pregnant and never wore because they're HUGE)--- that I thought were CLEARLY a faulty pair when she gave them to me, being so large... and now they're perfect. Sad. But I'm very thankful.

- That we got home tonight to the COLD desert. Did you hear that? Cold desert. I rarely get to put those words together and ironically, my soul has never felt so warm.

- Chocolate covered peppermint joe joes from Trader Joes.. Did I blog about these yet? My favorite store-bought treat ever- I think. I was so excited to have one the second we got back in town.

- An eldest daughter who wants to make the world a sweeter place. Every time she sees an ambulance, she says how she hopes everyone is ok... MOST times when her sister's upset, she'll give up her toy, make a silly face, hug her and stroke her hair, whatever she can to make her feel better. Any time she tells me something negative (she told me very hesitantly one day that she had a friend in her class that's a LIT-TLE biiiiiiiiit................. chubby.) I told her how every one's different etc... and that we'd never want to say that to anyone because it could hurt feelings and never want to say it about them to others---- and she cuts me off to exclaim... "oh I would NEVER, I will only say 'everyone! You're the best in the whole wide world!'" She loves for people to be happy and like her dad, ONLY wants to do the right thing. She makes ME so happy.

- A youngest daughter who could command the seas with her laughs and her singing AND her fits. She is passionate and fun. A little spoiled by her big sister, but learning her tenderness too.... she's silly and smart and likes to get a reaction. But is quick to forgive and move on... and so easy to love. She still twirls her hair when she drinks her milk and lets me squish my face against her cheek and neck without pulling away even a little. She's still my baby... for four more weeks.

- So much great family. My own little one, the one I came from, the one Ross came from... it all becomes even more important to me as I get older and as I watch my kids grow up knowing they are loved so unconditionally by so many.

- The savior. And my knowledge of his sacrifice, and his love for me and my family. You can never really feel lost or lonely or panicked, no matter how crazy life gets, when you know this.

- My home and the silly things I think are pretty that make me happy to be in it.

- Christmas music.

- Butter and baking. Mostly butter.

- A healthy pregnancy--- where even though I want to rattle off a list of complaints when I go to the doctor, I get to answer no to every ailment-question he asks that actually MATTERS.

- A happy heart. That sounds so silly. But I've realized that being happy is not easy for everyone. And I think I was blessed with a happy heart. As much as I'd like longer hair, a whole new body, and hardwood floors, essentially-- (regarding the important things) there's nothing I'd change about my life. I am just so grateful for so much happiness in my life.

And lots more.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

The Christmas season is ON!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fairies and Pirates

We painted "fairy" houses.
And faces... thanks to some darling little helpers (some of my young women and activity day girls fromchurch)... thanks Brittany, Bailey, and Danielle!

Ross came just in time to tell his story about Blackbeard the pirate and his buried treasure... he lead them on a treasure hunt where they unburied the treasure box... I LOVED this part... the kids got so into it. It may have caused some tears since not everyone could see at the same time... but still... enthusiasm. :)

I love the fairy craze that's come with the tinkerbell movies. I just might be trying to encourage it in my house. But I just think they're so much cuter than the princesses... all sparkly and winged and sassy. How cute are these girls?

Happy Birthday sweet Mila.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today was Mila's...

The fact that she crashed on the couch with a low fever right before added only a minor challenge. But we still did it.... hopefully I warned each parent like I intended so they don't read about it here... :/ But she woke up cheerful, came a little late... and partied like a fairy.

More pictures lata.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The end of the season...

Today was Sophia's last soccer game. The first couple of games were rough... and the season was looking loooong.... and a little bleak. But it turned out alright after all. She's had a great attitude for the past several games and gets excited before the games. She's not the most aggressive girl on the field, but OF COURSE she's not. I don't know how she could be with her peace-maker instincts. It was fun watching her be a part of team and pushed to try something brand new..... and learn to love it even though it's "really hard work."

And there really is something JUST right about watching your husband coach your wee one. Darling. Right out of the cute-husband handbook.

He's even planning a pizza party.