Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Finn at 3 months

I always miss the ACTUAL milestone. It's sort of an afterthought. One I have when I keep telling people I "just" had a baby and have to answer their follow up question of "when?!" I was up to 13 weeks or so, when I realized, it was probably time to convert to months.

So as of March 29th, he's been three months old!

I can't believe it.

He's still sleeping great, although last night he woke up at 5:30 am which was a big bummer. He's usually out 'till about 7. He's smiling a bunch and talking in that cuter-than-anything 3-month-old way. Where the lips are moving in funny directions trying to figure out what sound might come out, while the eyebrows are raised with so much expression. My eyes are absolutely LOCKED on him when this happens... everything on hold until he's done with his story.

He's still easy to take on dates, but we HAVE left him with a sitter a couple of times now and all's been well... so I feel that little bit of freedom. Although I've failed, for the third time, at getting a babe to take a bottle. Obviously I didn't try hard enough, soon enough, or whatever. But I'm over it. Do I really want to be away from him for more than four hours anyway?

Though I'll confess, I shot a wedding last weekend that I'd booked before I had him. It was super close to home, so when we realized the bottle was a no-go, we figured Ross could bring him to me for a quick feeding break, but he lasted the 6 hours just fine! Not something I'll do on purpose again though. (Not 'till he's a little older.) Stressed me out.

He's usually swaddled and sleeping, or in his car seat, or his swing. Poor guy. The lot of the third child I've heard. But sure enough, he's still showing signs of the upcoming roll. Apparently you can't keep them little babies forever..... even if you do wrap them up like little geisha-feet.


Jackie said...

I still wrap mine and she's 5 months!

Brandon or Michelle said...

happy pictures of finn (and beautiful orange rugs as backdrop)! you could blog this every day, I would never tire of it. no pressure. ;)