Thursday, December 02, 2010

TOO many projects

So the new "big girl room" has been consuming my project-thoughts lately. Don't worry--- the baby's room is certainly NOT done. And you'd think that would be my priority... but they just keep fighting for space in my head---- the two projects. And we painted the girl's room a few weeks ago and haven't done anything since. So I'm dying to make it cute so I can feel ok about the color I picked! It's so stressful. Serious stuff.

I went with a 70% lighter version of Ace Hardware's "Children's Laughter". I got it from Caitlyn Wilson's blog because I loved her little girl's room when she posted it months ago. I didn't realize what a purple tint the pink had though... and since we were painting OVER Sophia's purple walls.... I wasn't really hoping for the purple vibe still. But there's no way we're up for one more paint job. So I feel like I need to go with it. So while I was debating pink/turquoise combinations... now I'm thinking it needs more of a green to compliment like Caitlyn's gorgeous room. Who am I kidding? Obviously I should just copy her if I can... she turns things to gold.

So I've been debating and debating painting some ugly old headboards white--- or buying these cute little wrought iron beds from ikea. After adding up the expenses of the box spring, the bed skirts, and the bed frames--- all things I would need to support the old headboards... I think I'm going for the ikea beds. Mostly I'm SO sick of spray painting. Now the question is--- black or white? I thought it would be NO question since I want to paint almost everything in my house white. But I fell in love with how they look in this photo-- and now I'm not so sure.

So here we go again... I'm embarrassed at how much I play with these rooms in photoshop... but if you can't tell--- I have a serious issue making decisions. Like it keeps me up at night... the dumbest things sometimes. And I visualize and visualize and visualize. And with this here handy computer, I can force you to SEE what's in my head get opinions on them??

So--- black or white?
How cute is that little Urban Outfitters rug? It's little... and like 11 dollars. So maybe I'll order two and see if it looks right to have one at the foot of each bed.

And the pillow fabric isn't available 'till January, but I think I'll wait because I LOVE it.

Thanks for listening.

Oh AND--- I had a good doctor's appointment today... which means I got an ultrasound... it's the beginning of the weekly visits. They measured him at 7 pounds--- I think he'll be bigger than my girls... I feel like he's having a hard time fitting in there lately... constantly bulging out both of my sides... four weeks from yesterday!!!!! I can't WAIT to meet him.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

ohhhh, we have the same indecisive brain. i just wish i had the photoshop skills to have a visual to choose between!

I'm with you . . . first thought was absolutely white. But the black looks great against the lighter walls. So I'm going to say black.

Julie said...

I love the rooms! They remind me a little of my girls rooms. Anna and Ellie have huge wooden letters above their Beds, too. And A and an E. I like the contrast of the black, but I have not seen the room you are basing it on. So, don't hold me to it. :)

Hey, how are you liking your couch from sofa direct? I am still too chicken to pick which company I'm going with. Mostly because I can't believe a great couch could really be so cheap.

inge said...

I love the rooms and thought I would choose the white beds but I also like the black beds against the white. Happy shopping

Kodi said...

You know me. . .I always choose dark! I LOVE the black. My niece has that bed and it's super cute. :) Wish I could see it all in real life. I'm sure it's going to be darling!

Kym said...

Really, 4 weeks? Where has the time gone? I know you feel like its been years, but wow... seems so fast to me.

And I'm with Kodi - I always choose dark, too. So black looks way better to me! Good Luck!

Claudia said...

I say white but either one is so cute!

brooke said...

You know me I would normally go with the white...but I am loving the black with the print on the bedding!