Wednesday, December 08, 2010

UGGs, ikea, and baby names

I got myself an early Christmas present. I know I'm like 3 years behind on this... but meet my first pair of UGG boots. They're much cuter on Mila.

I got them from this discount UGG website out of the UK. Everywhere else they were like $160 and they were only $84 here! I got nervous that maybe they'd never come or something.... but they did! And now I'm wishing I got the tall ones that are --- what like $240?? And only 86 at this place. Just thought I'd let you know in case this is your big UGG year too... you're welcome.

Ross did the last big Ikea trip for me today when he was in SD for work... got the girls beds, got the baby's dresser... some frames.... and the crib arrived on the doorstep while he was gone! This weekend means BIZ-ness. Poor Ross is going to be following stick figure ikea directions all day Saturday. But hopefully my little guy will have a cute room to come home to. In..... exactly three weeks from today!!!!!

Ok, so names--- I always debate getting opinions or not. Even sharing them or not. I really wanted to commit to one early this time. I always thought it'd be nice to get used to the name for months beforehand like others do.... then maybe I'd actually feel comfortable USING it when they're itty bitty. The name is always kind of weird to me. I end up saying "the baby" for months... it feels so formal to assign this whole name to this tiny little nugget for me.

But as usual... we're not decided. But I do think we have it narrowed down to three.

Finn (not short for anything, and no NOT from Glee... that's the only drawback for me.)
Oliver (and I DO like the nickname Ollie... I've heard some think it's girly... Mila thinks it's girly-- I don't.
Hudson- Not really shorten-able.... but nice and manly.

Middle names confuse me all the more... and I just might be over making it SOUND good like you're supposed to do... because I'm pretty sure he'll have a family name. All bets are off...

AHHHH! It feels like it's right here. I'm a little over 36 weeks... have another appointment tomorrow. Feeling very unmotivated to get to the gym these days if the girls don't want to go. So much to do at home and so little hope for my poor growing body anyway. I don't even recognize my legs anymore. I'm probably the most excited to get SOME version of a quad muscle back--- My belly will take forever, I remember that--- but I'm hoping I might recognize my legs in a couple of months???

I just reread that and don't have energy to fix anything--- apparently my brain is feeling incredibly pregnant as well.... can only seem to come up with very. short. sentences.

Go buy your UGGs.


Lowdogg said...

We like the name Finn. Unfortunately Glee has ruined it. I would avoid it, as the Glee thing would come up EVERY time.

On the list, I like Hudson best. You could call him Hud.

Anonymous said...

I love Finn... or Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Ollie is great!!!

{N} Jones said...

Love the name Hudson - this is actually one of our top 3 boy names as well! The part that I struggle with his a way to shorten it, because you know everyone finds a way to shorten a name. Good luck in your decision!

Nikosmommy said...

I like Oliver myself...and your girls names are fabulous too!!! (love sophia!)

Anonymous said...

I am going to butt in and just say that I think he would probably be made fun of if he were named Finn. I think of Huckleberry Finn, or shark fin, or...Glee!

Oliver is cute, it almost rhymes, OlivER BiesingER.

Hudson is strong and masculine. Most definitely my favorite from the list.

I mean this in no offensive way, I swear...I know it kind of sounds like that but really I mean well! Just pointing some things out :)

Lowdogg said...

That last Anonymous comment was so offensive.

I can't stand opionionated people.

Hud Biesinger. No gender ambiguity there.

Anonymous said...

They are all popular/trendy names right now. My daughter has one of each in the kinder class. I agree with the Finn comments. I think of it more as a "thing" not a name. Anyways....good luck!

S.A.S. said...

Names! I love the unveiling of names! I think your little man will be happy with any of the 3, especially considering that he'll be tall, blonde and good looking so he'll MAKE any name cool.

I can't decide between Oliver and Finn. Hudson is nice too - my friend just named her baby Hudson and shortens it to Huzz to avoid the Hud problem that was creeping in. Don't worry about Glee, it won't be around by the time he's 3, and no one his age will have any idea. I don't think of Glee when I hear Finn. Has anyone YOUR age ever brought up a tv Lillie from their generation?

I'm so excited for him to come! And to see the rooms!

