Monday, April 25, 2011

Ross's Ragnar

Last weekend, Ross and a bunch of his friends did the Southern California Ragnar which started in Huntington Beach and ended in Silver Strand in San Diego. It spanned 200 miles and about 31 hours (for them.) This is their whole team. Ross, a couple of his brothers and a couple of their friends, and some friends of ours from out here in the desert. Their ages probably ranged from like 25-45. Kinda cool.

Ross and his brothers, Zach and Ben.Zach, after he ran 8 miles at like a 7 min pace in 97 degree weather on a non-support leg (where his team can't give him water) and the Ragnar didn't supply enough--oops! He made it to the finish and nearly blacked out.
The six guys in Ross' van-- half of the team.
And their tally of runners they passed. I hate to think how many of those tallies I would represent if I ran one. And can you believe I'm thinking about it? I'm just assuming that several months will do some magic on my body so it could be physically possible. We'll see about that.

As for Ross, he ran a total of 22 miles in three legs. Two of which were bonus because he got lost on the boardwalk in Mission Beach where one of their signs had blown away. Lucky guy. I cannot IMAGINE tacking on 2 miles to a 7 mile run at the end of a sleepless 31 hour stretch. That's not saying much since I can't imagine running to my mail box right now. But still.

Apparently there were a few holes in Ragnar's organization, but all in all. I'm pretty sure Ross had the time of his life.

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brooke said...

By looking at these pictures I can't decide if it looks so fun, or makes me a little sick to my stomach of what lies ahead for us...