Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner Group

Still loving it. And for whatever reason, still feel the need to convince someone to start one. Is it working Sarah???

Last week for me: Chicken Fajitas. This is one of those meals I've made a million times with no recipe-- but dinner group inspired me to find one. I found a fajita salad recipe that looked yummy... so I just used a portion of the recipe for a marinade for my chicken. I chopped up my chicken ahead of time though, unlike the recipe. I loved it. Next time I want to make the salad with the cilantro lime vinaigrette... since those three words together are heaven for me. Seriously, I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't get the creamy dressing at Cafe Rio.

So each of us got a bag of marinating, raw, sliced chicken, sliced peppers and onions, tortillas, grated cheese, some sour cream in little tupperware (lite, if you care- or if you're sick of hearing me complain about baby weight whilst posting about sour cream and cheese), chopped cilantro, a lime, tomato, and an avocado. I put a little direction on top of the container for how they're to cook up their meat and veggies when they're ready and voila!

Lizzie did a delicious green salad with pasta, chicken, artichoke hearts, grapes and more...
Julie did a healthy turkey meatloaf.

And there's always yummy left overs so I don't have to eat crusts off of every body's peanut butter sandwiches for lunch anymore.

Ok so maybe I have an unhealthy love of food and food-related happiness. Ross has always been shocked how food can make me SOOO happy. But if I'm wanting something and come home and it's all gone (for example), it can seriously, seriously bum me out. This probably hasn't happened since college since my sweet husband refuses to finish off anything for this very reason. I find halves of cupcakes and cookies left behind for me. with love. :)

BUT, I love dinner group.

When something makes you happy you want to share! It's just like the gospel. ;)

Just don't share it like this guy. Anybody see this? I respect sharing and teaching since we do a lot of that in my church, but I'm just not sure what good it does when you can see the contention brewing. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? I think he should have been kind when the security guy asked him to leave. I'm just sayin'.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

You've got my interest peaked in a dinner group, for sure. I just need to convince Wes to not be a picky eater because I'm pretty sure he wouldn't eat half of the meals we received that week! :)

Casey Jensen said...

Hi Lillie,

I am a friend of Megan Daly's and saw your cute little Finn's room. I am in love with your baby's room! I am wondering where you got his bedding from? I saw a place on etsy but now for some reason I can't find it anymore. Anyway I was hoping you might share with me where you got it from.


S.A.S. said...

I'm loving dinner group too! Admittedly, we're in early stages, where sometimes we don't communicate (or change our minds last minute) and end up with a lot of soup one week, or all using beef... and I have to say my kitchen is a TORNADO of a mess on Monday. But come Tue and Wed when all I have to do is pull out a Pyrex... those are really happy days! And having leftovers for lunches is a definite plus (though my appetite must be bigger than yours since we don't ALWAYS have leftovers). I'd love to hear more of the recipes that have been your favs so I can use them in my copy-cat dinner group!!
Any chance you want to visit Utah next week? Julia and I will be there. Just sayin...