Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is it weird that this picture makes me want to chop my hair off?

And I'm trying to grow it out. But does "trying to grow it out" ALWAYS mean you have to be ugly for a year and a half? I've always had long hair until these last few years of my life and I'm thinking if I ever get there again... the next cut will be permanent. Now I see why as women get older, they go short and stay short forever.

You reach a point where you can't bear to look like that albino on Princess Bride with the torture machine and the super wimpy voice and the bad bob.

I'm almost over it. But then some days I can ALMOST see this in the distant future.

Or maybe in my dreams... but whatever.

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heather said...

you don't know me, but i follow your adorable blog. i'm about to have a boy and i have been wondering WHERE you got that blue crocheted baby pod!? i love it. i need one. please let me know.

oh ya, ps: finn's nursery is amazing.