Sunday, December 05, 2010

A little more Christmasy every day

I pulled out all of my stuff this year and thought... where did all this red stuff come from? Red is not my favorite color... and it doesn't go with ANYTHING in my home. I could have sworn I had mostly silver and gold.... apparently not.

Christmas decor is tricky for me. We don't get to decorate often enough for me to really figure out what I like... and whenever I buy something I think I'll like it forever.... and then the next year comes, I pull it out of the big bin and I'm like -- huh?

Oh well. It's all Christmasy. And Christmasy makes me HAPPY. Red and all.

Where is December going? It's only the 5th... but Ross and I just went over our calendars together and realized that next weekend is our LAST normal weekend before it all begins. Then off to SD for family Christmas stuff... staying there until the real Christmas stuff, and then back a couple of days before the.... ahem.... BABY. Holy moly.....

On one hand I can't WAIT for this baby to be OUTSIDE of my body, but then on the other hand I look through our calendar and just feel like there's too much to do and NO TIME! And I'm so nervous that Christmas is going to be over and I'm not even going to remember it because I'm so anxious/nervous/excited about the baby.

But then on one MORE hand (why not?)... I think maybe this will be the most magical Christmas yet.

And maybe the birth of Christ, and the experiences of Mary, will be closer than ever, to home.


Tara said...

Just going through my Google Reader because I haven't used it in a million! This popped up on top (newest),and I LOVE your mantle! Are those live trees? And those stars are adorable. You've got great taste my friend. Merry Christmas.

Rachelle said...

I know it's cheesy, but you need to listen to Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven". It was amazing how much more meaningful words like that were when I was about to have a baby...and the hormones didn't help, I'm sure!