Thursday, April 07, 2011


I have to have this suit. 19 pounds to go.

Let me clarify... 19 pounds for MY goal weight. Probably like 60 if she were my goal. Here's to being realistic.


Julie said...

I love this bathingsuit too and have looked at this image over and over. But I don't like it as much in the other pictures. Which means I'm pretty sure I won't like it on me! I'm guessing she's not 5'10, which means the suit would be too short. Bummer!

Ainsley said...

really cute. come on, 19 lbs--- that'll deserve a bikini!!!

your comments make me laugh, can you tell i have one kid and way too much time on my hands? ha.

Brandon or Michelle said...

I too saw this this week and, not kidding, i said to myself, "too bad i'm not lillie, because there's no way I could pull it off like lillie."

buy it. :)

Laurel said...

such a cute suit. Where is it from? And honestly- you would look like a model in it! 19 pounds or not! I swear you always look like a model.

Trent and Kristi said...

Can I just copy your post and put it on my blog? I need some motivation to lose the last of the babyweight and LOVE that suit!