Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two of my favorite bedrooms... today

I'm constantly saving images of homes that I love. Maybe this is why I'm pretty sure I'll never ever ever feel "done" in my own home. There is ALWAYS something different and (dare I say without sounding so the-grass-is-always-greener) more beautiful. I am so grateful for my home and I love it... but I just love a fresh change.

Right now I'm seriously contemplating having most of my walls repainted to a much much lighter neutral.... but that's a big job... so on a smaller scale, maybe just my bedroom?

I want the light, peaceful, refreshing feeling I have with these rooms above...and I want that lambskin throw, and I want that tray of breakfast delivered each morning on an already made bed. Too much to ask?


Brittany Rossman said...

ew la la....I love them both!! I've been eying those animal skin rugs at ikea =)


Lowdogg said...

Looks like bedroom 2 needs some windex for that mirror.

Shea said...

I have that same pillow cover. Dreamy bedrooms:)

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Beautiful rooms!

I love your blue accents through your house right now!

Brandon or Michelle said...

I thought my reality might make you laugh a little here (this has more to do with the beds in the pics than the paint in the pics):

my kids both sleep on air mattresses.

there, now you know it. :) don't tell my mom though, okay?