Monday, November 08, 2010

The Sister's Retreat!

I should preface, Vegas is NOT a place I would consider a vacation destination. In general, it's not exactly my style.... the smoke, the.... ads..... the casinos, that sound in the casinos.... the shortest, nastiest skirts you've ever seen on so many girls that I can't stop thinking about what their poor mothers must think----

BUT---- a couple of months ago, me and my sisters started talking about how much fun it'd be to squeeze in a little getaway before I have my baby. Now that Lacy's baby is almost weened and could stay back with dad-- and Melisa's, and Tere's babies are even older than that---- and Kim and Jeanette's aren't babies at all---- we could really do this retreat tradition we tried to start five years ago! With no extra bodies in tow! Except of course, for the rhino in my abdomen. Holy moly, he's on the move. I can't believe I'm only 32 weeks. Have I mentioned that?

SO-- We considered some locations, and decided Vegas was just a good meeting point, with nice hotels, food, and SHOWS. So we did it! Kim and Jeanette couldn't come, but my mom, my two sisters, and my sister-law, Tere were all there... I wish we took better pictures... but it was iphone or my no-flash camera in the dark (since we only got "ready" at night") so this is about as good as it gets.

We stayed in the MGM Signature Suites which was amazing. It was so perfect because it's like you're staying in a beautiful resort anywhere in the world... pretty entry, calm pretty lobby that smells like soothing spa oils, NO casino, or smoke, or ca-chinging. Yummy breakfast deli downstairs, pools.... everything you need. And then with a short covered moving walkway, we could be at the MGM and all it's craziness in a few minutes-- with all of the restaurants and entertainment that offers.

We ate at some delicious restaurants-- my favorite was Sushi Samba... a sushi/ Brazilian/ Peruvian fusion. ??? So yummy and fun. And I got special pregnant treatment which always puts me in a good mood. :) Free desserts with that cute good luck message above. We saw KA by Cirque, and Phantom! KA was a little disappointing... not nearly as acrobatic as you imagine Cirque to be--- but still a really cool experience.

Phantom was amazing... and now I just want to go see the movie again --- and not ONLY for Gerard Butler this time. :)

Happy to be home with my kids and hub--- but feeling nice and enriched from a weekend of some of my favorite women--- and missing them already. There's just something about that girl/family bonding that I NEED now in my life. I love these girls. :( Glad Christmas with family is right around the corner---- Sometimes I wish we lived in the old days where families just stayed right by each other and lived on one big plot of land. Byron? You've got the most space.... I'm just sayin....


Lindsay Griffeth said...

I'm glad you had a fun time with the girls in my city.

And yes, they have built a few hotels lately that leave the casino part out of it and it's fabulous!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Having lived in Vegas for a year now, I am madly in love with this town. We go to amazing restaurants, shows, etc. but we live in a totally suburb setting with awesome schools and church. I forget about the Strip completely - just think of it as Disneyland for adults.

Brandon or Michelle said...

this looks like a big big party. thank you for admitting that you only got ready at night. made me feel like there was lounging lazy time too. with your favorite people. wow.

Jeanette said...

WOW!You all look so beautiful and like I missed a super fun time! Lacy you look great! I'll be at the next one! Love you!

Gladys said...

I had FUN hearing about your trip from Lacy. I know she misses you all and LOVED every moment. The pictures turned out GREAT! You all look so beautiful!!