Tuesday, December 14, 2010


She makes silly faces for the camera these days. I'll take it.

I sleep with our windows open, the ceiling fan on, and a fan by my bed blowing right at me. So when I wake up in the morning, whatever arm is exposed to the air is nice and cold. Sophia climbs in my bed, spoons me, and rubs that arm until it's warm.

She tells me dozens of times a day that I'm the best mommy in the world.

She tells me I look beautiful if I so much as pull my pony out. The standards are low these days.

She tells me not to pick anything up off of the floor because it will hurt my back... she'll do the floor, I just do the counters. (this is when she's in a good mood of course.)

A few times a week, she'll start this sulk that I think is going to be super annoying, but I ask her why she's sad and she tells me... I wish that family's house didn't have to burn down. (A family from school lost their home in a fire and needs help-- so we've had some conversations about it.)

She is my little peacemaker-- empathetic, compassionate, christ-like. I think this baby is just going to let her shine all the more. So grateful she came as my first.


Lowdogg said...

Nice post. The kids are excited to see her and Mila. We have to keep reminding them that the baby isn't here yet.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

oooohh, lillie. she sounds fabulous.

pretty much the opposite of my world of boys. :)

Julie said...

So jealous. My first is a spitfire. She has a heart of gold, so very tender and loving, but man she gets mad crazy, CRAZY fast. I am constantly putting out fires and biting my lip. I wonder had my first born been peaceful would all the other kids be peaceful, too. Did Anna somehow teach them all how to be master fighters? Or is this a girl thing? Or am I doing something wrong? Because I seem to read a lot about the darling first born girls and I feel jealous on nights like tonight when I'm pulling my hair out. All of it. :)

Can't wait to see this beautiful baby boy whose so close to being in your arms and out of your tummy!

moliver said...

Such a precious post. Made me tear up a bit. What a sweet thing for her to have and read when she gets older. What a wonderful mother you are Lillie.