Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ali and Josh

 Been working on this gorgeous pair of love birds lately.  LOTS more on the other blog.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach House with Homecs 2012

After San Diego, we headed up to San Juan where we did our annual beach trip with the Homecs.  Gorgeous weather, yummy food, happy kids and great freinds--- it was perfect.

Finn snatched a bag of popcorn from the neighbors and rationed it out to the other kids.  Naturally.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

July In San Diego

Lacy and Joe came in town all the way from Florida, which meant

 it was time to party.

We all squeezed into Nana and Papa's house for a little over a week and slept and walked on top of each other, (mostly Nana and Papa with four kids at the foot of their bed climbing in with them at the crack of dawn... that's love)... ate lots of yummy food, watched a lot of olympics, and filled our days with activities that would knock our kids out come bed time. We did...

- The zoo
- Swimming 'till our hair stayed crispy even when clean and matched the grass.  Yikes.
- A girl's only 8 mile walk in the most beautiful San Diego weather where we wandered the most charming farmer's market in Little Italy (hence the overload on pretty-produce photos.)
- Point Loma Seafood where I could eat every day.
- A birthday party for Joseph's 7th complete with a pinata, swimming, and pony rides!
- The tide pools in Point Loma which were really just beautiful but terrifying cliffs overlooking the water since it was high tide.  
- The zip line.  Many a time.
- The trampoline with no enclosure.  We like to live on the edge.
- A girl's night celebrating my step-brother, Kirk and Janice's upcoming baby!
- The beach.  Oh the beach.  You fill up my senses.
- A date night to enjoy delicious food and ghiradelli down town with Lacy and Joe and no kids
- And ANOTHER in Coronado.  We were spoiled.
- And Nana and Papa's younger-kid cousin's camp complete with a beach day, arts and crafts and a Dinosaur Hunt!  Obviously Papa found huge oversized cardboard dinosaurs to scatter in the yard while scary dinosaur growls were pumped out the windows on loud speakers.  Obviously.

It's like 115 today back in the desert.  Seemed like a good day to download my phone pics and dream of 75-degree heaven.  And cry.

Monday, August 06, 2012


 Oh Mila.  You are really giving us a run for our money these days.  I think I might finally have to read a parenting book which I've managed to avoid all these years....  It's a good thing you still have the cheeks of a chubby 9-month-old and a smile that melts all of the frustration away...