Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fairies and Pirates

We painted "fairy" houses.
And faces... thanks to some darling little helpers (some of my young women and activity day girls fromchurch)... thanks Brittany, Bailey, and Danielle!

Ross came just in time to tell his story about Blackbeard the pirate and his buried treasure... he lead them on a treasure hunt where they unburied the treasure box... I LOVED this part... the kids got so into it. It may have caused some tears since not everyone could see at the same time... but still... enthusiasm. :)

I love the fairy craze that's come with the tinkerbell movies. I just might be trying to encourage it in my house. But I just think they're so much cuter than the princesses... all sparkly and winged and sassy. How cute are these girls?

Happy Birthday sweet Mila.


bailey d. said...

That was so fun to be able to go and help paint faces. We all had so much fun! Avery sure had a lot of fun and has been talking about it...Thanks for having such a fun birthday party, Mila! I can't believe that you're 3!!! Wow!! :)

Disney fairy wall decals said...

Best party indeed, you are such an angel. It is so fun to celebrate gilr's birthday with fairies.