Sunday, November 28, 2010


Back from Thanksgiving weekend in San Clemente with Ross' family.... feeling the need to hurry and record some things I'm thankful for before it all passes...

- A husband that does things like sleep half on/half off of a memory foam pad so that I can make sure my side is covered by the funny-shaped piece that we have (while out of town).

- Two girls before this boy. I don't know the dynamics of it all yet. But I know I wouldn't have it any other way... and that they are both SO excited to take care of this little boy and I have all the faith in the world that they'll be the best sisters there ever were.

- This hand-me-down pair of juicy sweats from my sister, Melisa (she bought while pregnant and never wore because they're HUGE)--- that I thought were CLEARLY a faulty pair when she gave them to me, being so large... and now they're perfect. Sad. But I'm very thankful.

- That we got home tonight to the COLD desert. Did you hear that? Cold desert. I rarely get to put those words together and ironically, my soul has never felt so warm.

- Chocolate covered peppermint joe joes from Trader Joes.. Did I blog about these yet? My favorite store-bought treat ever- I think. I was so excited to have one the second we got back in town.

- An eldest daughter who wants to make the world a sweeter place. Every time she sees an ambulance, she says how she hopes everyone is ok... MOST times when her sister's upset, she'll give up her toy, make a silly face, hug her and stroke her hair, whatever she can to make her feel better. Any time she tells me something negative (she told me very hesitantly one day that she had a friend in her class that's a LIT-TLE biiiiiiiiit................. chubby.) I told her how every one's different etc... and that we'd never want to say that to anyone because it could hurt feelings and never want to say it about them to others---- and she cuts me off to exclaim... "oh I would NEVER, I will only say 'everyone! You're the best in the whole wide world!'" She loves for people to be happy and like her dad, ONLY wants to do the right thing. She makes ME so happy.

- A youngest daughter who could command the seas with her laughs and her singing AND her fits. She is passionate and fun. A little spoiled by her big sister, but learning her tenderness too.... she's silly and smart and likes to get a reaction. But is quick to forgive and move on... and so easy to love. She still twirls her hair when she drinks her milk and lets me squish my face against her cheek and neck without pulling away even a little. She's still my baby... for four more weeks.

- So much great family. My own little one, the one I came from, the one Ross came from... it all becomes even more important to me as I get older and as I watch my kids grow up knowing they are loved so unconditionally by so many.

- The savior. And my knowledge of his sacrifice, and his love for me and my family. You can never really feel lost or lonely or panicked, no matter how crazy life gets, when you know this.

- My home and the silly things I think are pretty that make me happy to be in it.

- Christmas music.

- Butter and baking. Mostly butter.

- A healthy pregnancy--- where even though I want to rattle off a list of complaints when I go to the doctor, I get to answer no to every ailment-question he asks that actually MATTERS.

- A happy heart. That sounds so silly. But I've realized that being happy is not easy for everyone. And I think I was blessed with a happy heart. As much as I'd like longer hair, a whole new body, and hardwood floors, essentially-- (regarding the important things) there's nothing I'd change about my life. I am just so grateful for so much happiness in my life.

And lots more.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

The Christmas season is ON!


Rebecca Smylie said...

Butter. That's dead on. And so is saying that you wouldn't change anything that matters. What a blessed life, eh?

Sarie said...

You are SO FUNNY Lillie. Butter... and hardwood floors... I am laughing that they made the list! I cannot believe that you're in your last month of pregnancy???? When did that happen?????

Mr Lonely said...

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Lowdogg said...

Why so grumpy? Geez.

Just check out Mr. Lonely to see how much better your life is.

Just kidding. Don't go there.

Rachelle said...

I love this list. If I was more organized I would put together lists like this, but I struggle enough with shopping lists, etc... to be hopeful.
I miss you and your sunshiny self everyday and still can't believe I moved away from the best girl friends in the world. I'm just so grateful that you do this so that I can get my "Lillie fill" whenever I want to.
Can't wait to see you soon!

Brandon or Michelle said...

I too was in need of your sunshine this morning. thank you!

Erin Marriott said...

Oh my gosh I havent been on here in SOOO long! Okay, and you look adorable by the way!!! How fun to spend a weekend with your mom and sisters! I love seeing pictures with all of you together! And what a cute party you did for Mila! I LOVE the fairy theme. Getting kinda sick of princess too. I wish I could leave one of my ridiculously long comments :) but I am up late nursing and I can't multitask the laptop darn it. Okay I'll check in again soon :)Love all the pictures!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!