Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Mantel!

Do you remember when I posted about wanting to have a whole fireplace mantel built? I checked into it before Finn was born and it was going to cost way more than I wanted to spend... and I had no idea what kind of work these random guys would do.

Remember my friend Nate-- who's pictures I just took with his gorgeous wife? He builds gorgeous, high-end homes out here in the desert and said he'd take care of my "little" project. He's building me a mantel!!!!!

This is my inspiration... it's going to look a lot like it... I stopped by their house tonight and saw it nearly done while he was working on it in his garage! I think it will be up by next week ---

I hope I can sleep until then. I'm SOOO so so so so excited.


Jim said...

Oh so cool. That is exciting. It will add so much to your fam room.
I love it.

Jim said...

This is Megan D. by the way not Jim. Sorry I didn't know he was logged in. ;)

Lowdogg said...

Congrats. This will be much better than painting it would have been.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I love it! We re-did our mantel a few months ago - it makes a huge difference!

*ehu. said...

Geez, I just want that whole room! Love the walls, love the pillows and love the mantel!! How fun and exciting for you!!

Susan said...

Hi Lillie-My name is Susan and I am really good friends, and adore your sister Lacy. I have loved "frequenting" your blog and drooling over your decorating skills-they remind me so much of my own!! Anyway, I am having another little boy and I just LOVE your bumper that you had made. I would love to get some info from you on who made it and approx how much fabric and so on. When you can, could you email me at Thank you so very much.

Ashley said...

So I was cheering my hubby on at the Ragnar race today and I looked over and saw this guy that looked vaguely familiar. And then realized I knew him from your blog! I think I might have creeped him out when I was like, "Are you married to Lillie? I recognize you from her blog." I would have been creeped out myself if someone said that to me...the funny thing was he said someone else that day had said the same thing! So if he comes home feeling like a celebrity that may be why!
Anyway, just thought I'd say hi to you too! Surprisingly I saw a ton of people from college there today and I wasn't even there that long!

Cardalls said...

Hey Lillie,

So, I'm working on our blog book from 2007 (I'm super behind) and I found this comment you left on our blog and it just made me laugh because you are such an amazing photographer now (I even "borrow" ideas and tips from your blog now). Thought you might enjoy the 4-year-old comment too:

"Ok do you guys have a super nice camera? And if so, any pointers on brand, features, price range... we are eventually in the market for one. Your pictures are beautiful..."