Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A baby post

No--- not my own. But if you saw me in person you might think THAT post should come any day. I get comments like these daily:

"when's that baby due? Today? Tomorrow?"
"You must be having twins" -- nope--- "Well.... then your doctor's wrong." (I laugh politely-- and swear under my breath.) just kidding.
"How much longer?" then I respond accurately... and their face turns to utter disbelief.

It's getting kind of old. And I dread places like Costco or the Stater Brothers near the Del Webb community of old people. For some reason they're the worst. Maybe it's been so long since they've been pregnant, they don't EVER remember being that big.... like I don't EVER remember being as little as HS students today. Or maybe they really didn't get nearly as big since the medical community shamed them if they gained over 20 pounds back then... but let them light up a cigarette after labor.

(A lady at the gym told me that from personal experience. She's not even that old-- true story.)

I should clarify after my last pregnancy post. I am SOO grateful to be pregnant. So grateful for healthy children so far and healthy pregnancies. I'm so grateful I am able to GET pregnant without too much trouble and hope that my complaining doesn't seem so trivial and unthoughtful when there are so many that struggle with that. Life's good.... I just think it will be better at the end of December. :)

Oh and more of this darling baby Jackson over here.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

when I was pregnant with nate i walked in to cheesecake factory to have dinner and the hostess said . . . "oh, you might not fit in a booth. we'll get you a table!" It's amazing the things people say.

Rebecca Smylie said...

I think I was six months pregnant when the checker at the grocery store looked at me knowingly. "You're due soon, aren't you?" I have a couple more months, I told her. "Oh, it's twins?"

The good news, Lillie, is that everyone looks more pregnant than they are. I'm sure you're stunning.

Aimee said...

Hi Lillie,

I've been getting the same comments! I'm now at 30 weeks. I get "Oh, you're ready to pop," and the "are you sure you're due in January?" I just think to myself, how do these people not remember being this big...and I'm only going to get bigger! But, like you, I'm very grateful to be pregnant and healthy. and I'm proud of my bump! I hope you are having an easy pregnancy! All the best!

Jeanette said...

This seems like a good place to vent. Blogging is really hard! Trying not to be too worn out or tired or busy that those with interest get overly concerned. It's tricky not to be too happy or too depressed. Having mixed audiences is harder than I had imagined it to be, and then to stay honest with everyone involved reading every word (and reading into every word! Whew! Vent over! :) Love you Lillie! You do such a great job!