Missy said...

I have never seen glee so that doesn't bias me at all. Doesn't sound like he is a good character on it, but LOVE the name. Forget Anonymous.

Oliver is just the cutest too and think Sophia, Mila and Ollie sound cute, cute.

And Hudson is just manly. You are right.

brooke said...

whatever to Huckleberry Finn and what not...I LOVE Finn. I really love them all, but you'll know when you see him and if you don't, just ask me. I always have an opinion!

Anonymous said...

I think the name Finn is super cute!! Whatever you choose will be great.

Claudia said...

1. Hudson 2. Oliver 3. Finn

Cute names!

Lowdogg said...

What's wrong with Hud? Huzz sounds like Fuzz.

"Take him to the doctor. He is developing a huzz on his scalp."

Just trying to stir it up a little.

moliver said...

You've narrowed it down to 3 great names! Of course Oliver is my favorite, but I'm a bit bias on that one. I like
Oliver or Hudson, with a family name for the middle name.
Oliver flows really well with your last name. And Hudson would sound great with Randall for the middle name and would honor your dad's memory.
Thanks for sharing your name choices. It's such a big, personal decision. Whatever you pick will be perfect for your little man. I can't wait to see some beautiful pictures of him!

April said...

Very cute names. I like them all.

I haven't ever watched Glee except for the episode that Brooke was in, and even then I really only watched her part so I have no idea about the Finn thing, but what if you did something like Finneas (sp?) or Finley and just called him Finn? Then it wouldn't be his "real" name and you could call him either/both/whatever you want. I love nicknameable (is that a word?) names. Although, I can't come up with a nickname for Hudson, you'd probably just have to call him bear or something ;)

Don't worry about what other's will think or say. We get comments all the time about our boys names (they all start with G) especially the 3rd one (Garrison). Your kids have great names (Mila is one of my most favorite girl's names and I have a niece name Sophia) and so I am sure whatever you choose will be wonderful.

Boys are fun and a totally new experience.

: said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the name Finn!

inge said...

I am slightly biased coming from Ireland as I love the name finn.
Finn mac cool (not sure if I spelt that correctly) is a famous person in Irish folklore.
But I love the name because I think it sounds so modern and cool. But when the baby arrives you will probably look at him and say he suits a certain name best.

Julie and Kyle said...

finn is on my boy list. but good for me, im done!

Julie and Kyle said...

and ps- you're brave to ask opinions on baby names. sucks for all your friends who bagged on your baby name, then you actually pick that name. haha.

Anonymous said...

hudson hudson hudson hudson hudson hudson hudson. then finn. not olivER biesingER.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

What is with all the anonymous comments? Are people too scared that if they hate your opinion, you will defriend them on facebook? Just own it people!

Name him whatever you want. That is the advantage of carrying him around for nine months - the naming. You always do well on that front. I also think if you came up with anything freakish - Ross would, in his sweet way, pull the plug on it. said...

We would love to send you guys a Christmas card, not sure if Dave has Ross's email, could you email it to us.
Dave and Jana Ferrel
PS, we LOVE the name Finn. We almost named our son Finn. Good luck!

Sarie said...

I like Finn!!!!!!! Gorgeous.

J. Watts said...

Hi Lillie,
It's not my intent to be hurtful here, as I genuinely want to be of some help to your readers. I was thrilled with your tip on the UGG boots, as my all-time favorite style has been discontinued for quite some time. I was able to find these difficult-to-find boots on the discounted UGG site you provided, and so I ordered two pair (a girl always needs a back-up!) the day of your original post.

The good new is, they arrived today.

The bad news? I'm ninety-nine percent certain they're knock offs. My first sign should have been that they shipped through customs in China. Truthfully, they look great, but the fit is COMPLETELY different, and the sole is nowhere near the same sole that's on my other two pair (it feels like cardboard and is very flimsy).

I'm not sure what this company's return policy is, but I'm almost certain I/we got duped.

I hope you don't find this information've certainly had enough maliciousness in some of the 'baby name' comments left by anonymous followers. I really just wanted to say "heads up!" to all of those out there who, like me, appreciate your good tips and beautiful photographs.

Thanks...and Merry Christmas!

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