Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tree Lighting in Old Town

I asked Sophia... "what'd you tell him you want for Christmas?"

"A pillow that's an animal... it doesn't matter what animal... but it's also a pillow.... a pink watch, and a pink teddy bear."

"a barbie".

I've never been as excited to buy them presents. They're so much more committed to their lists.... as weird as they are. A pillow that's an animal? She told me so many times before I discovered it was a real thing... the pillow pet. Apparently they're all the rage. And "a barbie"... as if she doesn't have plenty... but one more? I can't let Santa disappoint!

One more week of normal life and then off to San Diego next weekend where it all starts. I feel all warm and cozy inside just thinking of it. I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!


DeLaine Broderick said...

For the last 3 weeks Lexi has been asking for a pillow pet. Sings the song "It's a pillow, it's a pet IT'S A PILLOW PET!" Who knew?

Julie and Kyle said...

Roman is getting a pillow pet. Can you believe those things cost $20??? Cant put a price on happiness right?