Friday, March 07, 2008

Things I love (An excuse for a photo post)

Her cheeks...(both pairs)

The spaces between her teeth.

Her BLUE eyes.

Bath time (because Daddy does it and I get to clean up dinner in peace :) This was taken this morning after a trip toward dance class that ended in Sophia throwing up all over her, me, and the car. Poor thing. It was horrible. Especially trying to comfort her on the side of the road. We were happy to get home and into a clean, warm bath.)

This new painting hobby of her's.

Her pudgy arms, legs, bum, fingers, toes... and everything else.
Her dimples.

The two of them together... I dream of the day they can tell eachother secrets and cause trouble together like Sarah's girls.

There's nothing quite like sisters.


Lindsay & Weston said...

Oh my goodness, they are beautiful little girls. Did we ever doubt your girls wouldn't be GORGEOUS?

You are quite the photographer, Miss Lillie. I LOVE the photo of Sophia on her green chair painting. That looks like one that would be in a picture frame in the store. Your girls are so fun & I love all of your posts about them.

Sarie said...

I think you're the most complimentary person that I've ever [not] met. Seriously, Lillie, you're amazing. They will be cooler than my girls for sure, because they live by Coachella and they can go to the festival every summer after they turn 14. Your photos are beautiful, you're getting SO good.

Audry said...

That last picture of the girls is great. They are both very cute.

Lacy said...

Amen Sista!

Amazing pictures!

Missy said...

Lillie, you are such a great photographer! Seriously, these are all great shots. Cute girls, cute loves.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

i just like the way you used the pictures to capture a few things that you want to remember. i feel like I'm always saying, "here's my day..oh yeah, and here are a few pictures too." Yours is an easier format to love, I think. In that way, I'm learning many things from YOU! And don't worry, I didn't know what crocus flowers were until I lived in a place where they were the very first sign of spring after what seems like an insanely long winter. I'll post a {mediocre} picture soon.
wish I could cuddle that squishy mila! she is SUCH a doll. and hooray for activities like painting that take one's attention for LOOONG periods of time. love it.

Christin said...

Love the photos. Your Sophia is so expressive.


Erin Marriott said...

Oh, I love these pictures! Mila is such a doll, I just want to squeeze those little cheeks! And Sophia, too cute with the paints! She's got your grandma Torres' artistic talent already. I'm so sorry to hear about the throw up in the's always so sad when your kids are throwing up, it's like they don't even know what's going on. (And sad for you, too, not a fun clean up:)

jen said...

Hi Lillie. I don't know if you remember me and my husband, but, we were in your mom's ward in San Diego a few years back. I am pretty sure we came to your wedding reception too! I found your blog through Chrisin Olson's. You have the cutest family!! You will have to tell your mom and Kirk "hi" from the Leach family! BTW, you are a great photographer!!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Great pics. I love the way Mila fills up her chair. I love the artist. They will be interacting more and more. It is going to be fun.

Kimberly said...

Sophia and Brielle have matching blue and pink striped dresses (got to love Target)