Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ok, maybe blissful's an overstatement. But in my defense, I put the text on my photo BEFORE Mila started screaming bloody murder after Ross accidentally "super-manned" her face into my foot.

And perhaps the bliss is mostly mine,--- but I'm gradually forcing my love of the rain on my girls. Pretty sure they'll see it my way after who-knows-how-many-years in this very UN-RAINY land we call home.

I love the rain. How it smells and sounds and makes things dark and then makes them seem SO much brighter after it's gone. How it leaves the whole world more clean and sparkly then it found us. (Except for our cars of course.) It's like a long lost friend, a special occasion dress (no--- that's not it at all-- I HATE special occasion dresses), the chocolate, chocolate-chip bundt cake my mom ONLY made for Birthdays that we got to eat on the fun transparent, glass, rectangle plates with the separate sections---- something rare and precious.

You catch my drift.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

We're enjoying a WEEK of rain, too! It's been with us since Monday. And while I wouldn't want rain quite as often as you probably would {i love the sunshine} - it sure is nice for a change.

And you're right - the smell and cleanliness after a rainstorm is the BEST.

Jessica said...

We are on our 4th day of rain with 7 more to come. You could just move north a little and California has endless possibilities for rain. Having lived in Indio for 5 years though I know how rare and welcome the rain can be. Enjoy!!

Lisa G said...

Rain is nice. The after-the-rain effects left on our Earth--delightful!!

Lizzie said...

hmmmmm....not sure i agree with you on this one lillie. the receptionist at the chiro told me the other day, "isn't it fun. i get so happy when it rains." out of all of the rain-soaked days i had growing up, i definitely never heard a comment like that. = )

however, even when i hated the rain growing up, my favorite part about it, was the warm cozy feeling you get while your inside the house and can hear/see it. the one that makes you want to curl up in your jammies and watch a movie while eating a warm chocolate chip cookie. i like that feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love the rain too...but only when it's warm outside. I'm in gloomy and cold Chicago so it isn't as nice :-(

I found your blog through another blog I follow and I love your pictures! So beautiful!!! You are extremely talented.