Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a few weekend glimpses

He looks scared. I know. But boy do these girls ADORE their brother.
We've succeeded in the green smoothie craze. It took a while and it takes some apple juice... but I'm happy to sneak in some fresh veggies... they don't eat as many as I'd like. It makes me feel like I've checked something off of my list.

Our super-fun-because-it's-broken trampoline. See Mila... going... going....

you wouldn't believe how long they can play on there now. And how rad it makes their hair.
This bottom right was when Sophia bit her tongue. Not super fun. I think she's going through a clumsy phase. She's been slipping down the stairs and running in to walls and poking herself with skewers. That one was sad, trying to skewer a carrot. yikes.

Spring break is over and tomorrow is back to the grind. I couldn't have guessed how much I'd love not worrying about school or schedules and just filling our days with parks and baking and playing. It almost gave me an itch for summer--- death-heat and all.

Happy new week.


Allison said...

Gorgeous pictures.

I do have to say though, the sight of your trampoline worries me. I'm an ex-gymnast and love the trampoline, but you should never jump on a trampoline with broken springs and only one person should jump at a time. Take or leave my advice, but I know I'd be devastated if something happened to someone I cared about because I wasn't being conscientious. (You should be able to get extra springs from the retailer where you bought the trampoline or from the manufacturer.)

Lowdogg said...

I'm an ex-trampoline jumper, and I think it will take more than a few springs to save that puppy.

Also, I suggest a stake with a chain to restrain the child who doesn't get to jump because there is already someone up there.

Long live danger!

erica said... still trying to find a good green smoothy recipe myself. can't seem to find one that my 2 year old will drink. what's your recipe?
ps. darling blog. darling kids :)

Lillie said...

Allison, thanks for the advice. I know I've been pushing it. I'd hate to push it too far. We need to get a new one for sure! The heat out here just worked it.

Erica! I wish I had an actual recipe. But I just did a little vanilla yogurt- maybe 1/3 or 1/2 of a little yogurt cup, a bowl of slightly defrosted frozen, light-colored fruit (I use the blend from Costco with mango and pineapple etc -- I avoid the strawberries if I want it to turn out green). I do a little bit of apple juice, maybe a few tablespoons... a banana, and a nice handful of spinach.