Monday, February 25, 2013

An LA Temple Wedding

I keep thinking I'll find time to blog the shoots that filled up my holiday season... but instead I decided to start with this wedding from the tail end of it all... because weddings are extra pretty... and so are Megan's freckles.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's February

It's been forever since I've updated over here.  Every once in a while I drop in just to see if it still exists. Tonight when I dropped in, I felt like the least I could do was throw up a shot of my family from the Christmas card that happened two months ago... it's all just going by so fast already...

-Finn turned two in December and is the most amazing, snuggly, funny, handsome little boy I've ever met.  He's also terrible.  Because he's two.  And has to do everything himself and demands gum and junk food all day which is a new challenge because the girls weren't introduced to it at such a young and insane age.  He's obsessed with the Lion King and watches it every day.  Maybe even a couple of times every day.  And I kind of love it because it's sweet and classic and not an obnoxious tv show--- somehow I never get sick of it.  Or the way he knows and repeats lines from it.  And I'm thinking my lack of tv-guilt has something to do with him being the third too.  Eh. He loves to be sung to right now and asks me for a song at bed time... it's become my favorite part of the day to snuggle and rock him for a song or two while he burrows into my chest.

-I had Mila's first parent teacher conference for Kinder and it kind of blew me away.  She can test us a lot at home... still throws quite a few fits and has a hard time when she doesn't get her way.  But at school she's an angel, and it gave me a glimpse of what she's capable of.  She's smart and clever and social....she's obedient and can be so sweet and thoughtful.  She's so full of love and affection and gives really good squishy kisses and has real opinions and emotions about things.  Ross thinks she's me.  I'm excited to see what her personality grows into as she learns to manage her frustrations... love this wild fire.

- Sophia is 7 and is as kind and gentle as ever.  She thinks of everyone around her before herself and has the burning desire to always do what's right.  She is anxiously awaiting turning 8 in September and getting baptized.  She has such a pure understanding and testimony of her Savior and of the gospel and she sees the whole world as it relates to what we learn at church and through the scriptures.  Her perspective seems beyond her years.  She can forgive and apologize faster and more sincerely than I can, even when she has a right to feel upset or wronged. She just hates to see anyone suffering.  She can be overly sensitive and emotional sometimes.... which we're glad about... it makes it so she fits in with the rest of us flawed Biesingers. She's a gem.

Life is really really good.